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  1. Yes! Papunta ka ng thailand. Nagbabye ka na. Its not too late therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Im rooting for you.

  2. Mga mumshie! nasa Thailand na si Vanessa at Tandang Hulya ! Gusto makisawsaw sa success ng MU?

    • Mars, duda ko inilalako ni Hulyana Pariscova ang Miss World n’ya sa Thailand para naman itong bansang ito ang maging host country. Eh, ang Thailand parang ‘Pinas din ito, Miss U-crazy country.

    • Kaya pala naging 1st runner up si Miss Thailand sa Miss World 2018 kahit chakakan, meron palang plano si Julia.. alam na this!

    • They have all the right to do whatever they want and one thing for sure, whatever the venue of Miss World would be, over 120 candidates will once again participate. So yeah, peace out to all the Miss World haters that are mostly Filipinos because in Europe and Africa, Miss World is still the most reverred pageant that is why most of their search winners will go to Miss World while the 1st runner up goes to Ms. Universe.

      That’s all. Bye!

      • Jeremi,
        I thought u were from SoCal .
        How did u know ?
        I have lost interest in pageants . Really , the only reason I’m watching it is because the Philppines has been doing well lately .Before that , I could care less abt pageants .
        I mean watching girls in swimsuit and EG … then hear them answer a question , what’s the fun in that ?
        I believe the same is true for most people here. Take the Philppines out of the equation and see how many people will follow Norman.
        … the same reason why it’s not popular in Europe and Africa and why it’s like the Latin America’ Super Bowl.
        IMG better make sure the Philippines is there every yr.

  3. Parang hindi naman seryosohan ang pageant na itey. During media presentation, Miss Iran allegedly trooped with her bf in Baguio. S’ya ba ang napapabalitang preggybells at pauuwiin na lang? Other candidates daw are under investigation due to over age. Ang mga candidates poorly styled. Madami pa akong nababasang nega.

    Oh, well. Baka kagaya lang rin ito ng MGI, puro ka-cheapan. Anyway, good luck pa rin kay Karen. Hindi ko talaga bet itong Intercon na ito. Tapusin na ito ng maaga.

    That’s all!

  4. I find Miss Malaysia beautiful. She needs to be consistent in order for her to make it at least in the semis.

    Miss Ethiopia is very elegant and chic. Miss Monaco’s gown is benj leguiab if im not mistaken.

    Miss Paraguay is beautiful but i think she lacks the ooommpphh factor. She might end up a runner up to Karen.

  5. Mr. Tinio, hope you feature the “ternos”, too! Some nice ones… 🙂

    Three things become clear when these “terno” showcases are done :

    1. The butterfly sleeve done in stiff (natural?) fabric as to look folded and starched is UGLY;
    2. A “baro’t saya” ensemble ALWAYS crops up, somehow…; and
    3. Headgear somehow works when the “terno” is worn.

    • “Vanessa upon an invitation with Steve, Eric, Mike and Donna choose the remaining 13 contestants. Possible threats for her such as Australia, Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago (Oxford University Lawyer) were left out. Those three (3) countries should never send delegates to Miss World again. Hence you have seen girls that cannot speak well got in.”

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      That “Queen Catriona” and “Princess Ahtisa” towards the end was telling…

      If this organization is so crooked, why is it popular (still) in Europe, which I would expect with its liberal mindset would be the first to ignore pageantry as shallow. Unless ND’s in Europe get something….

      Well then, let us ACT, and not just talk! If this is that writer’s case, then Filipens can begin by boycotting ALV, which will invariably force him to drop the MWP franchise. Then Morley will be left out in the cold like Angkol, with no Filipino willing to take her in. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

      Just stop giving any business to the MW brand. No demand, no customers. And will die naturally.

  6. wala din naman mga career ito after

    look at MU18 2 weeks lang sa media tour
    nganga na walang ganap

    • @ oneandonly : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Take it easy, po. Gray is just 3 weeks or so into her reign. Marami pa’ng ganap; lahat naka-schedule. For the meantime, Gallman muna.

      The trick to getting a post-pageant career is to win the hearts of the host nation, as what happened with Van Eimeren (actor Ogie Alcasid’s first wife) and Glebova (who has transplanted to Thailand). Soley should take advantage of the adulation and carve out a deal…

    • Baklang kagaya mo na punong puno ng bitterness sa buhay, walang asenso.
      Sumasaya ka sa pag alipusta sa tagumpay ng ibang tao, kaya karma abutin sa mga banat mo.

      Baklang tow! Tse!

  7. looking elegant …we have costa rica, colombia, PH, malaysia, ethiopia and japan are my favorites for this segment.

  8. Germany borrowed Miss Mexico Universe 2018 evening gown – from the House of Mumur du Coucour – mumurahin, kukurtinahin. Ligwak sa Miss U, winner sa Miss Intercontinental. Talk about (different or questionable) fashion taste!

  9. Germany won best gown???? It’s Hideous!!!!! It’s too slutty for my taste that front slit is too tacky and she’s wearing white undie should have been a nude color.

    • I agree after I saw this picture. The earlier photo of her winning covered the bottom part of the gown. I’m not a fan of that front “all-the-way-up-there” slit. It was tacky, like you said. They needed to judge the gown in its entirety. Hindi lang dahil maganda from waist up or from waist down, but lahat. How can we justify this gown if we have to say “but…..”

      Paraguay is my fave, until this photo. Parang walang energy yung mukha. Again, I’m judging her from the photo. I can admit that I haven’t seen her in motion. She’s definitely gorgeous, maski sa instagram pics nya. But she needs more ooommmppph!

    • Germany borrowed Miss Mexico Universe 2018 evening gown – from the House of Mumur du Coucour – mumurahin, kukurtinahin. Ligwak sa Miss U, winner sa Miss Intercontinental. Talk about (different or questionable) fashion taste!

    • @Fabian….we are talking about two different categories. Why were you comparing swimsuit when I never mentioned that???

      • Sorry Ver, but Fabian is actually trolling me!

        My jaw dropped when I read his comment, para lang makapag comment ha?! How is an “evening gown” different from wearing a swimsuit? Did he really ask this? Because we commented that the high front slit was a bit tacky?

        Confirmed, Fabian is not only a contrarian but ugly and stupid as well! So if you cannot put forth a slightly decent argument or point of view, I suggest that you “stfu!”

      • The nerve of this guy
        What I meant was.. u found it ok for these girls to parade in two-piece then castigated them for wearing those crotch -high slit gowns? The pic above may look icky … but have u seen her walk in it ?
        U r stupid as hell for commenting without further investigation .
        Thank God u r there watching on your screen .. instead of deciding the fate of these girls
        Anon aka Justgrc ..

      • U r still stupid AF! Dinidiin mo pa, even up to now, that the concept of an evening gown is comparable sa concept of a swimsuit! Of course we are expecting skin showing kung swimsuit ang pag uusapan; it’s a given. We commented tacky for an “evening” gown, as an evening gown. Universally, I haven’t seen any of them in motion, just like I mentioned not having seen Paraguay in motion. And if I can concur, from an opinion point of view, from the “motionless” picture alone, how much more kaya kung naglalakad sya?! And I didn’t criticize miss Germany, I didn’t like the gown! Why do I need to investigate? This is only a blog. I’m not reversing the government shutdown! So like I said, stfu! Painve investigate ka pa! Dumb AF!

      • Talking abt Admitting one’s own stupidity ‘Oh , I only based my decision on the still pic above ‘, I have never seen anyone so idiotic !
        Thank God you are not one of the judges.

      • @fabian, whoever implied that I’m a judge? And we cannot field our opinion unless we are a judge? I’m in the US, and the pageant is in the Philippines. Are you really thinking that any of us here commenting are judges? Who’s the idiot? Dumb AF!

      • And calling you an idiot, dumb, and stupid is actually an insult to those! Moron!

      • Anon , this is a simple case of stupidity .

        U judged a gown based on one pic alone . And you double-dipped on your stupidity by actually admitting it.

        I don’t care where u r in the world . It’s stupidity , plain and simple .

      • It’s a gown with a high front slit! Even if it’s in motion, do you think mapupunta yung front slit sa likod or sa side? Isip isip pag may time! Bobo!

      • Without watching her carry the gown , u have decided the judges made the wrong choice .
        If this is not stupid, I don’t know what is .
        If u had any self-respect., u would have just stayed quiet.

      • And I will never stay quiet, maski ano pang self respect ang sinasabi mo! You are free to post your stupid comments and so do I. Why stop me? Bobo!

    • I think you are referring to Monaco’s gown which was worn by Elizabeth Clenci during MGI 2017 prelims.

    • Not to mention some of them are cheap looking… actually many of them. Parang BPCI to Barrazza you have P499 budget.

      Gallman and Monaco have the only alta looking gowns.

      USA who is an apparent b-*& from her Miss USA days must be fuming over hers.

      • Patingin nga ng picture mo
        Chanel nga o Dior ang brand , mukha ka namang palaka. What’s the point ?
        At least , these girls look great facially

      • Teh, you do not need labels to define beauty. Hindi ba ikaw yung dapat mag Chanel and Dior si Cat and last month. Cat pasaVOGUED literally sans one label besides Tatak Pinoy.

        Eh yung classless, kala nila mabibili yung class. And style. Parang yung class and style na tao so Broadway. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha. Yung naka labels pero baduy pa rin. Sounds familiar I bet.

      • Pls don’t turn things around . U were the one who said that Cat was using patriotism as a caveat or excuse for her inablity to buy name brands .

        Exactly the kind of attitude I expect from a highfallutin social climbing hair dresser of LA. Magkulot ka na ng mga d-listers dyan . Tse hihihi!

      • Teh,

        The point is you don’t need labels to impress and bedazzle. Cat didn’t need them even though you argued she should have been more prepared with Chanel or Dior or whatever. Cat didn’t have to play the rat race. You were wrong… as per usual.

        Para ka si Nawat of Miss Great Intergalaxy – pumunta sa Vegas at nag Louis Vuitton galore. Pa picture picture pa. Eh when all is said is done, NO-watt pa rin siya since the beginning of time and forever more. Kahit 20 Louis.

        The gowns above are for the most part cheap looking and ugly. And for you to argue some of the above are facially beautiful suggests your poor taste is showing AGAIN.

      • It is all too obvious now. Everytime justgrc comments meron din retort si pabyan. The writings in the walls are not written in hieroglyphics or sanskrit – PABYAN IS AFTER U JUSTGRC! Careful ka lang at baka painumin ka nya ng poison-laced potion. Before u know it baka under her spell ka na. U have to protect ur genes! UMAYGADS!

      • @Chezka,

        Aye totoo! Kaya merong akong skin irritation right now. Akala ko chlorine rash due to our hot tub. Pero bagka nga Pabyanritis parang si Ly Jonaitis si Miss Venezuela 2007.

        Nagkakainis yung kati. Saan ba si Dra. Sampalok aka Tamarind Greens when you need her.

      • @Cheska and Justgrc,
        Did u think how it was gonna benefit me to troll you ?
        Pakitingin nga ng picture nyo?Nakatungtong lang ng America, judge na Raw ng class at good taste . Mukha namang mga kargador sa Pier with flying hips and fingers. Tse hihhi

      • Justgrc never ever fall sa booby trap ni pabyan. He really wants to see your looks para ma stalk ka nya forever. Her ways are really obsolete. Hahaha. Hija pabyan i had been reading espionage novels since my 11th yr on earth so hindi mo ako mauto. Baklang twwoooh. Grabe ang crush k jystgrc…

    • “Be human enough” was your earlier reply to one of my posts.

      Look at you, putting Thailand down in favor of Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong, I like Malaysia too but why at Thailand’s expense? Bakit di mo na lang sabihin na “Malaysia is pretty!” Tapos! Or if you want to still say what you said, don’t contradict it with a “be human enough” kaipokritahan! You cannot say one and portray yourself another!

      And maybe Thailand has the “it” factor that’s why she’s favored. Nandun ka ba? Nag investigate ka ba? Like I said, dumb AF!

    • I didn’t say Thailand was ugly . I said Malaysia was a lot prettier . Big difference.

      • Did I even imply that u said “ugly?” Do u know how to read? Saang Mababang Paaralan ka ba nag aral? Bobo!

    • Anon , at least I saw the videos multiple times before making judgment on Thailand vs Malaysia
      Unlike u … who gave the judges hell by looking at just one single pic !

      • Who gave the judges hell? Where did you get that from? From the word “tacky?” Did I even call out the judges? Wow, u saw their videos multiple times! Edi ikaw na! Ikaw lang naman ang tama and all the others are not allowed to make a point without getting trolled by you!

        You just cannot bully the people in here! As stupid as you are!

      • Trying to deflect the real issue here , Anon?
        You made your decision based on one single pic .. and u admitted it .
        If I am bobo , I don’t think there is a word in the dictionary to describe the level of your stupidity .

      • You wouldn’t be able to come up with a word from the dictionary, bobo nga eh!

      • And what real issue was I deflecting from? Everything I said was referenced from your stupid comments. Bobo!

      • It’s pointless to argue with you .
        Humana ka nga ng kausap mo , Tse hihihi

  10. 👍👍 To the ladies who didn’t wear chunky platform shoes during the evening gown competition.

  11. Wales parang nanay. Karen looks good, but gown should’ve been form-fitting all the way.

    And I see a lot of those elevator heels again. They’re too casual and kills whatever gown is paired with them.

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