8 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s Homecoming Press Conference

  1. Wow, her statements are all over facebook…
    I think she should study the topic more before releasing any statements… I myself is in favor of the lowering the criminal responsibility for the purpose of protecting the majority who fall victim to these minors who are being used by these criminal masterminds. Before any verdict, these children should also be assesed mentaly if they are capable or at least have the potential of functioning as a law abiding citizen after their fair punishment and rehabilitation.

  2. Dear Catriona,

    I have always been one of your biggest fans but your recent statement against lowering the age of criminal responsibility got me disapointed. I agree that we should focus more on why these children are comitting those crimes but while that is being adressed, why let more innocent people suffer and die due to poor ignorant minors who are mostly being used by druglords, crime syndicates and corrupt politicians to do their bidding while we all wait for the government to come up with a better more solid and effective solution than lowering the criminal liability? Do you have a better and more immidiate solution to the problem? If not then just please leave it to the experts and keep our opinions based on our limited knowledge of the topic to ourselves. You are still my Miss Universe and we all know that your heart is in the right place.



    • Experts who? Are you sure the proponents consulted the experts? They changed their minds real quick, from 9 to 12 overnight! Experts can’t be swayed that fast. Pffft!

    • @Anonymous

      Cut her some slack.. I think the networks are blowing it out of proportion as part of their anti-admin propaganda..

  3. Ganda ni Catriona, love the Salmon colored Pantsuit.

    I think I see Sean of MUO at the back in the red carpet photo ( so SMA was right MU crown is still with BBP after all )


  4. I hate to say this but I think she gained a little bit of weight, just like others noticed. But she still look gorgeous. Welcome home Cat!

  5. Love her overall look! Sana ganyan lagi look niya pag nasa New York or nasa travel. HAHAHA

    anyway, she was so eloquent. the way she answers question talaga is her forte.

    her mak tumang wardrobe is love. though again, i still hope she wears other Filipino designers aside from Jearson and Mak.

    In fairness ha. hawak kamay sila ni Madam. Tito Norms, may konti bang pahaging re: MUP franchise during the press con? or when ang BBP2019??? haha

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