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  1. I really wouldn’t be surprised anymore if this “developing story” of the changing ownership of the fabled Miss Universe Philippines franchise takes another turn tomorrow because of the rumor mills. And all this innuendo about Singson throwing cash at MUO frankly is not helping the Philippines’ reputation and image in the pageant world. If indeed there’s been a change in ownership, the “concerned parties” should just fess up and make a coordinated effort to inform the public of the TRUTH. Now.

  2. Mr Singson is not being accurate when he said “Binibing Pilipinas Universe will be changed to Miss Universe Philippines” when referring to the title itself. BPCI officially changed the title and the sash back in 2012 starting with Janine Tugonon who wore the new sash and new title when she won it at coronation night! And that has been the official title of our candidates to Miss Universe ever since.

    • …and I still can’t get over Janine’s gown to this day. What is that? A ruffled pillow sham??

      I love you Janine! Even with that gown, I still love ya dear!

      • IF the news about the new fanchise holder is indeed true, Katrina Dimaranan should seriously consider competing for the MUP title. She’s just 25yo this year, tall (5’9”) beautiful morena, and her pageant experience includes her 1st runner-up placement (representing USA) in Miss Supranational last year in Poland.

      • @ Melanie : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Yyyiiiizzzzz!!.. Dimaranan is LOVE. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Chavit!! The one and only Mr Universe eternal titleholder bestowed by MS. U Org. I can’t wait for Ms Philippines Universe 2019. Cry bitches!!

    • Eww is there really a (true) supporter of Chavit Singson that exists? Or just someone that doesn’t understand the whole implications of having a corrupt politician handle MUP and use it to gain influence in politics? Not to mention there’s also a possibility that with him being at the helm of the pageant where beautiful women gather, he might lay his dirty hands on them or worse, pageant prostitutions may develop just like the disgusting stories in the former Miss Venezuela pageant. Change is inevitable, yes, but people are complaining because we don’t want these things to happen. Anyone with a good heart and deep pockets is welcome to be the new franchise holder but NOT a dirty, corrupt politician. That’s the argument.

      • Nope- you’re watching too much horror movies, I guess! Chill!! It will be more fun!

      • Uhmm no. People like you who let corrupt politicians do as they please is the reason why the country can’t ever move forward from being 3rd-world. Like DanDan said, your idea of “fun” is twisted. This goes beyond your shallow thinking.

        People are entitled to their own opinions but some are just inherently wrong, a prime example would be this guy’s.

    • Your “fun” LCS is a thick-faced government thief. How many people could’ve been clothed, sheltered, fed by the money his family STOLE from poor families. Time won’t wash away that kind of filth. Evil flourish when people look away willingly and forgive so easily.

      • Like you are super clean Dan Dan. People have different circumstances in life but no one can claim righteousness.

      • @ Edward. Really, “people have different circumstances” so that’s your defense for his stealing? Dude, go to the mall and buy some morals if you can’t tell right from wrong.

  4. Curious of what former MUP’s, from 2010-17, feel about this whole situation.

    Better yet, how must the former BbP International titlists feel of the potential changing of the guard. The Pilipinas-International franchise would stand to be equally affected. Perhaps it is time for BbP International title to be the plum prize instead of being a Big 3 title but the second most prestigious of the six BbP crown.


  5. 👍 to Chavit
    👎👎👎👎👎 to Gaffud becoming a part of Chavit’s team.

  6. Pera pera lang din pala ang MUO ehh. They don’t care of the money they obtained came from shady and dirty means as long as the cold, hard cash is presented. Wala na, nabangisan na ang pagkapanalo ni Cat and the MUO itself. So much for being a charitable org, they aren’t empowering anyone with these dubious deals. Ang dami daming companies dito ma pwede nilang gawing franchise holder with deep pockets dito, but of all people why the Singsons?

  7. So, the 1m USD non-refundable is simply earnest money/expression of intent,… MUO is asking LCS for (additional) 12m USD for (outright claim and rights to the MUP brand?)… Quite greedy of MUO, don’t you think? And how many years will 12(+1) m USD give to LCS, for example?

    Parang pinagsabong ng MUO sina LCS at BPCI, to set off a bidding war…

    At, nag-assume lang si LCS that the deposit would automatically translate to a license. But pending an official statement from MUO, technically that amount could mean ANYTHING – license, sponsorship, shares, combination thereof, etc. Kaya ‘yan tuloy, backtrack si Gob. “Willing to help” na lang ngayon ang sound-off.

    Guys, remember in earlier posts na Mr. Tinio said the other brands – MI, MIntercon, etc. – were “shopping around for new partners”? Tapos, nauna pa (last year) ‘yung rumors of Supranational, both Miss and Mister, going to a common party? Hindi kaya ay this LCS angle is now just the tail-end of a protracted “issue” concerning BPCI? Ang dating kasi sa’kin initially, kaya nila gusto mag-bail out is ayaw nila to work with an MUP national pageant without SMA. Now, I’m thinking iniipit ng MUO ang BPCI in an attempt to squeeze out a higher annual franchise fee, “threatening” them with the LCS “counter-offer”.

    Anyway, me and my filthy mind. 🙂

    For myself, I just hope that once the smoke clears and work resumes, ample support will be provided by new party (whomever) to the titlists. More to the point, may we get a national pageant that is prestigious enough that competing internationally would simply be a bonus. Like Miss Russia… But yes, little happened after Fedorova Oksana… Rasulova Valentina edged out McGarry at MIntercon…

    Nassan na kaya ‘yun dating commentator din dito, si “Oksana Fedorova”? 🙂

    Question (to LCS) : What makes you blush?

    Answer : “Oh,… when I say the wrong things…”. (Heheehhh…)

    (Gob, ‘wag mapipikon, please lang po. Si Jeremi na lang, po, ang kausapin niyo…) 🙂

    • Fake news lang daw na mawawala ang MI sa BPCI. Galing na mismo sa isang tao na malapit na nagtatrabaho sa MIO na sa BPCI pa din ang MI franchise ng Pilipinas.

  8. Change is inevitable. Korek. Kaya lang with Chavit Singson at the helm, hands-on at that, tiyak madudungisan lang ang advocacy at charity works na nasimulan ng BPCI, at tiyak masisira ang brand na minahal ng mga Filipino since 1950s. DOM plus beauty pageant is a sure-fire disastrous formula, unless ibang Chavit Singson ang pinaguusapan natin dito.

  9. AYAN NA!!!!!









    • Kevs lang lalo na pag galing yan sa mga bansa na clapperia from other “major pageants” na nakalaban din ni Catriona last 2018. INVALID ang argument nila.

      Ex: Wala nga si Cat sa time na lumaban si Miss Ecuador sa MW 2014, clapperia pa rin siya doon!




  11. I really wish an official announcement is made soon, that goes either way, so we can move on.

  12. Yesterday, he said the franchise was his.

    Today he says he has yet to accept it.


    I’m guessing Chavit likes the the attention that being associated with the Miss Universe brand has given him. I mean he even took it upon himself to announce next year’s venue instead of letting the Paula Shugert & the organization do it.

    As to who really holds the local franchise, it looks like this is all speculation until the Miss Universe organization makes a formal announcement.

    I only hope they won’t blindside SMA. I know business is business, walang personalan, but I don’t think SMA deserves that kind of ruthlessness.

  13. I’ve always liked the idea of a stand-alone pageant for Miss Universe Philippines — no matter who owns the franchise. No more conflicts on age limits, no more wasted beauties with minor crowns.

  14. IF this news is true, then all age-eligible minor titleholders from Bb Pilipinas could now suddenly be eligible to crossover and compete for the Miss Universe Philippines title under this new franchise.

    It would also mean Mrs Araneta was not being truthful when she claimed during that now infamous video interview that BPCI still held the Universe franchise.

    • Melanie,
      Mrs. Araneta was just being professional during that interview because she knew it needs to be formally announced that is why she used the word “still”. If you know how to read body language and facial expressions, you know that she was hiding something.

      That is her main difference from Singson who eagerly announced the next venue sans formal announcement from IMG.

  15. This is the kind of stunt that tarnishes the dignity of BBP. We’ve seen what a corrupt, uncouth and loud-mouthed dirty old man can do to a pageant, no need to import that crap to Philippines pageantry.

    • The Miss Universe franchise was in serious financial trouble when Trump purchased it in 1996.
      He literally saved the Miss Universe franchice.

      It was tanking in the ratings too with CBS showing it against the no. 1 shows of NBC so Trump moved the MU telecast to NBC where it thrived with exciting productions. If it was another owner, they would have given up on MU but Trump stood by MU and found a way for it to thrive.

      Trump was the one who introduced the glamour shots, EG portraits and photo shoots. He produced the grand parade of candidates too which I miss seeing because IMG chose not to do it. Hoping they do in the near future.

      Trump moved the MU headquarter from Los Angeles to NYC making it more prestigious. He was able to keep MU as the no. 1 pageant in the world for 29 years. Under Trump’s ownership, there were more sponsors for both the Miss USA and MU pageants.

      He never dated any of the candidates. Trump was loved by the media, Democrats and celebrities until he ran for POTUS as a Republican in 2015. After he announced he was running, the smear campaign on him started.

      Filipinos should thank Trump for saving Miss Universe. Don’t forget, Trump was the one who hired Paul Shugart.

      • Bella – Trump only owned MU for 19 years (not 29) from 1996 with Alicia Machado as his first MU winner, ending with Paulina Vega as his last MU winner before relinquishing ownership in September 2015.

        The grand parade of candidates already existed before Trump, but I agree with some of the points you made about him turning the pageant around in the mid 1990s and early 2000s, during the time when its TV ratings in the U.S. were a problem.

        But it was because Trump made such controversial remarks about illegal immigrants in 2015 that NBC was finally forced to sever its business ties with the Trump-owned pageant, and no other U.S. network was willing to broadcast it at the time so long as he owned it because of his racist remarks. Fox only became the pageant’s official U.S. broadcaster only after IMG took over as the pageant’s new owner.

        Let me also point out that the Philippines’ DARK AGES in Miss Universe occurred during Trump’s watch — when the Philippines failed to place for TEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS (2000 to 2009). What a long and sad decade that was for Filipino pageant fans!

        Under Trump’s ownership TEN Latinas held the title of Miss Universe (in which Venezuela won FOUR, and Puerto Rico TWICE), so excuse me when I say Latino pageant fans have far more reasons to be thankful to Trump than us Filipinos.

        And just to state the obvious — the Philippines has won TWO crowns within a short span of just 4 years under IMG. I don’t think this would ever have been possible under Trump.

  16. My gosh Chavit… Maybe you should keep your mouth shut until IMG and MUO formally announces it. There is a thing called decorum and professionalism. This sounds like something that BPCI can legally sue the MUO for as it seems that the franchise was being bought by through bribery or favors. hmmm….

    In any case, I wish LCS would be more professional about handling the transfer of license instead of just claiming it without the formality in the first place. Be professional!!!

    In the end, I couldn’t care less about the production. All I want if for the organization to find a good field of candidates and selecting the fairest of them all to continue the country’s semi-final streak like Venezuela has done for a long time.

  17. Is Katarina Rodriguez eligible to join the MU Philippines pageant? After all she was Miss Intercintinental lang naman at the Bb. PIL.

    • Utang n loob, let Katrina retire from pageantry. Body Ekis, walk, Ekis face Check, height Ekis, brain Check. I wana see someone new and fresh

    • That would be a BIG YES! for Katarina, or even for that Dimaranan girl, or Kylie, or McGarry for that matter, IF indeed this news about the new franchise is true! Hope now springs eternal for former BB Pilipinas titleholders who were held back because of their “minor” crowns lol, and who now can compete for the Universe, as long as they’re still age-eligible (28 and under). OPEN THE FLOOD GATES if you will, and LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We have Chavit to thank for this, LOL!

  18. So, if it is indeed going to be Miss-Universe-Philippines then its affiliation with International, Supranational, Intercontinental, Grand International and Globe will cease? Or BPCI continue on without the Universe franchise?

    So, if it is solely MUP with only 1 title and four runners up I wonder how many times could the runners-up be able to compete again for the MUP crown?

    It will be a totally different dynamic for sure.

  19. Something does not seem right.
    It is like a “he said, she said” handshake commitment.

    Paula Sh. needs to make an official statement to the Philippine media to put this important transaction -if indeed it really is- to rest.

    C’mon Paula. Get it together, sugar!

  20. I am going to hate seeing Chavit acting ala-f*cking trump as a head of a beauty pageant organization, so I really hope that he only serves as a purse but his daughter is going to be the Paula Shugart of the MUPhilippines. Also, as I have said previously, I hope the turnover is no earlier than 2021. By then, Stella will be 84yo and Chavit will be 80yo. At that point in time, let the younger leaders lead.

    • Paula Shugart – you mean YES MAN err WOMAN. Mama S is very nice including to delegates and fans – genuine siya talaga, anyone who has been to a Miss U and seen her knows this.

      If we are being honest though, she does whatever whoever is signing her checks wants. She did that under Trump and now she is doing it under IMG.

      Who knows what Richelle Singson will be like. She could have a mind of her own like the daughter of the Cisneros media magnate in Venezuela who stood up against Osmel’s antiquated and scandalous ways.

      Or, she could do what Daddy wants since he is paying.

      If like Shugart though, the second. So no to that.

      • Justgrc,
        U make it sound like being a yes man is a bad thing.
        Isn’t that what she’s supposed to do as an employee.. to do what’s in line with the vision of the company ?
        If not , what is she doing with the company ?
        It looks like Shugart is enjoying the job and she is getting the support and respect from around the world ?
        No to Singson girl if she’s just gonna be Paula 2.0? What is it that Paula does that you are in disagreement with?

      • Fabian the Contrarian,

        Think before you click, remember.

        Jared is saying he wants Richelle to run any perceived Chavit-run MUP because of Papa’s Donaldistic tendencies. So reading comprehension yan, if Richelle is just a yes man or woman, we’ll sayang rin yung wish ni Jared.

        Also being a follower for an employer isn’t necessarily a good thing always. Organizations often benefit from leaders who are visionary and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and innovate.

        A good worker is Yes Po, Yes Sir, Yes M’am. A good LEADER leads. Is Paula a leader (President) or a worker…

        Teh, kala ko ang galing ka sa trabaho mo.

      • And as for Mama Paula in specific, a lot of people sa Miss USA scene hold her responsible for allowing Trump to line up the contestants so he could peruse them like objects. Sunod lang siya with her pen and paper when Donald say I like her T&A.

        Sunod lang siya when Donald say eliminate interview because too many brainy girls are getting ahead.

        Kung women empowerment daw ang MU, epic failure yung efforts under Trump na woman president!

        Tapos nuon when Telemundo owned half of MUO laging vibes yung mga Latina. Back to back to front and over sila. Unfair daw sa mga ibang contestants.

        Ngayon hinahap ang pera sa Asia. So laging pasok and advance yung mga Porntips and Bungalithas and Fil-Aussies and Fil-Brits ang Fil-Germans even if some are questionable. Because IMG wants money. If goal ng MUO is diversity, medyo fail rin si Mama P.

        Pero she is a nice woman.

    • Not to be mean, but if they will be that old by 2021, that means Madame is 81/82 and the Governer is 78/79, now?

      Well, in the worse and tragic case scenario, fledgling health may do away with them both quickly and we may have a generation of younger organizers sooner than we think.

      I hope not. 😓

  21. Hey therealjeremibaklangpangethunkygaypalengkequeensosyal. Its your time to shine. Now that chavit announced the big news, you now have a big chance to win miss universe philippines. But first thailand is waiting for you. Ano pa hinihintay mo, sakay na….

    • Wow Paul
      What a quick switch from fake Jeremi to the real you but the tone of your writing tells it all

      • Wow therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal, you are very talented. Di ka lang beauty queen material, youre also CSI material. Very talented in deed. Yan ang gamitin mo sa talent portion ng miss universe philippines, im sure youll win best in talent. But first, tapusin obligasyon sa barko. Hi daw sabi ng thailand.

    • Wow… Kelan mo ba matatanggap na ampanget-panget ko talaga?

      Pero I understand, kasi, ako kahit 75 years old na akong ubod ng panget… di ko pa rin matanggap.

      Nasan naman ang hustisya?

  22. Naduraan na naman ako ng isang turista sa cruise ship na nililinis ko bilang isang BATIKANG SEAGAY JANITRESS… 😦


    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  23. Sa Pinas lang madami arte
    dami kudaan wala naman ito maiaambag sa bansa para maging 1st world country.

    ang Europe and other countries ang main winner ang pinapadala sa Miss World
    runner up lang sa Miss Universe (meaning 2nd lang) .

    anyway, may the new franchise owner produce an almost back to back for
    the Felefens but I think since mas may chance mag survive ang MU IMG sa Asia
    Asian country ulit mananalo

    nung panahon ng Trump Telemundo eh puro Latina naman eh
    pana panahon lang
    money talks sa cheap pageant na ito
    Miss World is beauty with a purpose
    Miss Earth is environment
    Miss Universe is nothing but money


    As usual… galit na galit pa rin ako sa mundo!

    Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ANG KAPANGITAN KO SA BLOG NA TO.

    Alam niyo namang walang pumapansin sa UBOD NG PANGET KONG PAGMUMUKHA in real life.


  25. Naku naku shoeses ko po na may heels totoo ba itechuwa? Naku after all this time tama pala si Angkol Nawat ko na may kababalaghang nangyari sa kusina. Shoes ko po!! mag veklash dito nagsusumigaw sa selebrasyon sa isang pekeng pagkapanalo. Shoes ko po talaga at may I sakay pa ang winner agad sa private plane pagkatapos makaronohan at umuwi agad sa bansa..
    Ito namang pedo super annnounce agad na sa south korea ang venue kaya tuloy muntik na di pinabalik sa Nueva York ang pekend nanalo.
    Shoes ko po talaga




    • hahahahaha sino ba yang nag i spam kay acheng Jeremi na Jeremi rin ang namesung
      hahahahha kaloka shoes ko po sarap paluin ng heels ko ang mga mata

      • Shoeses ko po…






    Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ANG KAPANGITAN KO SA BLOG NA TO.

    Alam niyo namang walang pumapansin sa UBOD NG PANGET KONG PAGMUMUKHA in real life.


  27. Graveh!!! I have a break from cleaning the ipot in the toilets of the cruise ship I am cleaning as the SEAGAY JANITRESS na naman!!!


    Me angal ba kayo?

  28. I told you so!!!!!!!
    Where are those people who called me names when I first commented this news here.
    Hurry go into hiding…
    As I have mentioned before and I will mention it again, this was a done deal even before the finals in Bangkok. This was an insider info as I’ve mentioned.

  29. Ayan na, may pa-teaser na si Gov.

    As a fan of Miss Universe, I have a little issue on how a new franchisee will run the franchise. I can see that, at first, LCS Group will mount a fabulous Miss Universe Philippines pageant and give the winning candidate the prizes she deserves. The question is, can LCS Group consistently run the franchise?

    Sa totoo lang, mahirap umalis dun sa nakasanayan na natin. Pero wala naman tayong choice kundi either tangkilikin natin or isnabin natin ito. However, since Pilipino tayo and we love Miss Universe, eh, papasaan ba’t makakasanayan rin nating wala na sa BPCI ang MUP franchise.

    At any rate, kudos to BPCI for beautifully sending our rep in Miss Universe. You have been a part of the history.

    To the license holder, may the best of luck be with you. Mananalig kaming pagbubutihin n’yo ang paghawak nito. Harinawa ay hindi ito maging tampulan ng issue lalo na’t si Jonas diumano ang hahawak pagdating sa pageant side (with Nicole Cordoves daw with the team). I don’t want to generalize, pero ‘pag kagandahan ang nagma-manage ng ganito, maintriga talaga.

    That’s all!

    • I like this attitude teh. The only thing guaranteed in Iife is death and taxes.

      Oh, and change of MUP franchise holders. Usually to the highest bidder

      Success tomorrow depends on accepting today’s change and adapting to it – if MUP under BPCI is done and over with no point in crying over spilt milk.

      I dunno though, is Rappler a reliable source? Hindi ba parang pop culture media lang yan? I suppose anyone like Chavit could say what they want. Maybe fake news and we are just fanning intrigues?

      I mean Chavit also announced Korea as the host next year, but medyo WTF yung pronouncement niya as Korea is not a MU crazy country at all.

      • we heard chavit on a radio show say that North Korea will send a delegate… he would not have said something like that if he is not at least 75% sure knowing that he is heard by millions of people on the radio; also, I would imagine that chavit knows something about sensitive and delicate international political issues and USA-No Korea relationship is one of them; IMG and MU are to point a fact full-pledged American companies…

      • @Jared…

        I dunno. Medyo drama queen si Papa Chavit. Hindi ba ang nag sabi na China daw ang host ng MU 2018 eh waley rin.

        As my father would say, medyo ma hangin sa pekpek rin. A la Donald Trump.

  30. We are just expectators. Wait and see na lang what will happen next. Tsaka na lang tayo mag react after one year na panunungkulan ni Mr. Universe Chavit Singson malay ninyo maganda pala ang kalalabasan kesa ma stress kayo sa kakaisip ng mga negatibong pwedeng mangyari. Anyway change is coming nga kaya e embrase lang eto anyway we never spend any single peso sa mga nangyayari kaya wala naman mawawala sa mga nag cocomment dito.

    • Lagi na lang akong nagugulat pag nakikita ko ang pagmumukha ko sa salamin paggising ko sa umaga!!! 😦

      Kailan naman ako masasanay sa kapangitan ko?

      Nasaan naman ang hustisya?

  31. Maybe Chavit is confused about producing MU (Asia partner) vs the MUP franchise? 😀

    Something is also not right if indeed he is co-producing MU19 in South Korea then at the same time he is the MUP National Director? Hmmm But again MONEY is king 🙂

    • Dinuraan na naman ako ng mga turista! Ampanget-panget ko daw!

      Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  32. Hindi ba parang ang OFF naman n siya magprproduce ng Miss Universe 2019 s South Korea tapos franchise holder cya ng Pilipinas.

  33. MUP should be a stand alone search. This may be a good Development. Thank you BPCI for holding the forth for decades. Change is inevitable.


      Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ANG KAPANGITAN KO SA BLOG NA TO.

      Alam niyo namang walang pumapansin sa UBOD NG PANGET KONG PAGMUMUKHA in real life.


  34. I hope we’re not Femina India 2.0…after all the hullabaloo since pumapangas ang India noon, dami ngkainteres sa MU franchise! Hanggang napunta s bagong franchise owner ang after effect ligwak at d n nkbangon ang India since!

  35. Sana walang mangyaring mga contestants na representing Filipino community of this and that country sa new management. I find it silly and cheap.
    Sa Ms USA wala namang contestants representing the American community in the Philippines right?
    Sana bawal yung hindi man lang marunong magsalita ng Tagalog or Bisaya or any Filipino language.
    Language is one of the most basic elements defining a person’s race and culture ✌️
    Dapat mahusay mag communicate in English and Filipino

  36. aligaga ang mga bakla

    wala naman maiaambag ito sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas na 3rd world
    kahit sino pa mag may ari ng MU prangkisa na yan

    magsipag balik na kayo sa mga trabaho nyo

    mga wala naman kayo pera pambili ng MU franchise

    • Naku manong, yung galit mo sa mundo dahil marami kang failures sa buhay wag mo naman ibaling sa mga tao dito sa comment’s section.
      Just put a rope on your neck, and quietly leave the universe.
      Your anger will end and everyone will be happy 😉

    • Better him than SMA’s nephew Mar Rxas to inherit everything.You all know what Mar Roxas did to the Yolanda funds.

  37. Galema: Sa akin huling halakhak. Mga baklang panget at mukhang busog. Am sorry, Aces and Karen’s are Vak¡

  38. As mentioned in my previous posts… Jonas Gaffud is the new MUP director.

  39. Sana naman bigyan ng respeto si Queen Catriona. Lahat gustong sumawsaw sa tagumpay. Sa totoo lang kung wala si Madam Stella wala tayo ngayon Miss Universe 2018. Kahit sinabi nng isang matandang politiko na binayaran niya $12 milyon ang IMG bakit hindi ba siya makapaghintay. Hindi tuloy maalis na isipin ng mga tsismosang palaka na kaya nakuha ang korona dahil sa $12 milyon na ibinayad. Habang namamayapag sa tugatog ng tagumpay sa Amerika ang Reyna panay naman patutsada ng dalawang kampo kung sino talaga ang may-ari ng Miss Universe Philippines. Bigyan naman ng kauting respeto si Stella dahil pinaghirapan din niya na ipadala si Queen Catriona sa Thailand.

    • Sorry but I think if Chavit was not involved in all of these, we dont have MU2018


        THAT IS ALL, BYE!

  40. Ibig sabihin ba nito magababago dun ang airing season? Because BBP is usually being held in March. So may possibility dn kaya na either earlier or later ang season? Wag nmn sna super early like 1 year earlier tulad ng sa ibang bansa.

    And magbabago rin ba ng airing day and time which is usually sunday evening? Sana lng talaga the changes will be better. I will defenitely miss BBP naging parte na to ng viewing habbit ko every year.

    World peace 😦

  41. I hope 2021 at the earliest …. and in 2021, anybody age-eligible can join again , even those who won non-Universe Bb crowns … it’s like everybody starts at 0.00 all scores are discarded as in Miss Universe segments… it’s anybody’s game !!!

  42. kung totoo man ito, I hope this will bring a new new era for the MUP franchise. That the franchise becomes more glamorous and strong but credibility and fairness should not be sacrificed. If maglelevel up and franchise with Chavit why not? Although I want it to stay with BPCI for sentimental reasons. I grew up with MUP under BPCI. Change is really inevitable in life.

  43. For now its clear, She said & He said thing……..

    Jan mahilig ang pinoy…..sa chismis!

    I would rather wait until it was sealed & finalized by the MUO Paula Shugart!

  44. Dahil Filipens won, 2019 ay libre na, right? So, kay BPCI this year. Baka 2020 pa takeover. Like what Jed said below, wala’ng sinabing year. OK lang. So, among Mr. Tinio’s Wish List Picks, Lo na me. 🙂

    Next year (2020), “MUP” will have Singson choosing…. Paton, Lemonon, Smith, Magtanong?

    At, waley na rin this year si Angkol. So silly of him to behave like that, kasi nemen 😦

    So, “BBP 2019” by BPCI with the following titles : MUP (NOT YET THE SEPARATE BRAND), BBP-International, BBP-Supranational, BBP-MIntercon, and BBP-(The)Globe.

    This is just me.

    1 million USD is a lot, ba?

  45. Expect niyo na ang winner is yung tipo ni Aya Abesamis sa face department na apple of the eye ni Jonas. Mahilig yan sa mga book smart girls pero chaka mukha. Si Pia and Catriona street smart girls mga yan, sinuwerte lang talaga si jonas kay Pia, pero yung prototype ng camp nila talaga mga yayahin face tapos pang quiz bee ang beauty 😂. Expect na runner up ulit ang mga girls naten dahil sa connection ni Jownas sa MU hindi tayo ilalaglag, pero maghintay kayo after 42 years ulit bago manalo, kapag tigok na si Jonas and Chavit dahil never ibibigay ng MU ang crown sa albert einstein na kamukha ni zorayda. Sorry kung medyo harsh pero hoping and praying na maglevel up ang taste ni Jonas. Pang90s janice de belen parin kasi bet niyang beauty and aurahan eh. I will support our representatives kahit san pa galing yan, basta ba walang kababalaghan and hokus pokus na magaganap. Yun lamang po. 😊

    • One last thing, sana naman since si Jonas na may hawak panigurado, more independent girls and wag sila magtrain exclusively para sa predetermined results gaya sa MWP. May inteview si Jonas with MJ Marfori, sinabe niya hopefully this year wala ng camp war and one team na lang ang Philippines. Sana gawin niya yung promise na yon and wag igaya sa MWP na predetermined results favoring aces and queens’ choice. And please lang wag book smart zorayda graduate sa UP or UST ang winner. Nothing wrong sa super intelligent queen, pero sana super beauty din. Hindi naman po kasi quiz bee sasalihan.

      • Laila , could u tell me who should have won MUP in 2010 2011 2012 2013 and 2016?

      • Grabe ka Laila!.. Mukha bang Yayey si Maxine Medina?! Medyo nagkulang ng konti sa Brains pero sa face…. Hindi sya nagkulang!

      • I was not referring directly to the past queens. I’m talking in general sa favorites and apples of the eyes ng aces and queens. Venus could’ve won. Bet siya ni Trump and siya talaga nag pave ng way sa philippines. Shamcey, Janine, Ara, Maxine, maganda sila pero hindi winner material. Pang runner up peg and evidently they didn’t have yung x factor ni Pia and Catriona kaya nga they didn’t win, diba? Isa pa, Aya Abesamis ang peg ni Jonas NGAYON. Yun lang.

      • @Laila

        I agree, Venus could have won… The question given to her was a dead give-away and yet she missed the mark… If she had the trainning of Pia and Janine… She could have won that edition with flying colors.

    • Maganda naman si Aya, Di lang pang beauty queen. Ano naman masama Kung yayahin? May masama ba sa pagiging yaya? Nanggagalaiti tayo pag kinutya ng ibang lahi pero tayo din mismo kumukutya sa sariling atin. Madaming adjectives o kung ano mang pwede mong gamitin wag ang yaya dahil mas marangal pa ang yaya kesa sa bunganga mo.

      I wonder if yung Laila na to ang Laila na naabutan ko dito before.

    • Very true. Mahilig si Jonas sa mga polarizing faces. Yung mga pang-SM ang beauty or mga probinsyana na pango at saka di maganda. Mukhang tsimay ganern. Awrang naive at madaling i-exploit.

      At saka yang One Team PH na yan, kaechosan lang ni Jonas yan. Expect niyo nang dominated ng Mercator at connected sa Mercator ang judges at performers ng MUP. One Team PH for Aces ang mangyayari sa MUP na yan.

    • Aya smart???

      Nung narining ko yung drawer story niya, waley na talaga sa Tough 20 list ko. Maxine Medina effect talaga. Kung yung ang smart kawawa tayong lahat. LOL.

      If we are being honest, Aya was connected. As was Maxine. And Mariel. And Wyn. You get the point.

      Medyo build my Empire, I’ll build yours if you know what I mean. In fairness to A&Q, they have to pay the bills and luxe. Faneys alone are ingrateful moody bishes and they will never put food on your table.

    • I’m in favor sa mga exotic Asian beauties… Parang Maxine Medina… In my opinion, maganda si Venus… Kulang lang sa teeth reshaping and braces.. kailangan lang ng konting beaucal and eyebag removal… problem back then, hindi pa uso pa overhaul ng Miss Venezuela sa Pinas… Pero Venus definitely has the goods to win, specificaly the body…. Long legs, tiny waist and big perky boobs kahit payat… Exotic kung exotic! She actually has the best body among our past 9 BBP universe…

      If I’d rate them based on face:

      1. Pia Wurtzbach
      2. Catriona Gray
      3. Maxine Medina
      4. Ariela Arida
      5. Shamcey Supsup
      6. Venus Raj
      7. Janine Tugonon
      8. MJ Lastimosa
      9. Rachel Peters

      Based on Body:

      1. Rachel Peters
      2. Venus Raj
      3. Maxine Medina
      4. Catriona Grey
      5. Mj Lastimosa
      6. Pia Wurtzbach
      7. Janine Tugonon
      8. Shamcey Supsup
      9. Ariela Arida

      • Yolanda Funds?? Huli ka na sa balita besh. Nailipat na ni digong sa Marawi last 2017 pa.

  46. The good thing is former BBP title holders can now join the Miss Universe Philippines pageant and fulfill their dream of representing PH in the MU pageant, right?

    • Oh please….many of them are not that highly commendable to rejoin 🤔🤔🤔
      And if they join again, it ain’t MUP automatically. Please.

      • I agree with you Jack.

        Katja is the only one that comes to mind but from what I have seen – medyo lacking drive and discipline siya.

        MJ’s batch produced two potentials – Guidotti and Janson but I think both are overage na. Both are smart, disciplined, moldable and have good personal and professional stories (education, multicultularism, deceased father.

        My gosh – almost five years na si Dyosa and looking back she really pulled off a win of wins. Strong competition, including a future Miss U! Forever love ko yan si Brightest Star in the Universe.

  47. Kelan pa nanalo ng Mr. Universe si Chavit?
    Kapal ng mukha magsuot ng sash! Hahaha

  48. Even with Binibining Pilipinas, the title ha been replaced already from Bb Pilipinas Universe to Miss Universe Philippines right?

    • It’s been Miss Universe Phil for a while now miss tissa. I think that is a requirement from Miss U Org.

      • Right, MUO required the change of title. BPCI officially changed it from “Bb Pilipinas Universe” to “Miss Universe Philippines” back in 2012 starting with Janine Tugonon. Check out the Bb Pilipinas winners’ sashes from that year and the year before, and you’ll see what I mean.

  49. I will wait for the official statement of MUO. Whatever it is…I hope it is for good.

  50. The so be it.

    I just think Chavit Singson and Beauty Queens don’t mix. John Casablancas of pageantry (DOM version).

  51. Most likely ang nangyari, tulad ng haka-haka ko, na kay Chavit ang franchise but the operational side is still with SMA. The only difference is that whatever the decision that SMA will be doing, he has to ask for approval first from Chavit being the new owner. Win-win situation pa rin if ever… for the Philippines!

    On the other side, ano ba cuento dun naman sa meeting ni Molly Isler at Arnold Vegafria of Miss World Philippines? Hindi ko mabuo ang puzzle! Some are saying that Molly will be the ND of MWP. Like seriously? Eh kaka-appoint lang niya as ND of MVO. Ano mangyayari ka Bessie Besana? Ito ba ay dahil dun sa pagkaka-disqualify ni Kata sa BWAP niya? Enlighten me, please!

    • Kay gabriela. What on my mind is she will serve as a host or a judge?. Medyo malabo ang ND na position. Pero if ever ND well pwede din naman pero pero andyan pa si bessi eh.
      Sa MUP franchise pareho tayo ng nasa isip kung baga team up pa din sila sma at chavit. Pero chavit will be the big boss. And all the decisions will be approved by singson family either chavit or his daughter. I think its more better than having MUP with no Stella Marquez araneta. So sana ganyan nga mangyari. Pero pero d ko lang nagustuhan ang dila ni chavit. He dont need to say the amount eh. Masyado pang early for that eh. Why dont just wait? But i think lets stop accusing him for possible harassment if ma take over na sa kanya ang MUP. I think she is already old. He will not destroy his name for that shit. He has a daughter also.

  52. I dont know what to say right now. All i can say theres no year in his statement of ownership. Maybe 2020. I hope so. Its more good than this year. And more good if sma really retired as ND. But to buy the franchise even sma still have contract is not good. Maybe contract finish na this year. If you will review sma statement MUP is still with them think until this year. Oh my! it give me headache.

    • Just being honest, I have no idea why either would agree to this.

      Do we think SMA is willing to answer to some man in her 80s? And do we think some man in his 80s paying in the million range is willing to answer to some woman.

      Maging realistic na lang tayo, teh.

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