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  1. I believe her homecoming will be towards the end of February 2019 as she will grace the Puteri Indonesia (Miss universe Indonesia) 2019 finals night on 08 March 2019 in Indonesia of course

  2. She is beautiful in that pic.
    Anyways, thanks to Chavit Singson for bringing her back to the Philippines right after her coronation via a private plane and for facilitating her travel to the NAIA on her way to NYC. There you go…..
    That’s all. Bye!

    • As usual, nakaramdam na naman ako ng matinding kalungkutan, kasi AMPANGET-PANGET KO!

      Para di ako magpakamatay dahil walang saysay ang buhay kong PUNO NG KAPANGITAN AT KALUNGKUTAN, dito na naman ako magpapapansin at magkakalat ng KAPANGITAN KO!

      Nag-work naman, kahit pandandalian lang, naibsan ang sakit na nararamdaman ko dulot ng kapangitan ko.

      That’s all. Bye!

    • LOL…
      Jeremi, you got to let it go baby!
      It’s time for you to look forward to the new MUP-2019 pageant or the old standby BbP19, create a wish-list and stir it up as you entertainingly do so well.

      Come on now…move on!😉

    • Jeremi. Stop it now! Maghanap ka nalang ng representative mo para sa MUP2019. Make sure na ang representative mo ay malalampasan si catriona or at least same level at pag nanalo ka sayo ang comment section ng lahat ng post ni norman buong reign ng manok mo! I flood comments mo gang magsawa ka!

    • Nakamove on ka na din ba sa pagkapanalo ni pia therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal? Punta na sa thailand at magpaputol na and be THE FIRST TRANSGALACTIC MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES. Who knows, baka palarin ka sa miss u 2019

  3. I think she should wear a modern maria clara gown for her homecoming parade for a change. Remember her maria clara gown during mw2016 na hinde nagamit para sa dances of the world. Ang ganda non diba? So i think that type of gown she should wear during the parade and of course with her patriotic earcuff the sun and the three stars.

  4. ‘Yung mga nag-Wishlist for BBP 2019, nakalimutan ‘yata si Lo. Y? Is she deferring to 2020/21?

    Which brings me to my point : in the event the LCS Group does acquire the MUP franchise NOT YET this year – because it seems 2019 will be allowed to pass as “just-another’-edition” (expendable) due to the TALL order of following up to Gray’s superlative win and anyway the license will be FREE for now for BPCI owing to that triumph – then his Marketing and PR Team must convince the TRULY promising candidates to defer participation to until THEIR stewardship of the brand begins. I really think the hopefuls are not too keen on the prospect of being burdened with the B2B scenario atm.

    I want Gray to don a CORRECT “terno” for her Homecoming (read : NOT sexy silhouette) as done by the likes of Ramon Valera, Salvacion Lim-Higgins, or Frederick Peralta. This young set led by Tumang just lacks refinement, limited to theatrics unfortunately. In our parlance, “HILAW PA”.

  5. Hindi na kaila na lahat at sigurado natin na isang kasuotan na naman na gawa ni Ginoong Tumang. Sa dami ng kadramahan na nangyayari sa loob ng pamunuan ng Miss Universe Philippines. Sa tingin ko mas interesado ang mga mamamayan kung ano naman ang bagong pasabog na ipapahayag ng matandang politko. Ang tanong sino ba talaga ang mamumuno ng homecoming parade ng Reyna, si Madam Stella ba o ang matandang politiko?

    • I think as per some sources, the one who facilitated of bringing Catriona to the airport on the way to New York was the LCS group. So there u go. Cat knows I feel its no longer BPCI.

      • Please be informed that per official task of the new Miss universe, the LCS group will bring her to the Philippines for an official event and it so happened that the new Miss universe was from the Philippines. There was no politics involved there

  6. She has nothing to prove anymore but I think she should continue her proud locally sourced wardrobes featuring Filipino designs and culture.

    • same here.. but sana she can showcase other designers din. not just Mak, Jearson and Bragais. para kasing you wanna showcase local designers and textiles pero you are only sticking with those 3 designers. sana lang mas marami pa siyang ma ifeature na locally designed wardrobes.

  7. I think these shoots were from yesterday. Who knows what she has cooking up today, cooking show ba daw ??? LOL.

    Methinks Cat is going to do something not so gowny. Pia did the terno so I’m doubtful Cat with her originality will follow the same path. There have been teasers of a sampaguita and anahaw motif floating around IG for a few days now, posted by Tumak himself.

    I remember watching Pia’s homecoming at like 1:00 a.m. here in California. Who would have thought we’d have another one in just 3 years!!!

    • Justgrc, remember the double rainbow during Pia’s parade and everybody was wondering what could that mean? Well, that’s it! 🙂

  8. I can’t wait for her to go back to the Philippines and create some positive impact with regards to the current social issues of our country.

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