16 comments on “Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and the Meet-and-Greet with the Filipino Press in NYC

  1. I’d choose the 5’9 statuesque all-natural PMAP Model UP Economics Cum Laude and Law Graduate Patricia Magtanong anytime over the 5’8 curvy model tourism graduate hotelier Samantha Bernardo.

    • I still have Wynwyn as my top choice for MUP .
      If she decides not to join, my next top bet would be Sam Lo she is very pretty and intense .
      Them Laura Lehman … Daisha… Wynonah Buot

      • Realy Fabian? You may be forgetting that Binibining Pilipinas is 1st and foremost a physical beauty competition.

  2. Pinanood ko c Pia sa isang interview at tumalikod ako habang nakikinig Kay Queen Pia kc may napansin ako hihihi.
    JawzKuh akala ko talaga c Pokwang yung nagsasalita😂hihihi☺

  3. My current Top 7 potential BBP Successor:
    *in random order*

    Patricia Magtanong 5’9

    Hannah Arnold 5’11

    Michelle Marquez Dee 5’10

    Nicole Guerrero 5’9

    Daisha Jimenez 5’10

    Klea Pineda 5’9

    Apriel Smith 5’9

    • Only Samantha Bernardo seems to be getting the memo about what IMG wants. Her IG is definitely her resume for not only MUP but MU.

      Facially she is middling but everything else is Tough 10 enough. Her attitude and hunger can propel her further. She also has the cosmopolitan and sophisticated effect.

      Maybe not back to back material, but worthy of MUP for a follow up to MUning.

      However, methinks this would work under BPCI. If LCS is indeed in the picture, a model will probably be selected from A & Q (Magtananong especially). Just my hunch. Also, would she’s be free of her BPCI contract if ever a trade of the franchise were made?

  4. Loved her one response involving managing time under the last minute scheduling that MUO places on them – especially the part about using her FREE time to work on what she wants to accomplish as MU.

    Yung iba yung free time nila para mag shopping shopping, pasyal pasyal, etc etc. We even had MUPs who seemed like all they did while they were reigning was go to the beach. When they had free time, maybe they would prepare for MU.

    Yeah, it will be a while before we enjoy another MUP and MU like this – so soak it all up folks.

  5. It Should be a Mt.Mayon float,…with Shimmering Lava Overflowing and Catriona ,this time in her Lava gown with a Filipiniana Twist– this time with detachable Lava colored Butterfly sleeves!!!

  6. Bongga homecoming nya for sure. Im sure maka Pilipino ulit ang plan nila this time for her parade float naman. I want her to wear a maria clara gown. Ilagay din sa float nya ang higanteng parol natcos nya and pailawin sa gabi during the parade.

  7. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Mr. Tinio!

    In the bottom photo is cute tall guy at the back, almost blending into the woodwork (literally) in his dark-maroon-ish sweater. 🙂

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