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  1. hindi man lang pasalamatan ang Australia
    for giving her free education
    and English is her 1st language and native language
    that’s why she is comfortable speaking

    she can’t even speak fluent Filipino

    give credit to Australia I am sure you still
    use your Australian passport to go around the world
    and stay in the USA without the hassle of applying for a visa as a Filipino

    get real

    • Inggitera talaga ang gaga. Kawawang gurl. Sa kaitiman ng budhi ng baklitang prosti hell na ang patutunguhan ng kaluluwa kung meron pa sya.

    • Dami mong satsat. Lumang tugtugin na yan. So last year.

      Paki mo ba if gamitin ni Cat ang Australian passport niya eh kanya naman yon by right? Privileged siya dahil meron siya, swerte niya rin dahil pinanganak siya sa bansa na pwede magkaroon ng ibang citizenship. Kung practical gamitin, e di good for her. Reklamo ka nalang next time sa BPCI or sa LCS.

      Baklang ‘to! Si Virginia Lemon nga eh Italian passport ang ginagamit para mag travel. Bash ka na rin doon! Binash mo na rin ba si Natalie? Canada ang sash nang manalo pero Russian na Russian. Wag mo na rin kalimutan si Marta, total mas malala pa siya kay Cat. Canada nga ang sash, e Polish naman. Blah blah.

    • Oneand only ,
      Cat went to a Catholic school
      So she did not get her formal education for free
      Her parents paid her way

      • you can get free education even if you are in a catholic school in Australia
        they get it from centrelink

  2. Cat should really entertain the idea of a career in front of the camera. Not necessarily movies or television, but perhaps hosting shows and documentaries promoting charitable platforms and exposing injustice acts.

    She has natural oratory skills.
    MUP 2019 will have large shoes to fill.

    WynWyn Marquez, are you ready? 😉👍

    • I agree.
      Pia too .Considering English is not her English , Pia has done superbly with her interviews.
      As for Wynwyn , I hope she joins again. She knows how to work the stage and the camera . She is articulate driven and super humble. I really think she will do well on MU stage.

      • Fabian,

        I liken WynWyn with Pia. WynWyn, like Pia, is a complete package -beauty, brains and pageant pedigree and experience (BbP, MWP and Miss HispanAmericana 2017) to represent the Philippines to compete at the MU level.

        My opinion.

    • Wyn wyn??? Oral skill check. Advocacy check. Height Ekis, Rampa check Face Ekis. Kung gusto laban lang

  3. All I can say is Cat knows how to assess & work her assets. Gandang product placement yung LV niya. I like the curly hair too.

    It seems a Philippines trip is already in the works

    As for engagements, I’m mixed on them. For me they are the ultimate male ego intrusion in these women’s reigns. One year lang ang reign nila, why can’t the man just let her have that without the distraction of getting married. I am all for love and wedding put a ring on it all the single ladies chu chu but I think the man should just wait. I mean Roses can’t even be bothered to touch up her roots or find some nice boots like the other two LOL.

    I like how Bondad is just doing his own thing so Cat can do hers.

    I know, Gallman won even with her engagement so feel free to tell me to STFU. I still think it’s selfish on the man’s part.

    • STFU , u b-t-h!
      Kung magsalita , Akala mo Queen of the English Language .
      Grammar naman , talo pa ni Janina.
      Sobrang yabang ng baklitang to

    • I hope she meets someone more established than Bondad. Sorry, just my opinion lang po. He seems just riding on her coatails. B hosting is not profitable and not so big ticket modeling. Cat is more driven and focused.

      • @Jane

        Are you sure about that? FYI, on top of Clint’s charming personality, cute face, rock-hard body, modeling, acting and hosting career, he is also managing his own business which is well established and on-going successfully for the past few years. Part of Cat’s heart is left in the Philippines and it is being well taken-cared of by someone who’s trully desserving. 🙂

      • Well, a close associate of mine who is in the inner circle of Cat’s team suggested this not me as to Clint. His business is so so, hosting? What?!. Where? Cute? Can she not find one established, cute din siya. Anyways, she deserves more imho. Sorry po. Anyways, to each her own. Pasensiya na po.

      • This was just an opinion from an associate of mine who is a lawyer and part of the inner circle of Cat’s team. Business? so so..hosting? ..where, what? Cute? ..can you pay your bills with that? Sorry po. Just saying she is still young and given her reach, intelligence, charisma, beauty and drive..no need to tie- down oneself. Pasensiya na po.

      • @Jane

        Yes, hosting.. He is currently part of “Unang Hirit”. Clint supported Cat’s dream… Now that Cat has achieved it, it’s time for Cat to support his. Why should it be about the money? Who said a man should be at par or more succesful than her woman?.. I don’t think Cat is the kind of person who would prioritize money or success over love. Cat doesn’t need the money anymore… As Miss Universe, she’ll earn enough capital for secured investments that could support her whole family for many comfortable lifetimes…

  4. Nothing surprising about cat on this video, she always sweet and charismatic. While Sarah is glowing from her engagement, she’s adorable. I love how she is devoted to mental health, and want to explore her knowledge about the disease.

  5. I love this Q&A.. I hope Cat uses ripe tamarind for the tart flavor, lemongrass/galangal for the aroma and green chili without the seeds to spice that perfect organic beef sinigang. Oh wait, I know taro, sweet potatoes and maybe okra is available but where’s she gona get kangkong and sweet potato tops in New York?! 🙂 We love you Cat… I hope you go live when you cook this. 😀

    • Uhh, haven’t you been to NY? Those are all readily available in any Asian supermarket.

  6. May iba talaga dito na me saltik sa utak. Hahaha. Di lang rehab ang kelangan nila. Kulong na talaga kasi salot sa lipunan. Hahaha. Poor gurls!

  7. I had so much fun watching. I really want a friend like Cat and someone like Sarah Rose won’t bad for a friend too.

  8. Uy walang gaanong nagco-comment. Ahh makapag-comment nga!

    Mukhang wala ng gaanong intersado kay Catriona ngayon unlike na kasagsagan ng MU. Ganon naman talaga ang beauty queen…pana-panahon lang! Biglang pag-uusapan ulit sya kapag BBP season na especially sa pag-uwi nya. Even the media eh wala na rin interes sa ngayon.

    Kapag may kumagat na bakla, TANGAng bading ang tawag dun, whether comment man or dislike ang gawin nyang pagpatol!

    • @ adrienne : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Hindi ko naman ipinagkailang tangang beks ako. Sabi nga ni anthonyM, “…ang tanga lang (ni Andrew)”. 🙂

      What you said was totally accurate. But having said that, it is also true that being in the spotlight 24/7 is unhealthy and weird. Even the greatest recording artists took hiatus in between hit albums.

      So if your intention was to bash Gray, then I think it was not very effective. Don’t disappoint us. You can do better. And perhaps run the risk of being blocked from this blog permanently. Your call.

      • The intention is not to bash Catriona but to get the attention of the IDIOTS like YOU!. Nakakatawa lang na may baklang TANGA na pumapatol. Pero mas marami ang DISENTENG di pumapatol. It only goes to show that YOU are 1 of the FEW IDIOTS as in TANGA na nagcomment or perhaps hits the DISLIKE button (patol pa rin tawag dun…hitting buttons) TANGANG BAKLA! hahahaha…BLOCK? E di wowowowiw!

    • Nega ka talaga kay Cat. Anyways, not much news though. She will always be talked about because she has made a mark and people, our country knows that. Di lahat ng beauty queen ganon. Iba level ni ineng.

    • It’s a new post dear Adrienne. Duh. You have a malicious mind. Never mind, i will pray for you.

  9. May FB live video chat din kami ng aking mga amiga sa kapangitan!



    MISS TEEN (NOONG 1940s) PANGET UNIVERSE – oneandonly

    Please tune in and send us your questions about our KAPANGITAN!!!

    That is all, bye!

    • @ Jeremi : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Wonderful! You four are all GC friends, now… 🙂

      Mr. Tino will be super proud that his blog forges links of love.

    • I forgot: apat pala kaming mga amigang panget!!!



      MISS TEEN (NOONG 1940s) PANGET UNIVERSE – oneandonly


      Please tune in and send us your questions about our KAPANGITAN!!!

      That is all, bye!

      • @ Jeremi : Aaawww…. I’d kiss you, except my keypad is acting weird right now and the “beso” icon/emoji is somehow not functional.

  10. Well, I heard through the grapevine that Miss Sarah and Miss Hailey ain’t exactly bosom buddies. Let’s just hope that our own Miss Cat doesn’t get caught in no cross fire of any kind! (Read this with a Southern accent y’all if you get mah meanin’!)

    • @ Casper : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      All three will need to exercise utmost professionalism, in ANY case. They have the (immediate) future of the brand in their hands, now. Best thing to do? Keep all three SUPER BUSY that they’ll have little time hating (on) each other. Surely they have their respective duties the year ahead.

    • I love that Cat is with them and she would surely be the one who would tie them all together in perfect harmony.

      • C2f , id like to think that as well .
        Cat sounds very mature and level-headed .
        However ……. it brings me back to the question as to why she ? Unfriended/unfollowed Megan Young etc….To a lot of people , it means burning bridges

      • @Fabian

        Unfollowing someone on IG does not equate to burning bridges. I guess it’s her way to keep herself focused on the crown free from distractions. Regardless of her actual reasons, IG is not real life.

  11. Wow that was fast! I thought she was just in Indonesia in transit to the Philippines for her homecoming!! Anyways, enjoyed the interaction between these 3!! More pics please!

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