12 comments on “The Search is on for Miss Philippines U.S. 2019

  1. These are interesting looking beauties.
    However, to he honest and with all due respect, do not quit your day jobs ladies.

    Help Jonas Help! 😊

  2. Nicole Guerrero could be our next Miss International just like her Tita, Gemma Cruz.

  3. I hope they revive the Miss Cruise Ship Panget Intergalactic…

    I am the very first winner in 1955… representing Norwegian Cruise Lines as their PREMIER SEAGAY JANITRESS!

    I was only 20 years old back then – a young baklang ubod ng panget!

    Sadly, the pageant was only held that year, because apparently too much kapangitan is lethal to the the eyes of the viewers! 😦

    Please revive Miss Cruise Ship Panget Intergalactic!!!

    😦 I’m sad that I can’t have my final walk! I wanna crown my successor! 😦

    • Wow, youre so small time. Why dont you level up therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Join ka na sa bbp. But first metamorphose into a beautiful transgender. Di pwede baklangpanget sa bbp.

  4. They will highlight the beauty of Bicol this year? May I suggest Puraran Beach (unpretentious and pristine) and Binurong Point (a deadringer for Batanes!), both in Isla Catanduanes. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, who was that LOVELY Aussie-‘Nay you featured here before and who currently is also fulfilling residency requirements? She is under A&Q (I think), and she was among those who did not return onstage at that Malaysian pageant when a new Top 5 was announced? But she did get the Continental Citation for Asia. 🙂

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