11 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Martina Turner Diaz

  1. One thing I noticed from looking at aspiring candidates yung may middling height lagi naka half body shot. This girl is pretty parang to roxanne barcelo but Di sya matangkad

  2. Pang Miss Earth. I feel like I’ve seen a face like hers in pageants plenty of times before clapping, she lacks star power and plain as hell.

  3. Mukhang vertically challenged!..hope am wrong…her internet fotos in a modelling agency showed na hindi mahaba ang kaniyang mga biyas…5’6″ at most..again,..hope i’m wrong.

  4. Definitely cut out for Ms International. Just need to lighten her make up to look fresher and sweeter.

  5. Nice eyes & decolatage… she could further improve her waist to hip ratio.. her face is very symetrical verticaly.. but horizontaly, her forehead-nose-mouth ratio doesn’t follow the rule of thirds which is suppose to be basic for most Filipina beauties. She still needs to work on her make-up. Whoever drew her lips forgot her cupids bow for some reason? She also needs to learn further on her best angles but she definitely got the goods… I wish she’s also a tad taller and more exotic but hopefully her background: academics, story, charity works, etc.. would compensate for whatever she is lacking in everything else.

    • I think natural yung eye color nya, no contact lenses. She’s half American anyway.

  6. Wonderful collar bones! Stunning fez (pero dahil siguro sa meyk-ap ay tila HUGE ang ilong).

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