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  1. I salute Cat on her stand against lowering the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 12. Age 12 is not yet the age when children understand the differences between right and wrong and the consequences of a wrongful act. Scientific studies show that a person does not develop full discernment on his actions and decisions until age 16. If the goal is simply rehabilitation as Panelo said, the “criminal” label is something the child will carry for the rest of his life and will stymie all efforts of developing yet one more useful member of the civilized society.

    • @Scorg

      FYI, there is a huge difference between criminal responsibility and criminal punushment. Please feel free to google it anytime soon.

  2. Regarding Panelo’s statement on Cat’s piece about lowering the age of criminal responsibility, he terribly missed Cat’s point.

    Tax namen, ser.

    That’s all.

  3. Makatikim lang talaga ako ng kahit na isang tite sa bunganga ko, pramis, titigil na ako sa pagkakalat ko ng kapangitan ko dito!

    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

    Galit na galit na naman ako!!!

  4. Ok ok ok let me breathe!
    Here’s what I had to say
    Catriona does not have the “something” that the past winners have as evident in her welcome parade. She looks fat and her face looks bloated. I’m also bored with Mak Tumang’s uber patriotic creations kuno.
    Likewise, this interview only shows that eloquence does not always translate to intelligence and being smart. Catriona may be eloquent since English is her first language but if I had to “ah-ses” (that’s how she pronounced the assess during her scripted rumbling at the final Q&A), she does not have enough substance and maturity IMO.


      Pasensiya na po. Malungkot lang po kasi talaga ang buhay ko.

      Panget na ang mukha, pangit pa ang ugali.

      Sino namang magmamahal sa akin?

      Ni isang tite na, di pa ako nakakatikim. 😦

      Kung kayo ba ang nasa kalagayan ko, matutuwa ba kayo?

    • Hi there therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. What a brilliant observation! Ang galing galing mo talaga! Hangang hanga ako sa analysis mo! O, iapply mo sa sarile mo yan ha pag sali mo sa bbp. Wag puro inggit. Transform! Practice, practice, practice! But first, pakintabin mo muna sahig ng barko , at ang inidoro paputiin. Napagod kaba sa parada baklangpanget?

    • ang chismis ha! si tamaryn nga na med student, framed as “matalino”, natatameme naman sa mga sagot at puro We ArE hUmAn lang ang sagot. ano na friend? maraming latina candidates na kahit in spanish sumagot, nganga pa rin in their own native language with their super generic and uninformed answers… chaka na nga ang sagot, chaka pa ang translation.

    • Hay nako therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Naghihimutok lka pa e nanalo na nga. Envy is eating you from the inside out. Ayaw mo pa kaseng magtarnsform para mahigitan mo sya. Pagod lang yan sakalaiskoba ng sahig at pagflush ng inidoro. Magpahinga ka na in peace.

  5. I am agree with the lovely queen on the subject of pressing issues. Inspite of modern technology that are available in this world, it seems some people are still not open their minds what is really going around or perhaps they are just simply lazy or ignorant. I hope to see Miss Universe 2018 on her charity works and set aside politics for now.

  6. She really needs to educate herself on the exact details of the law that is being propossed… I guess she is not aware that it is actually adressing the root cause of why these kids are comitting those crimes. I hope she would redeam herself on her next interview regarding this topic.

    • Cat didn’t say anything wrong. It’s you who need to educate your self about social dynamics and how to view social issues from different perspectives. You are behaving lije like a horse with tapa ojo.

      • @Aj

        Ok, you are obviously one of those people who did not read the prosposed law… but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt… Instead of giving me your lame backhanded insults, how about try educating me since you feel more knowledgable about the topic? 🙂

      • Between a so-called president who doesn’t care about life, much less young lives, and a Miss Universe who is exposed to the children and knows their plight, the latter more certainly knows what she’s saying.

        And please don’t be offended by my figurative language. Having a so-called president who always resorts to that as an excuse for his brutish language and usually nebulous sentence structures i expect you to be very very acclimatized if not delighted at hearing what you now call insults.

  7. I really enjoy and love Cat’s every single interview. Nakakangiti. Nakakasaya. Nakakaproud. Nakakatuwa. 😍😊♥️

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