6 comments on “47th Miss Intercontinental: My Final Predictions

  1. My final prediction:
    Miss Intercontinental- Philippines
    1st runner up – Paraguay
    2nd runner up – Germany
    3rd runner up – USA
    4th runner up – Nigeria

  2. I’m not confident Karen will answer her question well .. if she ever gets to that point . And this is just based on her BP performances and tv guestings.
    So …I don’t think she should win.
    However , Mexico won last yr for no valid reason in my opinion . So why not Karen?

  3. May mga characteristics ba na hinahanap ang intercon or kung sino stand out til Q&A ay yun ang mananalo? Maybe this time kung sino stand out sya ang mananalo. Lalo nat PH ang venue.

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Pwede na rin. imo. Though I would have opted for Ethiopia (over Nigeria) and the Republics Czecka and Slovak over Germany and Ukraine.

      Rooting for the angelic-faced Soley of Paraguay to win. 🙂

      Asian sweep ka sa MrI – three Asians (Guam, India, and Vietnam) in your Top4 (rounded off by Venezuela). The only Asian I truly like is Hongkong, who is like a CUTER version of Chriz Dulagan.

      • @Andrew

        I think Nigeria is prettier than Ethiopia.
        I’d probably replace Ukraine w/ Mexico in the Top 6.

        As for Mr. I.. they are my personal choices, not who I think would win based on the judges opinions… LOL

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