16 comments on “Venus and H’Hen: Together

  1. Wow , it’s my first time ever to classify Venus Rah as ‘beautiful’
    Angat ang Ganda nya next to H’hen.
    I’m tired of seeing Shamcey and Venus together . They don’t complement each other . They both look ‘tiyot’ when pictured together

  2. Naku hah at bumabanat na naman sa kalaswaan ang no.1 obsessed fan ko☺hihihi
    Pls lang wag mong dungisan ang marangal kong pangalan OK hihihi 😃

  3. Two trailblazers, together. Venus started our magnificent Miss Universe streak. I hope H’Hen does the same for Vietnam too. Ang gaganda nila!

  4. Both coming from humble beginnings in some remote rural village in their respective countries: who would have thought they will be one of the top five finishers in their respective MU contests? They are living proofs that confidently beautiful social advocates can also come from the world’s rural poor, which comprises 2/3 of the global population. They proved to the whole world that poverty is not a hindrance to success.

  5. nakakasawa na siya, di ako nagagandahan sa kanya at di nakakatulong ang isang look niya dahil sa pixie haircut niya. shes so one dimensional.

    • and she achieved so much in pageantry and modeling in her country with her winning look…..what about you?……………lol.

    • A classic one dimensional moronic self deprecating comment.

      At least she has done something that she can and her country be proud of.

      What about you? Have you done anything that your federation can be proud of?

  6. Pretty ladies…..H’Hen has this strikingly unique and fierce bone structure and Venus is just immaculate.

  7. I suddenly remembered MU-Cambodia, who was said to greatly resemble (Margarita) Moran.

    And MU-Laos, whose front-and-back NatCos was recognized this year. And Laos debuted at MU, too.

    ASEAN power!

    • 2018 is actually the second year for Laos ; Cambodia MU 2018 is lovely and she was one of my two dark horses the other one of which was Bulgaria

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