20 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray and Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie

  1. You gotta love these two gorgeous queens ! Very down to earth and beautiful inside and out 💙💚💛💕💫👡👠👑💄💍

  2. H’hen Nie is the real Hennnnnyyyy!!!!! Hehe
    Catriona is so cute here… they both look gorgeous!

  3. I wonder why Cat and Sarah seem to be playing “plastic” with each other… Sino ang threatened at insecure? To think that Cat and Sarah should get along given Catriona’s upbringing….

  4. Ganda ni Kat dun sa Phuong My fashion show. para siyang royalty sa princess diaries. hihihi

    oh and hhennie, GANDA!!!!

  5. i really thought Vietnam deserved a spot in the final 3. I really thought she would eclipsed SA. If only she wore the yellow dress number that she used during the preliminary.

  6. I wonder how the reception has been from the expatriate and resident Viet communities in the USA to H’Hen Nie… 🙂

  7. Bakit mas gumaganda si Cat kapag gorgeous yung kasama unlike dun sa dalawang bulilits? Hihihihi kaya pala may tinatawag na #SquadGoals kasi chaka people drag you down sa beauty and status.

    • hihihihh ka dyan fake 4M. wag kang masyadong makuda dito…hihihih

      Also if you are beautifil and you’re with chaka like you then your beauty will shine… geez….

    • Lol.

      Roses is a goofy sorority white chick type used to being loud and obnoxious and getting attention by doing so. I still cringe at her Top 20 on stage interview with Steve Harvey. Eye roll worthy. These girls are better ignored entirely as they are an energy suck… as Cat did when she had a choice in BKK.

      Coldburn seems like she is in a permanent Ambien haze. She seems sweet but could probably pound down two Redbulls before any public appearance.

      These two take away Cat’s shine more than anything Marquis would be able to do.

      Probably doesn’t help that Cat likely commands all the attention when they are together in terms of beauty and presence.

  8. Miss Vietnam is truly a Miss Universe supertsar ! … this kind of beauty will never get appreciated in Miss World or Miss International … it is squarely fit for a Miss Universe competition ! …

    • haha guni guni mo lang yan, vietnan face waley malabo maging miss universe pang runner -up lang ang peg niya….realtalk…

  9. Vietnam is truly a Miss Universe superstar ! this kind of beauty will never get appreciated in Miss World or Miss International… it is squarely fit for a Miss Universe competition

      • Sya ba gagayahin mo once nagtransform ka. I think mas maganda gayahin mo si catriona. Better yet, create your own persona. That way, mas malaki chance mo maging miss universe philippines and eventually miss universe. But first, pakintabin ang sahig and linising maigi inidoro para di magalit si captin hook. Ok therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal?

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