12 comments on “Good luck, Karen Gallman!

  1. Congratulations 👏👏👏 Karen Gallman! Very well deserved! Hands down you were the eye catcher among the Top 5.

    Miss Intercontinental 2018 – Philipppines

    1st Runner-up – Costa Rica
    2nd Runner-up – Slovak Republic
    3rd Runner-up – Colombia
    4th Runner-Up – Vietnam
    5th Runner-up – Ethiopia

  2. dark horse itong ateng mo magshine on pageant night
    and will bring home the 1st MIntercon crown

  3. dati maging runner up lang malaking balita na sa Pilipinas…nung every year na tayong namamayagpag sa pageantry di na pinapansin runner up placement. Kelangan title/ crown winner na dapat para pag usapan

    • @ Anonymous : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Mr. Tinio provides one in the next post, po.

  4. Gathercole was the one who made Raspado’s “horny loins” NatCos, right? Wow, such refinement this time. But yes, this is not a NatCos…

    In general, foreigners’ reception to the Filipino designers’ works for MIntercon was…. not really glowing. For a master class on CHIC, go to the Chanel Youtube channel for the Spring-Summer 2019 couture offerings. 🙂

  5. Sino nanuod ng Rupaul All Stars?

    Si Valentina ginaya iyong ear cuff ni Catriona tapos nag Miss Venezuela siya tapos in the end nong mag sashay away sabi niya.. A diva with a heart.. nag ala Pia din. lol

  6. Wow! I love the Rocky Gathercole gown… Simple compaired to his usual designs but still very much impactful… I can’t wait for what Karen would wear on the coronation night! 🙂

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