10 comments on “47th Miss Intercontinental: Peru wins Best in National Costume

  1. I love the costume. i was actually hoping dati pa na may makita akong moriones costume. though ang sad lang kasi konti lang ang airtime niya to present. mas matagal pa ata siyang nakatayo sa likod.

    anyway, she presented it decently. though sana lang mas may.. umpph.. pa. mas may lakas. mas may galit at gigil.. parang ung energy hindi naitodo. but still. congrats for a good performance!

    now, i hope everybody would stop comparing the succeeding natcos of the Filipinas to their respective pageants to Cat’s natcos. some loved it. some has some not so good comment on it.. but at the end of the day, they just want to showcase the Philippines or part of the country to the world.

    Again, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Filipiniana again but let’s give it more modern, artistic and bonggang craftsmanship attack.

    To Karen, Good luck. though we know you want to be a travelling candidate. but competing in your own turf has a lot of advantages. if it is really your destiny, you will be our 1st Miss Intercontinental.

    btw, ako lang ba nakapansin na soooooobrang nagiba ang itsura ng reigning queen? hmm

  2. The mask is a bit too big…
    They could have sculpted something more fierce and handsome face…

    I wish Karen gave a sultry smile when she removed the mask before going back to her fierce warrior pose…

    She could have injected a smile somewhere in between… and then give a stronger sharper warrior blows…

    As for the rest of the costume… I love the feathers at the back.. it could use some intricate embroidery here and there but thats just me nit picking… except for the mask, the whole costume is well executed and a breath of fresh air. I give it an 7.6 stars out of 10.

  3. Karen has a lot of strong competition for the crown… even the small country Monaco has a chance…
    But I still hope Karen wins !!!

    • Bakla, mananalo si Karen….pag matalo sya sa January 26, magpapaputol ka ng otin.

  4. Just a personal choice…i luv this Moriones inspired Natcos ni Ms.Gallman..again,not to downgrade Cat’s Natcos during Ms.U(i admire the months of prep put into it,and the desire to juxtapose the whole of Philippines!)….to put the whole Philippine History in detail in one human form won’t work is seen from afar…Cat’s Historical depiction of Philippines at the back of her Parol proved ineffective as the details are too small…parang poster tarpaulin lang kalaki….wag dapat ipilit ang buong Pilipinas!!—Choose from a varied Philippine Icons—-Case in point:Gallman had Moriones and added subtle Sarimanok feathers for drama,—and BOOM! Maganda! Hindi Mabigat at hindi mukhang Halo-Halo!– Karen’s Moriones is easily seen and understood even from afar….the idea is choose a Specific icon or specific event,THEN EXAGGERATE!

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