9 comments on “Catriona Gray’s Homecoming Parade

  1. She really needs to educate herself on the exact details of the law that is being propossed… I guess she is not aware that it is actually adressing the root cause of why these kids are comitting those crimes. I hope she would redeam herself on her next interview regarding this topic.

    • Redeem herself from what? She’s entitled to her own opinion and there’s nothing wrong with her opinion at all.

  2. I’m sorry Cat. I love you to death but I am still in favor of lowering the age of criminal responsibility because we already know that the problem is caused by poverty due to drugs and corruption. All of which are currently being fixed by the government but the results are definitely not instant. We need to protect the majority from these under-aged rapist, robbers, drug pushers, murderers, etc. While we are all waiting for that big change, druglords and corrupt politicians are using these kids to do their crimes for them because it’s a loophole in our constitution that is easily accesible for them. If we remove that loophole, then we could easily segregate those who can be rehabilitated and deal with the criminal masterminds w/ impunity.

    • u said it urself. these kids are being “used” by syndicates.. that means the kids are victims themselves. why make them criminals? lets go after the people who “used” these kids to commit crimes. period!

  3. I was having second thoughts about sharing what I saw today on the front page of the Philippine Star – Gray in that Mindanao ensemble during the Press Conference (or some other function prior to this) where her legs are bared and it is EVIDENT they resorted to “putochop” to make them look more svelte-skinny. In the photo above, as the Tumang creation is a pair of trousers essentially, the fact that Gray has “barrel legs” is not revealed.

    This is a problem she shares with Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin. But that being said, I am declaring my willingness to add my voice to any call for her to try for World-Thailand 2019! Her 2-year contract with MUT ends this year (a standard tenure also required of Poonlertlarp and Ritthipreuk, I think).

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