23 comments on “World’s Best Models Philippines – The Second Edition

  1. Sorry no no no for those soft fats. Are they up for international competition? No, no, no…

  2. ito ang mga tunay na Pinoy at Pinay beauty
    nawa mas mahubog pa sila sa personality at
    comm skills

    sunod sa yapak nila
    Janine Tugonon
    Ara Arida

    • Sure ka? mga tunay na pinoy yan?
      Ano ba ang basis mo sa pagsasabing tunay na pinoy?
      Paki research nga bakla!

  3. Twinky body with no indication of any workout done..kaya cguro nanalo as media’s choice kasi tayung tayu ang utong..alamnathis.

  4. well I don’t want to be a dick, to “point” out *pardon the pun. That if communities or agencies would have “modelling contest” and these are the winners. it’s not some thing worthy of an article.

  5. I actually like it. Even the local modeling community is embracing modern changes. Different body types. Love it.

      • Sorry honey I wasn’t looking at the man’s boobs. My statement is in general judging all the photos.
        Try looking at other parts too. 🙂

    • I do agree, the guy needs some bra for that man boobs support. Btw, when is the Binibining Pilipinas 2019?

  6. No offense, but observing Keann Johnson’s chest one has to conclude that it must have been a cold evening.

    All the best

  7. The two are just Media’s Choice, right? Not yet our reps.

    The recently-released (reports on the) Paris haute couture shows – the usual destination for most Asian girls – reveal that the preference for runway is STILL the “chinita”. Therefore, the girl who looks like Adele Go (in the photo grid above) should be sent, and only if she is not more than 19 yo and at least 5’6″ (measured as length, horizontally/lying down).

    Guy was chosen obviously because he has the Eurasian “mestizo” look, which sells locally. But we seem to have short memories. Didn’t Gaffud only recently pull (Jeff) Langan out of Wilhelmina LA (Los Angeles) to represent us at Gold Coast? Now THERE’S your template – TALL and TONED.

    As an indicator, (Samuele) Carenzi walked the runway late last year for Dolce and Gabbana. And he isn’t even very tall – ka-height niya lang si (Denver) Hernandez (who could just be around 5’7″).

    In male modelling, priority is given to PHYSIQUE; mabenta ang hipon! ‘Yung isa pa’ng guy sa photo grid, ligwak sa MoF 2018 pero YUMMY at malakas ang rehistro sa camera. Siya na lang, po…

  8. wOW……….I guess anyone can be a model now in the Philippines………….that male representative needs to work a lot………..that’s all (I am sure that my comment is not harsh) 🙂

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