19 comments on “47th Miss Intercontinental: Paraguay wins Best In Swimsuit

  1. Paraguay’s rep should have been sent to a more prestigious pageant…although matatabunan parin sya sa MU, MI, or MW… ME, MS, MGI kakabog sya…

  2. She is really a potential winner. But Speaking of cooking. I think IF mag co cook again ang intercon. I think this will be the best cook edition if miss paraguay wins. I mean Filipinos love her right? Alam ng intercon yan and Nasa panlasa ng mga pinoy. They can make her win whatever her performances until Q&A dahil type din sya mga pinoy. Unlike 2014 and last year na wala sa tamang timpla ung pa ka cook at wala sa taste ng pinoy. Nasa pinas pa ma din sila. In terms of cooking show. So they will choose pa din paraguay kahit d kagandahan ang performances. But i see that she will do her best in finals since she has the strong support na ng mga pinoys. Naka 2 awards na din. And talaga namang ang ganda nya and her confidence.
    Kay karen naman. Base sa fashion show. She need to smile more wag lang fierce and smize sa eg. I know fashion show lang yon. But i am hoping for the best in finals. Idk pero Nakukulangan ako sa confidence nya. I know she is just managing her confidence since host tayo. Pero konti pa ineng. Wag yung parang pilet ang ngiti. Pero over all performance nya thumbs up 👍🏽 Catwalk and body 👍🏽

  3. Interesting. Another girl that I really like is Ecuador.
    Karen is amazing, but we have to see how it’ll go since Paraguay seems to be the one to beat now.

  4. Karen has been looking gorgeous .
    Paraguay is still the one to beat though .

  5. Am honestly not a big fan of fringe (Belarus), and if I were to choose the winner for Evening Dress, it would be the one worn by Costa Rica. Exactly the kind of design if you want to impress potential clients!

    Bata pa kasi ang mga designers. Hilaw pa, kulang sa refinement, and the ability to edit. Para sila’ng nagwala dahil nabigyan ng opportunidad. Asava (Thailand) designs, by contrast, were more sleek.

    Ethiopia will be my sentimental favorite. 🙂

  6. Paraguay is gorgeous. well, i wouldn’t mind if she wins. but still rooting for Karen.

    This is the ‘bad’ side of sending a strong representative sa pageant na sa Pinas din ginagawa, mababahiran ng “Of course, she’s from here” comments. but still, she;’s deserving naman.

    tbh, iba ang dating ng Intercon nung dito ginawa. look at this one, hindi bongga, pero pretty decent ang event na to. compared sa mga previous edition. let’s see if hanggang coronation night, eh matino ang presentation.

  7. Missosology, when they celebrate their 20th this year, should seriously consider the inclusion of Soley in their Timeless Beauty poll for 2019. 🙂

    Estivas’ creation, basically a yellow variant of 4M’s green fringe dress at the MU 2016 Preliminary, looked utterly wondrous on her, complementing her skin tone and blonde hair! 🙂

  8. Very nice!
    Paraguay and Philippines have beautiful “tanned” skin tones.

    No offense, but Belarus needs to take advantage of the beautiful tropical weather and sunshine in the Philippines. She looks too pale and anemic. Sorry.

    • Belarus’ award is intended for the designer… She just got lucky, she wore the winning gown.

    • @ just saying : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Interestingly enough, “Belorussia” literally translates to “White Russia”. 🙂

      I will consider this special award our way of thanking Minsk for crowning Datul (now) 6 years ago.

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