5 comments on “Reunited: The Bb. Pilipinas 2018 titleholders

  1. Eva Patalinhug was QUESTIONABLY snobbed? Lol
    Look at her. The blogger as always is inciting rebellion hahaha

  2. Just thinking out loud: wouldn’t it be better if the BPCI-organized homecoming festivities focus on all queens? Karen Gallman is also a top international winner (Miss Intercontinental 2018). So is Atisha Manalo (1st Runner- Up, Miss International 2018). I know MU is a more popular contest but isn’t it that we are celebrating the win, not the popularity of the award-giving body? One beauty derby may be popular than another, but our queens equally gave their utmost best and invested their time, talent and resources preparing for the contest– all in the pursuit of giving honor to the country. All of them won in giving the country a formidable fight in the international arena– solidifying the country’s claim to the honor of global Beauty Pageant Powerhouse. Let us then raise the Philippine flag for all of them.

  3. Just thinking out loud: shouldn’t the BPCI homecoming festivities also focus on Karen Gallman, another international top winner, and Atisha Manalo, a 1st runner-up titlist? I know MU is more popular than MIntercon and MI, but I believe we are celebrating the Filipina’s triumph in international beauty derby, not the popularity rating of the award-giving organization. All our queens did their utmost best in representing our country. They invested their time, talent and resources to deliver what this pageant crazed nation wants. I hope the Filipino nation will give all our queens, winner or non-winner, the tribute they all deserve. We should all applaud them for the zeal, diligence, and dedication they have shown to sustain the country’s image as a global Pageant Powerhouse.

    • Well, of the “big 4”, 2 are with BBP. Everything else is “minor”…
      Sadly, the 4th Miss Universe crown is still worth more than the “1st (insert minor crown here)”.
      Also, everyone else without the crown is still a LOSER. 😦

      In a country like ours that just keeps on collecting crowns, anything that is not UNIVERSE, WORLD, INTERNATIONAL or EARTH is just “okay, next”.

      If we are from Paraguay, kahit super cheapangga pageant with maldita winner, we will celebrate kasi wala pa tayong “important crown”. Kaya kahit maliit, i-ce-celebrate.

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