50 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #9 Julie Ann Tarrayo

  1. Oh boy where do i start? Her team needs to work on a lot of things knowing that this lady has a lot of potential to bloom into a worthy national competitor esp if she is as eloquent in person as she wrote in her answers in this feature. From what im seeing in her photos, she needs to revamp her overall styling and glam. Find her a new make up artist as her current made her look hoochie . Those eyebrows and eye make up is very amateurish. Parang make up lang ng parlor ng kapitbahay. THOSE PLATFORM HEELS AND CONTACT LENSES NEEDS TO BE THROWN IN THE BIN AND BURNED ASAP! Its very dated and doesn’t look tasteful at all. Same can be said about her poses. You’re not vying for a mens magazine feature but for a title that requires elegance and class. Restrain it and channel poses that highlights your assests in an elegant and tasteful manner. Please note that my critique is directed towards her presentation in these photos and not to the lady. Take this as constructive criticism.

    ADDENDUM: Her body is very promising as it has natural curves so I can only imagine once it goes thru a strict supervision of a professional personal trainer.

    I wish her the best as she embarks on this journey of a lifetime.

  2. she has potential my good norman you know these ugly netizens when you begin presenting these wannabes they become cruel as hell . poor girl napromote ng maayos nilait ng mga bastos

  3. Hmm. She needs to work on that lazy eyes. The contacts don’t work with it.

    The lips look lazy, too. Meron bang ganun? Pero yan na…

  4. Nyak…Wala na yatang mai-post si madam blogger kaya pati naman eto ay pinatos na rin as her wish list?!@#@?

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  5. “..wanting to ‘penetrate’ the nationals..”

    Just an fyi Ms. Julie. In the States the verb “penetrate” is strongly identified with a male’s reproductive organ’s activity during sexual intercourse.

    You were not wrong in your usage. I know you meant wanting to “further advance” in the nationals. Food for thought that’s all.

    You have unlimited potential as an MUP or an MWP.

    All the best.

  6. Gathering her bullets???? Hmmmm I need to hear her talk and see how she delivers herself.

  7. Hell no!

    Nose job. Crooked.
    Lips job. Swollen.
    Boobs. Flat as her original nose.


  8. Not my type of Beauty for Miss Universe. But beauty in Miss Universe is universal. So she have riights to compete And everything depends on how she will carry herself on stage. So no say muna for now. We need to see her walk and hear her talk. But base sa pic above lower than Miss Universe titles fits her.
    Anyway! Anyone here na may alam na bout sa bbp screening? Any reliable info from your reliable sources? Long over due na ha!

  9. If I have to hear her talk and walk to decide on her potentials .
    It’s a big no just by looking at the pics.

  10. Ok…. What is her story? Gathering all her bullets?…
    Sounds passionate enough but still rough around the edges. She still needs a lot of polishing on the glamour department but she seems to have the goods to be on top…

    Just a tip..
    Don’t use your chunky pasarella shoes for your swimsuit Photoshoot… a non- platform ultra-high heels or something artsy would be more tasteful.

    Do something more original for the pose and styling… if you are going to copy some1.. do it bigger and better…

    The flat saggy boob bothers me…
    Use some double sided boob tape on that plunging neckline swimsuit to perk the girls up.

    Get an even golden tan for a more authentic exotic representation… and put some big eye make up and lashes… shape those lips… master the art of the pinkish nude lips drawn to perfection.. complete w/ the cupids bow… Think Linda Evangelista!

    I love that she is 5’9…
    Stand high and show your neck!
    Do poses that emphasizes your assets.. i love her waist that tapers to her hips…She needs a styling that makes her legs look long but also emphasizes her curves… fair skin on a white background hides all that goodness.

    I see the potential but she needs to pull all the stops so she could prove herself desserving on the nationals. I’m looking forward to her transformation…. I want some1 exotic but classy. With more research and practice, she could rise to the occasion. Best of all, I want some1 nice/kind… 1 evil mistake and you are dead on my list! Goodluck! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • @Fabian

        It’s a Yes, i’ll give her a chance to prove herself worthy of a crown… She reminds me of Rogelie Catacutan who was heavily bashed but won BBP-Supranational.

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