28 comments on “47th Miss Intercontinental: Germany wins Best in Evening Gown

  1. chararat ang mga gowns

    wala na ganap si Catriona sa USA
    tapos na ang media week

  2. Love her gown – looked like Mexico’s Lola gown. .but better version. LOL

    so Karen wore Patricia Santos for this evening gown competition.. the Benj one will be for the finals, i suppose?

  3. @Fabian the Contrarian aka Nawat of NormanNorman

    “Catriona should not wear luscious locks for MU as she will just blend in and not get noticed. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    I wish elegan ponytail/bun ala WynWyn”

    Why wait and see – we know you have horrible taste and poor judgment LOL. Alam na,

    Keep promoting your Maria Clara Sossa maybe mahimatay ka rin sa crowning niya.


    • Di nasampal ka na ni Pia nang pagkalutung-lutong?
      Do not wait for Wyn2 to do the same to you .

      • Teh we are not talking about Pia.

        The focus is your demonstrated poor judgment and taste as a Pinoy pageant fan.

        You always talk about staying on topic, so ayan. Don’t drag Pia into this.

      • Honey , we were talking abt judgment here
        It’s not like u made that call hundred of yrs ago . It happened in 2015 .. when u thrashed her like no other

      • In not impressed at all with your bravado. Puro ka yabang mangungulot naman sa LA Ang drama

      • Yabang LOL. Confidently Beautiful with a heart like Pia who I have always supported so I have no idea who your dementia is confusing me with.

        Stop THRASHING me LOL.

  4. Gown reminds me of Andrea Toscano’s grandma doily red shawl concoction thingy –

    I’m glad we are moving away from the cliche silver/gold/illusion sparkly sparkly trend in gowns – but the Lava gown still takes the cake.

    • Baklitang ito ,
      Akala mo Kung dining magaling
      Pa-impress pa
      Magkulot ka na Lang , Tse

      • Ayan naman si Fabian the Contratian aka as the Nawat of Norman Norman,

        Intidihin mo si Clara Sossa mo, aka Wyn Wyn for MUP 2019-2030.

        Yung napahiya, hindi tumatahimik LOL.



      • Napahiya ? Wyn2 has not joined BP since 2015.
        Let’s see what happens .
        I can’t wait to slap Wyn’s crown in your face
        UCLA pa raw , mangungulot naman Tse

      • @Fabian see my response above – as for UCLA

        Always Laugh Last


      • @Fabian the Contrarian aka Nawatt of NN

        Corny? Who still says that in the year 2019. LOLOLOLOLLLL.

      • The word corny will stay around until u bite the dust , Imelda Papin Tse hihihi

      • Lola pabyan sino po si cristy mendoza? Anong siglo po sya sikat? Cant relate po kasi? Hollywood actress po ba sya or dating theater actress sa nueva york?

    • Justgrc the more u loathe the more u love. So ignore mo na lang si pabyan kasi baka mag backfire sa you your disdain of her. Just shrug her off bcoz you do not deserve someone JUST like her. Wala na syang mens! Sayang lahi mo. Just saying

      • @Chezka

        I believe that love is what Fabian needs. Or attention. As MUning would say, we owe to our “unloved” to believe in them. Maybe sayang, but I always assess where I could give to see the silver lining. In moderation of course.

        Two seconds lang tapos na sagot kay Nawatt. Not saying. But I am not a stubborn fool like her, OK. Beginning tomorrow LOLOLOL.

    • Wag mo kasi pansinin si pabyan. DO NOT STOOP TO HER LEVEL. Papansin talaga eh. Deprived siguro ng attention in her younger years kaya she keeps yearning for affection and attention. Her quench for recognition is really pathetic. Kaya lahat na lang may comment sya kasi dito lang sya napapansin. Obvious na rin naman kung gano sya katanda sa choice of words nya. Di gaya sa atin na millenial talaga. HAHAHA

      • Haha so truelalalala. Ang CORNY 🌽 diction a la days of Bob Barker.

        I am definitely not a millennial but even I know not sound so LOLa or LOLo.

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