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  1. Hey there! The Real Jeremi The Desperate Unloved and Unwanted Asshole here!


    Kailangan ko bang ipaliwanag kung bakit galit na galit ang kapangitan ko kay Catriona?


    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  2. Mayroon po bang mapagkawang-gawang magpapatikim sa akin ng TITE?

    Uhaw na uhaw na po ako! 78 years na oo akong nag-aantay?

    Masisisi niyo ba kung bakit dito ako nagkakalat ng KAPANGITAN ko?!?!?!?!

    • @ Jeremi : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thanks to Jeremi, I now know for certain you are not him.

      The real problem is now apparent – your obsession with beauty has convinced you that you are ugly. And everything that goes with that – isolation, disillusionment, skepticism.

      Yours is the dillemna that sustains itself. The way out? Just go ahead and BE UGLY. No more living the lie that you could still be beautiful. It’s NEVER happening! Give yourself a break, b_tch. 🙂

      The Buddhist philosophy explains it all so well. This body, our lives, are illusory. Attachment to the material – like what you are doing so now – only brings about pain (as you are showing). DETACH!

  3. The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here!

    Bakit ba inggit na inggit sa akin ang mga magaganda… eh buti nga kayo nakatikim na ng TITE!



    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  4. The fake Jeremi I think is Norman himself lol
    Good Lawd huwag naman sana hahhahahhaaha

    • @ Jeremi : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Honga, ‘no? Ang galing (2x) mo… 🙂

      Kaya pala laging may nag-re-rate up sa kanya…. Consistent ‘yan, lima (5) sila, at least.

      ‘Luh, kung nagkataon sinasabihan ko pala siya’ng ‘wag na umasa sa pag-ibig.


  5. Hey there! The Real Jeremi The Dying Old Faggot here!


    Kailangan ko bang ipaliwanag kung bakit galit na galit ang kapangitan ko kay Catriona?


    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  6. Catriona is the most ingrata beauty queen. Imagine she unfollowed her fellow beauty queens like Megan Young and Pia Wurtzbach and now that she won Miss Universe, she broke up with her boyfriend for years. What a character!

    • O di ba? Sabi ko sa inyo! Di talaga aalis ang kapangitan ko dito!!!


      I’m such a fugly character!

      That is all. Bye!

    • Hey there therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Inggitera ka talagang baklang panget ka. Sabi ng get it out of your sustem or youll self destruct. Mawawalan ka ng trabaho sa barko nyan pag nabaliw ka, and your dream of becoming a transgender beauty queen will go down the inidoro your scrubbing. Please for your own sake hunkygaybaklangpangetinggitera, evolve!

  7. Gosh!! her best homecoming look so far!! gorgeous hair, make up, outfit!! she looks so radiantly beautiful (unburdening of her recent breakup really helped), so lean and tall! and also.. Madam SMA is really making a statement 😂🤗🤩

  8. Regarding Cat’s publicized break up?

    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved “at all.” 💙💔💙

    Perhaps that explains why her haters are so downright rude, crude and just plain nasty!

    • Ansaket-saket mo naman magsalita!

      Parang ang KAPANGITAN KO ang pinatatamaan mo ah?

      Wala ba akong karapatang magkalat ng GALIT AT KAPANGITAN ko dito, eh hindi pa nga ako nakakatikim ng pagmamahal… o ng TITE sa panget na bunganga kong mabaho’t mukhang inidorong hindi nililinis?


      Wag na kayong umasang babait pa ako. Hangga’t hindi ako nakakatikim ng TITE, maghihimutok pa rin ako sa galit!!!

      That is all, Bye!

      • Kapit lang bes.

        Alam namin naghihimutok ka na ngayon dahil thrice a day ang update kay Cat. Wag paghihinaan ng loob. Lilipas din ang unos (MU homecoming) na ito.

      • Well maski na baklangpangethunkygaypalengkequeensosyal ka therealjeremi, kung maganda naman ugali mo, aaliwalas ang baklangpanget mong muka kaya una mo itransform ugali mo bago yang baklangpanget mong muka at gender mo. INGGIT is the first thing to remove in your system. Tapos ka na ba sa pagpapaputi ng inidoro and pagtanggal ng chewing gum sa sahig?

    • Just saying,
      Cat would not even say she had loved Clint . She said she was thankful for the time they spent together when Boy asked if she loved him or not .

      • The question was whether she STILL loves him, not if she EVER loved him. Esep-esep, Fabian! “Think before you click.”

      • Fabian, can you please listen to the interview again? Abunda’s question was – do you still love Clint. Eh ‘No’ na nga ang answer dapat dun eh, pero Cat had the grace and tact to avoid saying ‘No, not anymore’ by saying she’s grateful for what they had. Geezz..

      • Para may masabi lang ang lolang kalbo na amoy lupa at kulubot. Feelingera na significant pa rin ang ptnof view ng masyondang malantod!

    • The fools above are responding to the drama of fake Jeremi or are they the same person.

      • Hello there inggiterang therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal! Day off mo ba ngayon sa barko?

  9. I wish the homecoming events also featured the other BP Queens. Karen Gallman is also a top winner, Miss Intercontinental 2018. Atisha Manalo is 1st Runner Up Miss International 2018. The rest are top finishers in their respective pageants. To me, they are all top winners because they distinctively impressed the world that they are women who consistently invest effort, time and resources to keep getting better at whatever they do– regardless of whether they win anything. They all convinced the whole world that real winners are people who take risks, and are not afraid to lose because they learn and grow from it. Their individual advocacies amplified their emotional maturity and strong personal brand. As I raise the Philippine flag for Catriona in my adoptive country, I also raise the flag for all our queens who continue to sustain our reputation as Global Beauty Pageant Powerhouse.

    • Good point but I guess BPCI needs to make a statement that they still have the MUP franchise (which is confirmed already). And then again, lets admit it. We are a Miss Universe country. Market dictates the events.

      • Yes, I agree that the Phils is perhaps the biggest market of MU. But from the vantage point of the world’s top producer of quality highly trained pageant contenders, MU is just one of the markets. My take is that we have to showcase all our queens who made the mark in other markets– MI, MIntercon, MS, MG, etcetera. They may be smaller compared to MU, but they are sources of demand pull just the same. All of them sustain the pageantry business in the Philippines and are instrumental in giving the Philippines the tag of Global Beauty Pageant Powerhouse.

    • Cat should have requested to include the other girls
      I wonder how Karen and Ahtisa feel abt it

      • I wonder how the Miss Universe brand would feel about including titleholders of other pageants in what is a Universe event—the homecoming parade of the winner of the Universe pageant.

        Why place the burden on Catriona as if to imply she has a character defect by not including the other Bb titleholders in the Universe parade?

        It’s the Miss Universe homecoming parade for God’s sake, not the Bb Pilipinas Winners-of-All-Pageants-but-especially-the-Universe Parade.

  10. SMA is very visible on Cats homecoming. Even joining her on the float. She must be very happy right now

  11. Well, Cat looks beautiful.

    Now, no disrepect intended, but we can finally move on and look forward to BbP 2019!

    Cheers to the new single Cat, MUP remaining with BPCI and the new batch of potential hopefuls for BbP 2019.

  12. Pakiclarify naman yung issue ng prangkisa. Ang gulo. Originally nasa LCS na DAW ang franchise ng MUP then ngayon magkakaroon na lang ng partnership ang BPCI at LCS. Ano ba nangyari?

    • Let us just rejoice na lang to the fact na may joint force na ngayon sa Binibini!

      Ang chismax lately eh si Lola Osmel Ang bagong may ari ng Miss Universe Argentina franchise!

      At si Claire Parker naman eh di-disown na ni Nawat for choosing to join Miss Universe Australia! Chosera Lang!

      • @ Claire IbbeTson : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Sousa is a whore. Itsaragrisil is a lunatic (but still I love him, dear sweet Angkol, for his ability to stay within radar by generating publicity for his brand at lightning speed).

        Both are astute businessmen. As were Manosa (88) and Lagerfeld (85), who have recently become timeless (aka, “dedo, tigok, tsugi”).

    • @ Leo : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Simple lang ‘yan.

      Since nanalo nga tayo, libre ang prangkisa for the year at siyempre credited to BPCI. But what happens afterwards?

      What happened was WME/IMG, realizing the MU brand is a bestseller here, attempted to squeeze more money out from BPCI by entertaining other “investors”, essentially blackmail. I worked for a company that took Philippine franchises for various foreign brands of scientific equipment and whenever we could not meet sales targets, our suppliers were brutally frank in expressing their dissatisfaction and that they would entertain other parties (our competitors) to represent them.

      This partnership – possibly as a sponsor for the BBP Nationals – can be interpreted as a veiled and gradual takeover of the MUP brand, to be done in stages beginning this year. This is how external parties are able to put a “first foot” into what will eventually end up as a precisely that – a takeover.

      LCS will use this “transition period” to show and prove to critics and skeptics that LCS means well.
      And this arrangement could last for a few years, still. We could see LCS-appointed individuals on the BBP scene in the future.

      This is NOT yet “the end” of the story. Rather, only the beginning. Not the world, but the U, rather.

      My one centavos. 🙂

      • Oh ganoon pala. Bale ang arrangement is maglalagay na ang LCS ng mga opisyales sa loob ng BPCI para magkaroon na din sila ng say kung sino ang bet nilang maging MUP?

      • @ Leo : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Bear in mind that as a major sponsor at the very least, LCS can dictate who they want as their brand endorsers or ambassadors. And isn’t that what Gray and Wurtzbach have become?

    • Ang saya saya ni Queen Cat! Ang saya saya ko din. Im sure pagod rin si Queen Cat kahapon sa parade at akoy pagod na pagod din sa kalaking b*rat ni Papa Clint.. ang saraaaapppp.. Win-Win tayo Queen Cat. Apir! 🙂

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