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    hindi ka naman ifa-follow ng mga tao sa instagram kundi sa mga “CHISMAX” kuno mo. pa close close pa sa mga beauty queens. magtayo ka na lang kaya ng sarili mong camp? WAHAHHAHAHAAH

  2. Cat’s look are okay. not amazing.. but fine. let them do their work. they know better dahil sila ang andun. besides, maganda si cat at matangkad. kahit anong ipasuot mo, winner pa rin.

    wag naman masyadong entitled. lalo na kung di rin lang naman stylish manamit. LOL

    parang ganito lang yan, a “Fitness trainer” pero mataba or di maganda katawan. how ironic.

  3. Hey guys Catriona is just like any other girl. She has her vulnerability. She is not perfect. A Miss U does not always have to be perfectly good in public. That’s how how she expresses herself. For as long as you are able to inspire the many especially younger girls that to be a beauty queen does not invlove only beauty but also grace, substance and heart. Gone are the days that Miss U is always dressed very well, because the trend now is how to be relatable to others and to be always true to yourself.

  4. 🙄 Filipino fans are the best and worst pageant fans ever. Catriona look’s great. I think her styling is ‘relax’ and that’s a good thing. She already won, and she’s not on “competition mode” anymore. we don’t want her to look “she’s trying too hard to be notice” look.

  5. I don’t find any major major problem with Cat’s styling at all. Some people just need to get a life. Gusto nyo laging pageant mode yung tao?Give her and MUO a break. They’re where they are and you where you are for reasons that are no-brainer.

  6. Uy Sir! Grabe feature pala to. Akala ko mention lang ah grabeeeeeee salamat kaloka!!!!!!!!! Friends sumisilip pa Rin Ako pero limot ko na password ko dito!!!!!! Thanks guys! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Fabie!!!!!! Cf2!!!!! Basil san ka na!????Steamy! Andrew! Thomas!!!!! 4M!!!! Si Mamang Dawn nakskausap ko doon sa IG. Sheena! I missed a lot of names but I see Sir Norman at events 😘😘😘😘

      • @Laila

        I regularly visit your youtube and IG accounts…
        Actually madalas parehas tayo ng iniisip.. and I know some of your comments/post dyan is toned down as in you try your best to be neutral sa lagay na yan since dami newbies na pwede ma misinterpret mga hirit nating closest to the ultimate truth.

      • @closer2fame hahaha salamat. You know nag decide Ako na taglish Yung language for the Pinoy pageant fans pero grabe c2f Hindi ko inexpect ang hina pala talaga ng comprehension ng iba kahit sobrang Tagalog na. The trolling and bashing I can take that’s fine with me I’ve had years of experience pero ang unbelievable din talaga ng iba na hinmay himay mo na, may disclaimer pa di pa rin gets. Kalerks.

      • Laila , keep up the good work
        U definitely deserve a spot on tv . I believe your time on will come very very soon .
        Congrats in advance

      • Hi Laila… gurllllll! Big time ka na veks…hihihihi I do follow Tita’s of pageantry 🙂

      • @Laila

        I agree with Fabian.. You need to have your own TV show… I would watch that religiously… Magpa veneers ka narin para Angelica Alita ang peg.

    • Fabie!!!!!! Cf2!!!!! Basil san ka na!????Steamy! Andrew! Thomas!!!!! 4M!!!! Si Mamang Dawn nakskausap ko doon sa IG. Sheena! I missed a lot of names but I see Sir Norman at events 😘😘😘😘

      • Si pabyan buhay pa. Pero naliligo ng poop nya sa homecare. Nanlilimahid pa rin ka epalan nya. Kulubot at kalbo na. Ganunpaman malantod (his word not mine) pa rin

  7. Nakakatuwang malaman na sinusuportahan din ng Norman blog si Laila.
    Marami rin naman si Laila naitulong sa blog na ito dati dahil sa mga comments nya few years ago.

  8. Best look for me so far is the barong ensemble.
    Cute naman pala si Laila at very articulate .
    To those who say she has no right to be a beauty and fashion critic , just look at those guys touted as pageant experts on tv. Lamang naman doon nang milya si Laila . Kaya nga behind the scene e.

  9. Ang pangit pala ni Laila. Mukhang siyang crossbreed ng dagang kosta at baboy na dinosaur. Katakot! Mukha siyang may saltik.

    • my gosh fake 4M!!!! Laila girl omg I apologize on behalf of my EVIL fake 4M alter ego….hihihihi

  10. Mga bakla nga naman… Pag pinoy ang pumuna sabihin OA, pero pag ibang lahi sabihing Jealous. Ehb sa hindi naman talaga maganda styling pati make up. magbubulag bulagan ba? Kahit kay Demi din last year ganon. Totoo naman na iyong naka RED di sya mukhang Miss Universe kasi yung damit at make up mukhang uninspired. Minsan matuto din kayong pumuna at magsabi ng katotohanan para may maitama. Nagtataka lang ako kasi nong kay Molly… galante siya… pag latina ang winner galante sila manamit at make up. may pinapaboran ba?

  11. Cat’s wardrobe is a minor issue compared to not knowing the new format of BbP 2019 or MUP 2019.

    March is approaching. Curious of crowning at the BbP/MUP 2019 pageant-coronation.

  12. Wardrobes hahaha kung makalait sa styling eh akala mo kung sinong expert. WardrobeSSS talaga ha?

  13. Hmmm. Nagra rationalize lang tayo tungkol sa ating dissatisfaction sa styling ni Cat. The styling of the clothes are not for Cat’s type. Cat should have brought many Filipino designed clothes that can cater to international audience. Maybe Marquiz was expecting the clothes to be brought in.

    I think Cat should start to vlog to veer away from these styling blah blahs. Or we as fans have become demanding? Siguro pag pageant season na mas magiging visible na ulet si Cat.

    • Akala nang tao unlimited resources ng mga designers sa Pilipinas para mag nonstop bring in the clothes in to NYC for Miss Universe. LOL.

      Miss Universe fan fantasy lang yan. Gumising ka na Ateh.

      • Gumising for? Mejo sablay yata ang comment na yon? Mejo kulang ka yata sa tulog at nagdikit dikit ang mga nerves mo at ang train of thought ay naging fussy. I am not after continuous supply of clothes by Filipino designers. That is not what I meant.

        Anyway, back to the topic. There is a repercussion if the fans expectations are not matched with what is MU is providing – the fans expectations will re-align. Fans have thought that the Miss Universe will become like a Hollywood star. If MU proves otherwise, the fans enthusiasm will be dampened which will affect its attractiveness and pageants in general (as MU is the leader) in the long term. That is basic in marketing and MU must know that this is a dangerous situation for their org.

        Pia’s term was satisfying. So it can be done.

        Fans are partying with MU. They love MU. Fans are looking for creativity. But if fans found out that the party they are attending is not partying. Well…

      • Teh, parang sleepwalking ka. Or sleep typing.

        IMG hasn’t been looking for a Hollywood Starlet.

        They want an empowered woman who is defined by accomplishments and who doesn’t look like she stepped out of the evening competition in every event she goes to in NYC.

        Like I said tho, many fans are hopeless so if they don’t understand that then they continue embarrassing the name of the Felepens.

        Fan comments are cheap and free. Think twice about whether you think MUO cares that much. Think three times if you must, or four for our 4 crowns.

  14. I do agree. I am so underwhelmed with her styling compared to the last three winners. It’s actually a hit and miss and I they should let her stylist know about it. I know Marquis did the styling of the last three winners but I think he is on a funk right now. I hope this would change in the coming weeks. I did not like the red dress to Amfar especially when she was next to Kelsey who looks very expensive to her dress which looks like a window curtain.

  15. Titas of pageantry aka LEILA of normannorman is a feelingera. Nagka maraming followers lang sa IG nag feeling na. Literal na nalunod sa isang basong tubig. Haha wala syang K mamintas o pumuna ng pananamit ng iba. Kung sya nga di nya kaya bihisan sarili nya ng maayos, anong K nya pumuna sa iba? Ang mga hanash nya about pageantry eh kinukuha nya lang sa misso. Btw Miel Pangilinan lookalike pala sya. Haha bye Felicia!

  16. I think the responses are a bit overkill. OA. Typical Pinoy victim reklamador they are trying to sabotage because we are well, Pinoys who love being victims needing to fight).

    Even my brother who is not a pageant fan at all, but follows Cat on IG said they sound like little assholes and bitches. Key word: little. As in instigating insecure drama queens. Can’t say he’s wrong.

    Do I love the looks, no?

    Do we expect Mak Tumang to stop his own business and clients and dress her for everything? Do we think Aliman’s connections will nonstop produce looks for her for an entire simply because she is Miss Universe? Not realistic.

    Honestly, Cat is making an appearance for a maybe an hour at events where, to be further honest, there are just as many “important” women as she is. They take pictures outside on the streets and in 5 mins back to the apartment. I think Pinoys have this idea that people in NYC are holding their breath waiting to see what bongga outfit Miss Universe will be wearing and what pasavogue she will be doing. In truth, MU is not that important there.

    Even the security guard at the Philippine Consulate who I chitchatted when I visited during a trip to NYC back when Pia was reigning told me that no one noticed her when she walked the streets on her various appearances there (granted he also said Pia was suplada and masyadong payat probably because she didn’t notice him) but I get him, crab mentality and all.

    I’m thankful Cat’s team seat the bar high for her MU journey but competition is just one chapter of the MU reign. I am appreciative of Cat’s efforts to do her best with what the organization’s offerings rather than being an ungrateful diva. She is humble and grounded and knows what she does with her reign is more important than looking like she is reading to walk the IMPACT stage everyday. She has already done that, moving on…

    Filipinos are the first to reply Miss Universe is more than just about being beautiful and looking good and hair and clothes and make up when they want to attack, bash, act like typical Pinoys to other fans online. Time to walk the walk and STFU.

    • Please. There are valid reasons for the criticism. Do not invalidate those. Wag feeling alta.

      • Perhaps valid but Filipino comments on her IG, MUO’s IG, Marquis’ IG are often brash, classless, and representative of everything annoying about Filipino pageant fans.

      • @Catfan

        From one fan to another… if the shoe fits…

        I know pageant fans of the non-Pinoy variety here in the US. From various corners of the world. I used to defend Filipino fan obnoxious ridiculousness but no more. Too many are horrible with no manners or hope. It’s not what they say but how they say it.

        If you’re such a fan of Cat’s imagine how she has to feel whe face to face with Marquis.

      • Missing = cheap trash overload.

        Ma virus ka lang dump. Literally and figuratively.

        No thanks.

  17. Siya pala si Titas of Pageantry.

    I follower her IG, pero now na alam ko na how she looks like, Unfollow. Chos lang.


  18. I’m all for highlighting Pinoy designers, but if they’re not used to designing for 4 seasons then they likely have limited experience with non-tropical fabrics and cuts. Also, Cat’s friends/designers are pageant-focused, and the styling is becoming evident in her looks.

    My advice, dress according to the occasion and not because of obligation. NY is a fashionista’s dream, there is no excuse to be a 10 but dress like a 5.

  19. I don’t think it has anything to do with them making Cat look more Asian… Cat has lots of Asian looks that are definite hits in the past… but lately… she’s a hit or miss as styled by the MU glam team. I think what’s wrong w/ Marquis, the official stylist’s taste has something to do with the color combos, matching of patterns/textures and the choice of cuts and proportions… If you look closely… Marquis rarely follows the rule of thirds or he’s not used to styling someone as tall as Cat?! Is he doing this on purpose? I don’t think it has anything to do with race or culture since the rule of thirds and the golden proportion is universal. To be honest, I trust Cat or her Filipino glam team to have the better taste when it comes styling anyone.

      • Hoy… ano meaning ng Rule of Thirds? Wiz ko knows. Easy lang mga brads, sis and Mam-Sirs in-between. Don’t take life too seriously. Rather fret over spamsilog or Bangsilog. Just enjoy the year with Catriona whether she wears Syvels or Jimmy Choos! It’ll be over before you know it in 10 months. Then the back-to-back-to-back-to-back algorythms begin …..PILIPENS!!! …..Burn Baby Burn …. Vrooommmmm !

      • Kala ko s photojournalism o photograph lang ang may rule of thirds heheehe pwede pala sa styling yun

      • It is mostly applied on the cuts/proportion of the whole ensemble…. w/c is usually dependent on the body proportions of the individual.

      • @closer2fame, meron kang point sa cuts and proportion pero sa sinabi mong concept is ako sure. with what you are saying is I believe it is applicable to tadao hayashi’s design. the pink one.

      • Like what I said… her past few recent ensemble is a hit and miss… I do have a comment on each and every1 of them.

      • @ Renato : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Tadashi Shoji. Tadao Hayashi was the harpist. 🙂

  20. Gosh! Even as far back as Sherri Hill, the styling was (beeep!). 😦

    Did you see Velazco SLAY that Chopin piano piece? And in an ELEGANT gown! Lesson from MIO : let the ladies select and bring some looks of their choice from home. 🙂

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