14 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Resham Ramirez Saeed

  1. Ewan ko pero parang may pagkamaldita ang vavaeng itoh☺hihihi
    Santa santita ganern kaya Miss international ang peg kasi at least may santa sa side nya pero ihide nya muna ng 1 year ang santita side nya divahhhh mga vecks hihihi😆

    • Beautiful and yet has to maximize her potential..Two thumbs up for sure for MUP.

      Her name Resham Ramirez-Saeed and representing the Philippines comprises of Asia, the Middle East and Latin American together in one beautiful “exotically brown” package.

      How universal and diverse is that?

      A perfect follow-up to Cat!

      My opinion of course.

  2. I like her personality and her warmth reminds me of Pia. She’s definitely contender for MUP with her looks and speaking skills.

  3. She seemed engaging!.. i luv her Pinay complexion and Cosmopolitan look!.. She should avoid extreme facial expressions para hindi masyadong magkaroon ng mga distracting lines…lalo na sa forehead!…. Hope Tito Norman should include always the height of the girls kasi,from there medyo ma-assess natin yung Total look nila….are they kasingtangkad ba ni Cat,..or ni Wynwyn… Kasi marami nmang maganda facially,pero 5’5″…. Meron namang 5’10” pera not really pretty…So,with the height info,..we can more or less imagine how they would look onstage.

  4. Ilong ranger! Kamag-anak no jonas gaffud? Mas malapd lang ilong ni jonas parang pinitpit na kamatis.

  5. From the KF Camp? Is the Aces and Queens team fielding beauties this year? So far except for Samantha Lo, Leren Bautista and Sirene Sutton tahinik ang Camp nila walang maski sneak peek na sneak peek ng mga bets nila – if ever they have any. Baka naman saving the best for last kaya medyo secretive yung aura .

  6. hmm shes articulate and spontaneous seems enganging i hope shes tall enough like 5’7. walang glam shots?

  7. shes articulate she has boobs hope shes atleast 5’7. she kindah sounds like rachel peters though but a little bit more relaxed. her face …hmm…. i want to see some glam shots. but for now shes a shooo in for the finals.

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