8 comments on “Michael Barassi created the National Costume of Mr Philippines in Mister International

  1. infairness maganda yung detalye…With regards to MI contestants, I’m loving HongKong and Japan

  2. Our bet is a charming chap, of good height, and lean. But my Final5 will be Europe-dominated.

    Hongkong is like a delectable moving piece of a lovers’ moon. Yummy!!! 🙂

    The moon held by this dragon, however, looks like an orange which has begun to rot. Or perhaps same villagers also tried to deal with the beast with a cannon(ball). And those “horny gongs” at his side look like a second pair of testicles (which might not necessarily be inappropriate considering this is a male pageant. But that would be like arguing in favor of bulbous bustiers for his female counterpart). All in all, it is, at least, one notch less busy than that MONSTROSITY Barassi made for Filarca-Ong (btw, Philippines will also host that one this year).

  3. I Iove this national costume… Very meaningful while showcasing his lean torso.

    He actually looks good… They just need to fix his teeth… I hope KF’s infamous veneers would look perfectly natural on him.

  4. I am blown away! A big congrats Michael! Saludo ako.

    But that music just ruined the presentation of the costume. Please discard that as soon as possible!

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