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  1. Sa totoo lang similar ang tanong kay Gallman nung BBP 2012. Question ata sa kanya eh Define defeat.. Pero as usual nde nya nasagot ng maayos kagaya ng nde nya magandang sagot sa BBP2018.. Tapos ngayong s MIC, nde din ganun ka direct to the point ang sagot, nde powerful or memorable kung baga… Mahina talaga ang content sa pagsagot nya may accent lang sa English kaya mukhang maganda pero nde naman talaga.. Swerte lang sya at 4 na pinoy ang judges at ung mismong Chairman of the board eh Pinay na nakapag asawa lang ng hapon at ginawa pang host ang anak nyang hindi kagandahan.

  2. infairness maganda tlga si Karen that nignt…very sultry and charming. Pero ang boring tlga ng production. Walang excitement…nilaktawan ko na nga yung ibang segments

  3. No surprise she won, Karen is already a winner since day one. She is stunning and the presentation is superb. If the pageant was in Monaco, she’s still a winner…congratulations beautiful ❤️

  4. Gallman was allegedly the one my dear sweet Angkol wanted (not Patalinjug), I read somewhere before. Well,…. 🙂

    • taray ni angkol ha…nagdedemand kong sino gusto nya ipadala sa pageant nya…gusto nya ata yung mainwinner ng bbp ang gusto nya

    • @ Padede boy and @ tinay : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Gallman’s credentials – ambidextrous, a professional stint in the UK, extensive travel experience (30 countries!), and “halfie”-beauty-with-thick-Aussie-accent – would be an interesting mix; I could easily see the attraction to her.

      Well, Gray could have gone anywhere and SLAYED… 🙂

      Patalinjug’s porcelain beauty would have resonated with Thais, so her non-placement is curious.

      Now I recall a comment on FB where SMA’s reaction to Gallman’s triumph is shown. It basically goes, “… sorry that you will lose three (3) titles”.

      Now we know MUP is the first suspect and MGI will probably be the second (due to the now disinterested-Filipino pageant market), with Supranational the third as they were allegedly not pleased with BPCI’s decision to promote MGI and demote MS on the titular ranking. BBP-GI and BBP-S were switched (in importance). Angkol was pleased, while Gerhardt Von Lipinski wasn’t.

      Then rumors surfaced of an apparent attempt to “save” Supranational by offering to have it hosted by Philippines. But reaction was mixed, as Huelar’s supporters were not too keen on anticipating foreign backlash in the event the Dabawenya won on home soil. Plus the difficulty of hosting BOTH Miss and Mister Supranational, which ALWAYS go together.

      This inaugural MIntercon win (for the country) is as good as saying the brand stays with BPCI for now. Will it (also) mean that our 2020 participation will also be free? And will there also be re-negotiations for a higher franchise fee from MIntercon (of course, BPCI will do its best to bargain)?

      These crowns come with and at a PRICE, after all.

      But this in NO way detracts from Gallman’s STRONG performance. As you all said, well-deserved.

  5. Ganda naman ni Karen, eh. Pati boses nya.

    Congrats! My favorite since the beginning.

  6. In 2015, just one day apart, Christi McGarry placed 1st runner up on the same pageant then the following day, Pia won!

    Now, both Philippine rep won! Bongga!

    Lalong manggagalaiti niyan si Tandang Hulya! Nakakuha ng sponsor for MIC pero sa pageant niya hindi man lang mailagak sa Pilipinas!

    Meron nanamang turtle sa corner na magsasabog ng shady remark niyan ng “Mabuhay!” pero ignore-ignore lang!

    Congratulations, Karen!

    • Ang mahal kasi siguro ng demands ni Tandang Hulya tapos wala pang swimsuit competition at actual competition ang pageant niya. Siguro kung payag siya na mag-ala-Miss Universe ang finals night niya, pwede pa pero kung mala-China na game show ang ganap. Sorry, thank you next ang peg niyan.

  7. congrats to Karen…amazing job. I’ve noticed that Vietnam is becoming a powerhouse in some sort (well in minor pageants)………have they changed their pageant organization????

    • Minor pageants? They made it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe, top 30 Miss World and won Miss Earth. These are major pageants.

  8. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

    To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment – often an unintended compliment.

    Thank you Miss Vietnam Intercontinental and congratulations.

  9. About the hosts , Billy was the only one I liked . He could have done it all by himself .

    • Except when he called out the final of the top 6, he kinda said “…and only one slut left…” LOL

    • He could’ve benefited from a stylist of some sort. I’ve been to Sunday brunches where the male guests were better dressed. It was a jarring contrast to see the elegantly dressed and coiffed ladies sharing the stage with him. Unless that was his intent…that is, to provide a contrast?

  10. Well- deserved. Congratulations Karen
    I love Costa Rica since the beginning
    She could be an excellent rep to Miss Universe or Miss World


      Sailing in the cruise ship I clean as a SEAGAY JANITRESS…


      That is all, bye!

      • @ Jeremi : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Oh, here you finally are, sweetie… 🙂

        You really should relax. Stop this false modesty of being ugly. Just resume your insightfulness, like before. If you like, I can take over troll duties (but only if Mr. Tinio allows it). I think PaulRivera wants to be friends with you. Give him a chance. 🙂

    • Hi therealjeremibaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Natangal na ba dapat tangalin? Pwede ng magaply sa bbp?

    • Oh, wait. Let me correct my mistake. TherealjeremiHUNKYGAYbaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal.

  11. It was either Karen or Costa Rica for me, so I’m very happy for Karen winning the Philippines’ first ever Intercontinental crown. She deserved her win! Loved her Aussie accent, too, which she didn’t try to hide. As for Costa Rica, she would do very well representing her country in MU or MW in future.

    Regarding the final Q&A — was the final question given to the candidates ahead of time? Because it looked like it. The question wasn’t interpreted for Costa Rica and Colombia and they understood it perfectly and gave great answers in Spanish without so much of a flinch; but more glaring was Vietnam’s obviously memorized — and long — answer in English. I mean, really? So why the sound proof headsets?

    • Karen not Hiding her Aussie accent ?
      U don’t like that Cat has a more universal accent ?
      Her interview with Joyce Ann Burton though showed a lot of Australian accent .

      • Fabian – That’s not what I meant to say, lol. I have nothing against Cat, in fact I ADORE her! What came to mind was my own Aussie friends here in the States — a few of them do get self conscious about standing out too much in mixed company and TRY to “mitigate” their Aussie accents.

        Now that you mention it, Cat does have a more neutral accent, I guess it’s because she’s lived in the Philippines for many years, but I wasn’t thinking of her when I typed in my comment about Karen.

      • Cat has a more neutral accent because she really immersed herself here in the Philippines for many years now…the team that she worked with majority are gays who will teach her the local slangs…karen though she can talk ans speak tagalog and bisaya has a strong aussie accent…cguro kc mas madalas sya nasa abroad kaya di napapractice tagalog accent nya

    • What I know is that Miss Vietnam’s ill advised attempt to duplicate Catriona’s lava walk and gown with her nether regions showing during the closeup shots was simply laughable.

  12. Eto yung statement ng blogget in her final prediction post:

    “It all boils down to a fight between Gabriela Natasha Soley of Paraguay and Olivia Möller of Germany for the crown.”

    Pero sinong nanalo ngayon, di ba Philippines?

    • Prediction nga eh.

      P – R – E – D – I – C – T – I – O – N


    • Yes may pumatol naman na isang baklang tanga sa comment ko…malamang marami pang papatol o dedma na lang kasi mapapahiya na lang siguro or para di na humaba usapan pa!

      • Ang TANGA talaga ng baklang AJ na to…pumatol, while the others just ignore me. Ang LAKING TANGA mo AJ…patol pa more!

  13. Congratulations Karen! But tbh i don’t feel the win 100%. I was hoping they would give it to Colombia or Costa Rica or Slovak Republic who were also deserving.

    Having said that, i have bigger issue against the production. The stage was promising but something on the floor tripped many candidates especially during the opening. During the top 20 announcement i was cringing a few times as most of the girls had to literally force their way through the other girls. I find it rude but you only got the stage director to blame for not ensuring comfortable spacing. The camera angling isn’t flattering at all. The hosts are amateurish and robotic, save for that female Asian host. Billy was promising but he still gave off that Filipino variety show vibe. I was hoping for them to recover but it didn’t happen. Even the sashing of the continental queens was very very awkward, rushed and careless. The girls were left to fix the sash placement themselves and I find that very ungentlemanly of the sash dudes. Perhaps they’re too shy that they couldn’t wait to get off the stage.. Bakit eh ang cucute nman nila??? I can’t help but compare that with the calm and expert handling of the Japanese cuties in MI. Miles apart. Tsk tsk.

    Overall the coronation night was amateurish and boring, and pairing that with Karen’s win is not something to my liking. Oh well it’s just me.

    • Couldn’t agree more with your observation regarding the Top 20 appearing to be awkwardly squirming their way past the other girls. Simply because something as basic as a center aisle for the semifinalists to pass through was not provided in the blocking. I can only hope that the stage director is not Pinoy – I didn’t get to check the end credits – because that was the most facepalm moment during the entire ceremony. Miss Guatemala stepping forward to accept the style special award meant for Miss Myanmar no thanks to the female emcee’s heavily accented pronunciation was cringeworthy but forgivable. Billy Crawford conversing with the audience in the typical noontime variety show banter during commercial breaks may come across as amateurish to some but nevertheless it was a breath of fresh air. At any rate, the entire production was miles apart in lagging behind the latest Miss Universe staging spectacle.

      • Thats the reason why MISS UNIVERSE is called the ‘ superbowl of pageantry’ , the quality of production, contestants and integrity wise.

  14. Saw Karen’s whole performance and her crowning was definitely well-desserved. The Q&A got a bit Rocky at 1st but her content was definitely the best. Madame Stella shouting and clapping teary-eyed among the audience was gold. Congratulations!

    • Yeah, loved Karen’s performance and how she answered the final Q&A, especially when she said in that down-under sultry voice “…and wauh-king HAAHHD…” like OMG, my inner Aussie just leapt out of me and knocked me off my seat, MATE, OY!!

  15. MGI na lang d pa napapanalunan
    which is malabo kasi ayaw ng owner sa Felepens

    insecure kasi

    PH is PowerHouse

  16. Catriona and Karen – Philippines and Australia pride

    Ahtisa for MU2020

  17. Congratulations to Karen! Of course, congratulations also to Madam SMA who was in tears! Finally!

  18. Congratulations Karen, great job! That concludes the BBP crown race for batch 2018. Hopefully, 2019 will be great as well.

  19. Congrats Karen!!!

    It’s been hard to get into this pageant due to our MU hangover and limited real-time coverage which is critical in this social media age.

    Fortunately this gorgeous face will not be wasted!!!

    What I love about Karen is that she is so cool and breezy yet she clearly upped her game. Didn’t rely on facial beauty alone. This is going to be an amazing year for her personally and professionally now. Get em girl!

    All our worthy BBP franchises now have the Philippines’ mark. The other one should be dropped STAT as we will never get a winner under her highness Nawat’s reign.

  20. Congratulations to Karen Gallman. She redeemed herself with her Q&A when everybody was obviously skeptical that she will falter but she did it.

    What happened with Paraguay?

  21. Hands down, a well deserved victory for the beautiful Karen Gallman and the Philippine pageantry!

    With a first ever Intercontinenal title, along with an MU crown and a 1st runner-up at MI, the BbP Class of 2018 enjoys yet another banner season!

  22. She carries herself with a sense of entitlement, like her shit don’t stink.
    Wonder ignorance she’s actually friendly at all.

    Watch the bb Pilipinas opening dance when she cuts off the girl behind her. Real shade.

  23. Congratulations 👏👏👏 Karen Gallman! Very well deserved! And hands down you are the eye catcher among the Top 6 IMHO.

  24. Costa Rica as 1st RUp.. no surprise there…

    Wow Ethiopia surpassed Nigeria…

    Ddnt expect Slovak Republic to surpass Germany and Ukraine…

    I thought Mexico was prettier than Colombia… well I guess Colombia got passed her based on performance.

    Vietnam was a dark horse.

    2 Asians, 2 Latinas, 1 European, and 1 African…

    Not bad…

  25. I doubted your chances due to your Q and A skills but u proved me wrong .
    Congrats , Karen!

  26. Congrats to her! She nailed and murdered everyone. Her victory is unquestionable. She can be competing in any continent, she will still win it.

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