4 comments on “Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray eats Pinoy food in Flipsigi

  1. Adobo and sinigang are easy to cook
    I’m hoping they will serve bagoong Tiyo dilis tinapa At bangus … things that you do not want to cook at home .
    Adoburrito ? Y-ck!

    • I don’t think bagoong and dried fried fish will be a marketable dish to the mainstream, especially if they are trying to market their food to other people. But looooove sinigang for sure.

  2. I’m more fascinated with the Adoburrito….love to try that…..will now search for it here in SAN DIEGO….hahahahaha…eat well Cat 🙂

  3. Such HUGE smiles, there. 🙂

    “Adoburrito” sounds interesting. Very colorful presentation, too.

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