12 comments on “The visible Mutya Johanna Datul

  1. Leave the woman alone. She’s proven herself winning an international title.

  2. I’d love Mutya to rejoin and win our national pageant… Although she is very fluent in Tagalog and Ilokano w/ good English comprehension, her English grammar & vocabulary is a bit limited while being equiped only w/ our weak Philippine passport w/c are the 2 technical reasons why she did not win the top prize during BBP-Gold… But based on beauty, charm & personality, she is a cut above the rest and possibly become a runner-up at Miss Universe.

    As for Patricia Magtanong who also holds only a weak Philippine Passport.. She could pull a Solid 1st RUp at Miss U and be a more desserving winner than the actual future MU winner… or she could win Miss International with a landslide.

  3. I see a Miss Universe Philippines on her! She should try for it if Miss Universe Ph changes franchise holders.

  4. Ganda pa rin niya. Though, personally, mas bet ko sakanya yung morena. but again, kanya-kanyang preference naman.

  5. Making up for lost time? Kept a low profile soon after winning? No problem!

    THIS will prove to Supranational organization that Filipens TRULY values their brand.

  6. Maganda laban ng pinas sa MU this year if ever ma appoint sya sa MU. Queenly Rampadora and personality check. Com skills passed. Idk if she has advocacy but having advocacy is just an advantage. You can win mu even if you dont have advocacy. But a good heart and willingness to give your time helping muo to spread their advocacy will do to make you a miss universe winner. Kahit sa mw pwede din sya if ever age qualified pa. I hope she is braved as catriona gray on joining beauty pageant again. Its not bad even she has the supra title already. What ever the results being miss Supranational 2013 will still remain in her heart and in supra org records. She will turning 27 this year on april age qualified for MU. How about miss world? 26 yata ang limit. Anyway! Join or not. Its okay.

  7. Looks fresh and stunning as always, can she join Miss World? Makeup on point, love her❤️

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