22 comments on “Catriona and Kelsey: Separate this time around

  1. She has a clean beautiful face , that’s what matters most . That’s what defines MU

  2. Remember: What works for Kelsey, might not work for Cat and vice versa. Cat’s styling team is giving is variety. different looks from day 1. well, some may say it underwhelming.. but for me it’s okay. It is the NYFW and i feel na it is just the time to be adventurous with different looks and styles. surely maganda pa suot niya nung nasa Thailand siya.. but that is a different thing or Occassion.

    I see this as a trial and error stage for her and the stylist. besides, they are in New York, i don’t think they will just play safe. there’s always a room for improvement. umpisa pa lang naman to ng team up nila ng MUO stylist.. so let’s wait and see.. sa ngayon, abang abang na lang..

    • ^^^ This so much ^^^

      I’m thankful for Pinoys who celebrate 😻 is in a new chapter of her journey. Undefined, but an open book.

      She’s reinvented herself before, and she’ll do it again.

    • How many trials and errors do they have to make for them to finaly nail it?! The stylist of sex and the City seem to nail it each and every time..

      • Right in whose eyes? Pinoy fans who want to see her in a lava gown everywhere she goes?

        Maybe if Filipino fans were perfect that would be understandable.

        Maybe Cat and Marquis have decided her pageant looks have had their time and place and now she wants something different.

        Complain complain complain. Eh kasi itsmorefuninghepelepens that way.

      • Jstogre, in case you are not aware, the show “Sex and the City” was based in New York.. and the Characters were fashionistas not pageant queens.

  3. Bakit ang sasama ng ugali ng mga pinoy? We always compare even when it’s unnecessary. And we always have to put someone down. There something wrong with this kind of culture. It’s vile. It’s sickening.

  4. WOWOW Kelsey….

    Sorry Catriona, Kelsey won vis a vis…

    So far Catriona seems to have lost some magic since living in NY. I remember Pia she killed everything thrown at her.

    • In fairness, Pia had something to prove during her reign because of the scandal.

      Cat already proved herself as the runaway delegate and undisputed Miss Universe 2018 in a league of her own from Day 1.

  5. I think her sash got wrinkled due to sitting in the car.. Having this sash to begin with is just bad styling. She is being sabotaged on purpose for some reason.

  6. Ok I think someone’s sabotaging Cat’s looks. That sash didn’t even get steamed.. yikes.

    Cat needs to be styled like a young Natalie Portman.. more Dior- and Chanel-like and less Miu Miu.

  7. The styling issue again . One is on point, , the other not even close. Leads me to question of someone trying to sabotage one’s hard work to get to where she is right now? I dunno but with the spate of fashion faux pas at least to us I think it’s what I feel it is.

    • Hi there therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal! I see that your again getting envious of what catriona is wearing. I think babagay sayo yan pag sinuot mo. But first magpagenderreassignment ka na para masoot mo yan. At para mabili moyan, galingan paglinis ng inidoro and sahig para madaming tips. Join ka na din sa bbp.

  8. MUning is attending a ton of shows it seems.

    So happy she is reaping then rewards of her faith, determination, passion, and purpose.

    So excited for her homecoming next week too! Garantisado pasavogue!

  9. Kung ano kina haba tingnan ni pusa before mu. Sya naman nag mukhang 5’6 sya sa styling na yan. Pusa is only 25. Why this look?

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