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  1. To oneandonly. if you TRULY hate Gray in a DEEP way, the worst thing you can do is troll on her. Just make your case ONCE. The traffic you generate as a result is working in her favor. You silly boy. 🙂

    • good dusking

      that is my goal
      to create traffic here

    • There’s nothing wrong with her pit….it’s a shadow….she’s not embarrass to lift her arm……what about you??? 🙂

      • Shadows don’t look like that lol. It’s obvious stop kidding yourself, you can clearly see what’s shadow and what’s not on her arm to her pit.

    • @ nope : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      The “groufie” is a convenient scapegoat (redundant) to pull off the “kilifie”. 🙂

  2. ang galing ni Karen Gallman
    sa mga panayam niya

    English kasi proud Australian
    Bisaya kasi Proud Bisaya and
    Tagalog kasi Proud Pinay

    lahat pinagpapasalamat niya


  3. Catriona is having the time of her life
    cant’t wait for more things to come for her

  4. My ideal top 7 dream team in BBP2019:
    *In no particular order*

    Patricia Magtanong

    Hannah Arnold

    Nicole Guerrero

    Klea Pineda

    Michelle Marquez Dee

    Daisha Jimenez

    Leren Mae Bautista

  5. Kelan ba ang Binibining Pilipinas? Di ba usually January pa lang may announcement na about application? Bakit ngayon parang wala pa? May kinalaman ba dito ang balitang na kay Chavit na ang franchise ng MUP?

    I really wish na sana sa BPCI pa rin ang franchise. Aside drom tradition, charity kasi ang BPCI so alam mong need nila ang pageant to sustain the organisation. Hindi sya business, na di malayong i treat na ganun ni Chavit. Tsaka, feeling ko kasi interested lang si Chavit kasi maingay ang MU ngayon. Baka in a fee years, di rin sila makapag commit at bitawan ang pageant. Look at what happened to Miss World, nakuhani Cory Q tapos ilang years lang binitawan rin. I wonder hanggang kelan na kay Arnold yan.

    • iba nman yung case ni Cory…may kwento yan kung bakit binitawan nya…maybe the politics in MWO…at before naman bitawan ni Cory Quirino ang MWP nakapagproduce sya ng runner up, string of placements and a winner (Megan Young)

  6. i hope she can be grateful to Australia
    they gave her free education and a jumpstart to whatever she want to pursue
    she is using an Australian passport for sure (easier)

    but I think Australia is not interested in her
    no invitation or whatever. anyway,
    at least she used the Philippines (even if she doesn’t speak Filipino)
    kasi mapagmahal ang Pinas sa mga banyaga

    masasaktan tayo sa katotohanan

    mahirap pa rin ang bansa
    dahil mahal naten mga banyaga

    tangkilikin ang sariling atin

      • You can also stop trolling and making non-sense comments in this blog. It’s not that I’m telling you what to do, but it’s because you can.

      • are you talking to yourself?

        masakit ang katotohanan
        banyaga siya na ingrata sa Australia

        sila Janine Tugonon or Ara Arida ang mga tunay na Pinay

    • FYI, her hometown Mayor invited her. An Australian journo interviewed her. She can speak tagalog, but just like some Filipinos not exactly as comfortable. But what is important was she very well represented Philippines with a sense of patriotism “raise your flag” mantra. I felt proud for for the first time, watching MU. Her heart screams love for her country. Oh! as to the passport, just like any dual citizens like Pia, rachel etc..ganon talaga. Fact is, she is a Filipino citizen, isnt she?? Now, you seem to be so unhappy with her all throughout your comments. Chill! She made our country proud whether you like it or not. What have you represented as a what, a full bloody “hell”pinoy? Get over it. Be happy!

      • She never been an ingrate of whatever or wherever. Just watch “Kapuso with Jessica Soho”. She insisted that they also have the right to celebrate. Point is, your issues are out of context. Truth hurts? what truth that the individual is a Philippine representative by virtue of a Filipino citizenship, under the law and as provided under rules of the BBP. True Pinoy?, are you one in truest sense of its very definition? I don’t think so. Anyways, who cares what you think, your thoughts are devoid of logic and legalities. Get therapy.

    • Tama! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin pero ikaw english kung mag-comment. At may plano pang mag-chinese, arabic etc. Kaloka ka bakla!!!

    • Ms. Only,
      Perhaps you need to find a man to make hard passionate love to you on a consistent basis and release the jealous rage and that has been rooted in your thoughts against Cat. It is not healthy.

      When was the last time a man has made your toes curl, eyes pop out and made you scream with pain and pleasure at the same time?

      Make love not hate!
      Enjoy the rest of your week.

      • In otherwords men don’t find you desirable.

        My condolences to you and this clearly explains your jealousy and insecurity.


      • @just

        This is Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International level response.

        Sali ka na sa BBP and/or MUP.

        From one just to another. That’s all.

      • You are right GRC.
        Let’s just hope that one day Ms. Only would find a very special person to “foster her innermost being with some good old fashion love and finally put a smile on her face.” 😉❤
        It’s sad really.

        Much love to you and thank you.

    • Oneandonly, naiwanan ka ng panahon sa 19th century. I will pray for time to thrust you harder towards the current century. Lol

  7. Reaping the rewards of daring to dream and going for it. Unafraid to do it her way.

    By chance I recently clicked a post on her from circa press presentation for last’s year’s BBP season where there was supposedly doubt about Cat’s ability to clinch the MUP much less MU title. It still baffles me that there was any doubt she was the clear winner last year from the moment she dazzled us in her first red outfit – her power dressing BBP registration day. She is one in 104 million, and now one in 8 billion.

    It will be a while before we see another queen like her. Philippines really got lucky this decade with our MUPs – especially Venus, Pia, and Cat.

    The next MUP and MU will both have huge shoes to fill. IMG’s winners just keep getting better and better. Starting with Pia they have all been unique and extraordinary in their own ways – unlike their predecessors who just crowned the same cookie cutter types but with a different Latina sash. I hope our next MUP hopefuls take note and remember that IMG is looking for accomplishment, substance, and personna – not just another beauty queen.

    • Can’t wait for the BB registration, hope somebody shows up and build excitement like Catriona did last year. Hope these girls shows up:
      Patch Magtanong
      Anjie Balatbat
      Nicole Guerrero
      Alaiza Manilao
      Daisha Jimenez
      Clara Aseniero
      Emma Tiglao
      Klea Pineda
      Michelle Dee
      Hannah Arnold
      Marah Luz Smith

    • If I recall correctly, that may be Fadil’s son. Cat will have her fill of being surrounded by gorgeous stylish guys from every corner of the world, or Universe rather, in NYC.

      It’s good to be MISS UNIVERSE.

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