9 comments on “Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler on CNN Philippines

  1. I always liked Gabriela.. but during her 1st presscon though she was asked her opinion about the lowering of criminal liability… Her answer as expected was humanitarian but in my opinion, does not suit our country’s current situation. I just hope she further studies the political situation here in the Philippines to become more knowledgable and neutral when being asked with political related questions if she wants to prolong her career here in our country. She should understand that just like Syria and Venezuela, the Philippines is also a land of natural resources and soon we would also be “liberated” by the greedy entities who control the petro-dollars. Meanwhile, we are all open to Venezuelan economic refugees as much as we were open to Jews, White Russians, Vietnamese, Syrians, etc. I’m sure a lot of Venezuelan men would find love here in the Philippines. 😉

  2. Recognizing Felepens for what it does best – Miss Universe – ala Maria Milka Chocolate Funky Cold Medina.

    Ang daming galit na bakla kasi kahit minsan hindi sila naging banyaga during travel.

    Yet with all that time they have not contributed anything to make the Philippines better.

    Truth hurts.

      • Precisely, that is why we shouldn’t take it against a person if he or she is a foreigner because you should take note that 10% of Filipinos are outside the country.

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