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  1. i just saw her QnA videos ….she talks like ara arida not sure if thats good hehe but she seems in control of her thoughts but…ara is prettier and janine is more enganging. maybe with more training her real personality will come out.

    • She’s a pageant veteran yet she needs more training? Or did you mean polishing up?

  2. Sori Leren..tinimbang ka ngunit kulang..u can pursue bbp2019 if u are ready to embrace any of the minor crown..like supra..that is, if u get lucky.

  3. Biglang naging independent?!?

    Baka walang A&Q girls this year na sasali, either KF, JDV, RL Angels at mga Independent (Kuno) #AllTeaAllShade

      • What business ?
        They r doing it for free
        If at all, their shelling out money to help some of the girls ..

      • Fabian…do you think camps will shell out money without benefiting if the girl they trained won? it’s investment that they hope to benefit in the end

  4. ok lang mas maganda sya kay gumibao at kay samantha bernardo peroi doubt she can beat the fierceness and speaking skills of samantha. kung safe bet lang pede na sya pero for a b2b ….ewan i dont think shes that articulate cause MU is looking for a spokesperson too based on the last few winners. You need to carry a brand as huge as MU now thats a tough challenge for the girls to package themselves to the mold of what MU needs today. shes alright for supra globe or intercontinental. i hope she can be a better version of janine tugonon which she kindah resembles now thats a tough act to beat , national pageant pa lang yan.

  5. Happy birthday, Leren!

    This girl is a potential shoo-in for Miss Universe Philippines. I like her morena features. Since we have been sending mestisahing reps in Miss U lately, I think it’s about time that our country sends a well-polished morena Filipina.

    I have checked the girls in #wishmiss list, and I find Maria Isabela Galeria a high-caliber Pinay beauty who is fit for MUP. She is 5’9″ and a stunning model. I like her high cheek bone. She is in the league of Danica Magpantay, and I find her exotically beautiful.

    There are girls who have sent their green flags for this year’s national pageant (BPCI or MUP). Samantha Lo is one. I find her beautiful as Maggie Wilson’s version. Let’s see if she can clinch MUP.

    Oh, how I wish someone finally convinces Patch Magtanong to consider joining. She may be after the Bar exam results now and the usual preparations into becoming a full-fledged lawyer, but who knows? Amongst all the girls in the #wishmiss list, she is the one who can do another Stefania or Tamaryn/Ariadna. She is a force to reckon for the Philippines’ first back-to-back in MU.

    Speaking of Ariadna, she is one of the judges in World’s Best reality show, alongside Ms. Pops Fernandez. Hindi rin nagpatalo si ate kay Pia who hosts World of Dance Philippines naman. Teka, bakit hindi Universe? Char.

    That’s all!

  6. The pictures did not do justice to leren. Mas maganda sya sa ibang article ni tito norm. Height around 5’8 estimate ko. Nevertheless may k si Leren to win another crown. Nakita ko yun comment about another girl who is cum laude. Di ko kilala yun tinutukoy na girl but I’m saying this in general. I rather have a street smart assertive girl win than someone who is booksmart ex yun yrs na drought ang bbp puro valedictorian pinadala. Pero if streetsmart and booksmart mas maganda.

    • Just like Tamaryn Green and Stefanie Guttierez… Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Janine Tugonon, Ariela Arida, MJ Lastimosa, Ann Colis, etc. Are all academic achievers and all of them placed well in their international assignments. What’s wrong with sending another total package? We need someone who has excellent comskills and who is well-educated when it comes to answering questions about social issues while having the skills in modelling and pageantry. We do not need a downgrade of our past delegates.

    • dati kc feeling natin mas may weight yung talino sa ganda kaya we made sure na matalino in terms of academics pinapadala natin…kaya ending clapper tuloy…ngaun dapat balanse ang ganda at talino…mas okay pa nga kung sobrang ganda kahit hindi ganun katalino basta maganda at oozing with personality… we dont need cumaludes. We just need a represenatative that’s a complete package. thatis beautiful, has personality, and good communication skills

      • We need someone with great comskills…
        If we include Leren Mae Bautista among BBP 2018 winners and rank them based on Beauty and
        Comskills, where do you think would she place? 🙂

  7. I am a fan. She has the ‘it’ factor that is world caliber. She just needs to improve her communications though. Go Leren Mae! #MUP2019

  8. ang focus dapat
    masungkit ang MI 2019
    at back to back sa MU2019

    the rest wala naman kwenta

    • She has a cute Pinay face and since we are not gunning for a B2B, I’m ok if she wins MUP.

      • Fabie, we are still aiming for a b2b. A power house like PH is not impossible. Venezuela did it, Colombia and South Africa almost did it. We will because we can!

      • Then we should send the charming exotic 5’9 Top model Patricia Magtanong who’s a cum laude in economics and a graduate of UP Law school.

      • Wow, that profile sounds good c2f. I hope she a has likeable character like that of Cat and Karen and that a camp can approach and hone her. She can be a good successor to Cat.

  9. A high bar has been set last year so it will take a girl with a lot of confidence and personality to make a blip in the MU radar. Leren’s pretty but seems meek in her interviews.

    Cat can’t be duplicated, but the mold has been set — we need a candidate who’s current, smart, media savvy and aware of her brand (and know what ‘brand’ means!).

  10. I really want her for MUP. Everyone’s making a big deal that we’ve been sending a ton of halfies lately.

    Leren is the quintessential Filipina who I don’t mind representing the Philippines sash at MU.

    • Yes tama na muna yung mga halfie, try muna yung one-forthie or one-eightie Hahaha!

    • It’s not the halfsies fault that they”ve been winning MUP in the past 2-4 years. They just happened to have the best performances and best answers to the Q&A question.

  11. I wish more morenas will join bbp this year. By the way kung totoo nga na mag papalit na ng owners ng MUP, will they also adopt the chages MU has? Will MUP accept transwomen this time? Are they open for other body types like curvy women? Or will they stick to the sames rules bbp had for a long time? IDK.

  12. She reminds me of Patricia Tumulak. Where is that girl now? Is she no longer part of EB?

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