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  1. My 2019 Wishlist:

    1. Hope I’m not disgustingly ugly anymore, to the point where I often scare myself in the morning when I open my eyes and look at my ultra-mega-panget self in the mirror. 😦

    2. Hope people would show me an ounce of charity in real life, and not treat me like I don’t exist. 😦

    3. Hope the Heavenly Father would claim me as his creation. Even Tita Lucifer doesn’t want to claim me. 😦

    4. Hope I don’t get any constant thoughts of suicide anymore. 😦

    5. Hope you all lose hope that I willl ever go away. Because I will never, ever go away from this blog. This blog is my therapy, and everytime I spew hate and anger here, I feel… hated! alive! important!
    Ahahahahahahahahaha. Unfortunately: It is also my cry for help! 😦

    😦 Can you blame my ultra-mega-panget self if I am angry at the world? 😦

    • Dear Mr Jeremi, with all seriousness and all due respect Sir:

      Suicidal thoughts are red flags po. If you need help, please call the Depression and Suicide Prevention Hotline po. Or at least talk to your friends and family. They can help.

      I really hope po you dont get suicidal thoughts anymore.

      • Di ko naman po kasi kasalanan kung ampanget-panget ko eh!

        Kaya nga dito ako nagkakalat ng kapangitan ng ugali ko!

        Sa inyong lahat ko na lang ibubuhos ang galit ko sa mundo! 😦

  2. My 2019 Wishlist:

    Patricia Magtanong,
    Hannah Arnold,
    Michelle Marquez Dee

    Hannah Arnold

    Hannah Arnold
    Michelle Marquez Dee,
    Sharifa Akeel,
    Samantha Lo

    Samantha Lo
    Samantha Bernardo
    Sharifa Akeel
    Sirene Sutton
    Leren Mae Bautista
    Alaiza Malinao

    Teresita Lacsamana Marquez
    Samantha Bernardo
    Sharifa Akeel
    Sirene Sutton

    Grand International:
    Sirene Sutton
    Samantha Bernardo
    Leren Mae Bautista
    Ema Tiglao
    Alaiza Malinao

    Leren Mae Bautista
    Sirene Sutton
    Alaiza Malinao
    Ema Tiglao

    1st/2nd RUp
    Hannah Arnold
    Michele Marquez Dee
    Samantha Loĺ

  3. SIRENE -MPI, Intercon, MGi, Globe, Supra
    Elima – intercon, Supra, MGI
    Bernardo- Supra, MGI, Globe

  4. Let’s hope that the next MUP (2019) “not” be the second edition of Bianca Manalo -MUP 2009-whose infamous legacy is to be the last clapper sent to MU.

    What a bittersweet experience it is for her to embarrasingly watch MUP’s place in the top 10, top 6, runners-up and winning the MU crown
    year after year since her reign in 2009.

    No pressure Sirene. All the best!

  5. Will there be a BbP 2019 where 6 titles are awarded or the much anticipated new MUP 2019 where only one title awarded.

    Either way, eyes are on the next Universe-Philippines rep. I hope the organizers settle and compromise to send a “sacrifical lamb” who does not have b2b potential.

    A non-placement result at MU, as a follow-up to Cat, is the worst possible scenario. What a nightmare that would be for MUP 19′.
    Just say
    On that note, all the best Sirene. 😊

  6. How can somebody with a ZERO Q&A be the flagbearer of her camp?!????… Sutton really has to prove the EXACT OPPOSITE of who she was then!!— really,wala namang question sa ganda…Andyan nayan!— pero kung puro nlang rampa at emote2x..at ZERO ulit sa Q&A???… Wag nalang!!!

  7. Rufa should make a comeback too. Same here my something si Rufa na wala si serene. Rufa asan ka??????

  8. She needs to justify what happened last time.. what was was her real answer and what prevented her from answering… and during BBP prelims, she needs to ace all interviews upto the coronation night!.

  9. Sirene could be perfect for Miss Supra, Globe or maybe even MGI if BPCI or MWPh still holds the franchise.

  10. I like ruffa nava too. but hey!!! Theres something lacking in ruffa nava na meron kay sirene. So i will go for sirene. I dont mind her being a half nationality. Feel ko sakto lang naman ang comm skills nya. Sakto na pwedeng pwede sa MU. Na blanko lang talaga sya that time during Q&A. She was independent before but she came out on stage like a bomb. Almost there na. But having a camp will be a good help for some other factors or improvements. Yeah she can be aces flag bearer tito nad bahala sa Q&A nya. Her face is too strong just need to lessen a bit the make up. But yeah. I want her to try one more time.

    • That’s why i really think she needs a camp na maghuhubog sa personality niya and sa styling. mahirap ang independent lalo na kung ung nag me-mentor saiyo ay hindi pa gamay ang world of pageantry.

  11. Hi there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here!

    Just in case you are all wondering… I’M STILL UBOD NG PANGET!

    That is all, bye!

  12. Well, beauty and physique wise – i think she can be a great follow up to Cat. or the next MUP. Though i don’t feel that the PH will win its next MU crown for the next. hmmm 3-5 years? but who knows.

    I just hope she really trained sa comm skills department and sa personality development. then if she does, i think she’s good to go. But my heart still shouts for Maine Elima. sana pareho silang nag train ng todohan.

    BTW Tito Norms, when is the BBP screening? it’s already mid Feb. masyado na atang late?

    Pero feeling ko, tatapusin muna nila ang grand homecoming ni Cat e. what do you think?

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