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  1. It seems ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs didn’t want to send Korina to New York. I wonder why. Korina probably also didn’t want to push it. Probably they want to strike a balance between Pia’s new show and Cat’s exposure. We can only surmise as spectators. Boy Abunda has said though that the showbiz industry has space for everyone.

    • I think it has something to do with the take over of the Miss Universe franchise…. Remember Chavit Singson is in allies w/ president Duterte meanwhile Korina’s sham husband Mar Roxas and PDu30 are not the best of friends…

  2. What is it in Rated K? Eh, hindi naman naka-one on one ni Korina si Cat? At, parang nag-feature lang ng simpleng victory ang show na ito. Compare it to KMJS na nag-fly talaga si Madame Jessica Soho sa NYC para maka-lava walk si Cat.

    Paki-explain, Tito Norms? Why do you promote this show? Ito ba ang pinapanood mo? Lol.

    That’s all!

  3. Justgrc denigrated no one geriatric baklitang pabyan with a jurassic mindset. Palibhasa bagsak siguro sa ielts at toefl ang gagagita kaya ganun na lang bitterness sa universe. Poor gurl. HAHAHA. Duh!

      • Justgrc – ME. Original cooking show na walang kebels na Nawat Nakhirunkanok.

        Fabian – MGI. Laging naghahanap ng away. Eh feelingera lang forever and always.

    • Sorry , Chezka
      I don’t remember being required to take either test to get a job here.
      I didn’t realize u had to take it to work at Dollar General , Tse hihihi!

  4. She was awesome and so relatable. The charisma is palpable. I hope MUO gives her a bonus as she is slaying all interviews and appearances. Jessica Soho did well too unlike the other channel.

    • I agree. Rated K’s feature was not only mediocre – it is the ultimate example of laziness and complacency that is so commonplace in the Philippine-style of journalism.

  5. I gotta hand it to Jessica Soho and her crew. This below is such a great news feature. Well researched, very insightful, and well though out!

  6. Rare winner talaga si Cat. Look at her recap video on IG and you can see the diversity of the outlets that wanted to showcase her. Iba talaga.

    Anyone who doubted she’d be where she is today just got served with a dose of WRONG.

    What a example of letting the Universe showing you when it is your time.

    Mabuhay ka Catriona, Miss Universe 2018!!!

      • Teh,

        Iba talaga ang logic skills mo. Very basic.

        I intimated she was different – on her own level. That’s focusing on Cat’s unique offerings as witnessed by her media week appearances. You can interpret that as undermining, but it’s kind of, you know, the truth too.

        Akala ko Latin honors ka sa Harvard.

        Or UCLA ba daw? If so, I went to UCLA too and it is not an impressive school at all. Even if saying so undermines me LOL. Better UCLA feelingera Latin honors than Harvard though because medyo Maxine Medina ang thought process mo and that would be sad for Harvard.

      • Acheng ,
        Sinabi ko lang na wag maliitin ang ibang MUs
        Isinigit mo pa yung UCLA degree mo
        Sorry but I am not impressed
        If you are the example of someone who went to UCLA , I m glad I did not .

      • Again, myopic small thinking. I am only speaking of this, ina vacuum.

        Teh, we do not exist ina vacuum in this World, or Universe, rather.

        Mahalig ka mag retort sa sinasabi ko pero you don’t know how to finish what you start.

        Yung conversations natin teh are about pageantry, no rocket science. Connect the Swarovski crystal dots. If you can’t keep up, better to say nothing at all.

        Also if you read above, I am not impressed by UCLA at all either. I went to classes 30% of the time and still graduated with flying colors so hindi yan mahirap. Where are your supposed Latin honors from is my point. Reaching comprehension, teh.

        Of course you will not reply because Fabian the Contrarian can never finish what he starts. Parang Build Build ni Lemonon without the final Build LOL.

      • Acheng,
        It’s unfortunate that when your message is challenged , you resort to personal attacks instead of responding to the actual question .
        OMG I hardly went to class at UCLA and still graduated with flying colors!
        Who was asking you ?

      • Teh,

        Pa passive-aggressive Sarah Roses I don’t know what you mean I was not saying anything bad ka… Mero ba akong sinabi? Nag Be-Beyoncé in the dark lang ako dito with Columbia and Jokester Hung Hay Fa Choy.

        You do not hesitate to insert your perceived personal superiority when you take your position pero when it backfires on you that’s a bad thing. Hindi ba ikaw ang nag end all be all kasi years ka nag stalk-stalk nang stylish and classy inhabitants of Times Square este Broadway.

        Who was asking you about your stalking in NYC LOL.

        Yung mga tutuo na NYers ay hindi passive-aggressive na demonstrate mo. Perhaps less people watching ang ginawa mo sa NYC.

        Pa personal rin yung pa comment comment mo sa comments ko. Kahit walang point, comment pa rin. So again, if you can’t finish what you start.

        Para ka si Miss Belgium sa Steve Harvey semi-final announcement interview na walang impact. Ako si Great Britain na nag Kelly Clarkson cover in front of the Universe. Winner ako!!!

      • Justgrc , Hindi ka talaga maabot
        Cheap daw yung mga naglalakad sa Time Square
        Honey, at least I didnt have to say ‘I went to UCLA ‘ to make a point .

        Again , u do not impress me .. not at all.

      • U have to resort to name-calling and insults to make u feel better abt yourself … instead of making an intelligent argument .
        I am sorry u r that desperate

    • Go justgrc! Crush that geriatric pabyan to smithereens! May feelariasis ang gagagitang baklita na yan!

    • @Fabian the Contrarian,

      Pakialam ko kung impressed ka sa akin. Hindi ikaw ang nag babayad ng bills ko.

      Besides I have a moment like Dee Ann Kentish Rogers, ikaw yung tao naghihintay for a lifetime.

      • “I hardly attended class but still graduated with Flying at UCLA” … if that was not trying to impress , I don’t know what would

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        If you think that is trying to impress you are even less smart than Maxine Medina. We are talking Janina San Miguel levels here.

        Baklang twoh – I was undermining my own school and degree by saying you don’t even need to go to class to graduate with flying colors. LOL. LOL.

        Again you said you employ critical thinking sa trabaho mo but are you sure of that. Hirap ka talaga mag intindi ng nuances na sinasabi ng tao.

        Para ka si Clara Sossa na the more you speak, the more damage you do.

    • Thank you for you comment, oneandonlyPANGET!!!


      Jeremi the Real Baklang Panget (that’s ME!!!), JackAmmo(WhatItFeelsLikeToNotBePanget), and oneandonlyPANGET (that’s YOU!!!).






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