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  1. Queen Cat is unstoppable ! Very engaging, eloquent and can talk about anything under the sun !
    She is on a roll – go, go, go, girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. So sinabi na ni Chavit na sa kanya na ang MUP… Kulan na lng na i announce na ai Jonas Gaffud ang new Drector

  3. Last night, I saw Sandra Siefert sa BGC, nalalala ko noong 2010, Sana kung hindi na threaten ang Manalo family, I have a strong feeling yung dark ages natapos sana noong 2010. Feeling ko, Sandra could have won and the back to back ni Venezuela could not happen. I remember Siefert is like Gray complete package. I think Siefert finished bachelor degree in the US pa. Sayang lang. Oh well it is history, everything has a reason and purpose.

    • Truth, wala pang social media noon masyado, hindi nakapagbayanihan masyado ang mga beks for Sandra. Pero super nagluksa ang mga fans noon kasi alam namin na ang lakas ng laban ni Sandra Siefert kung sya ipapadala sa Miss Universe noon parang Catriona Gray lang ng slight. hahahaha i remember isa yan sa mga reason ko kung bakit gusto ko malipat ang franchaise ni madam sa iba.

    • Venus Raj was our rep in 2010. That Manalo girl was our rep in 2009 UNFORTUNATELY.

    • Unfortunately in 2009 BPCI was not under the microscope to produce successful MU winners. Kayang kaya ang mga politika ng formers nuon.

      After A&Q produced Venus et al, hindi na puede yung Matalo types even if malagkas sila.

      Oh well, if the Chavit rumors are true, I hope MUP remembers this lesson and we are not doomed to repeat history.

  4. It’s a lot easier to sell A song with a general message abt love or life . ‘We are the World’ was an exception because it was sung by top Hollywood performers .

    Her single is meant for one time listening .. just out of curiosity .

      • Again , justgrc . You are looking at the nits, not my overall message .
        Why does it matter if the song was almost40 yrs old? The point is… this song was played nonstop nonstop on tv and radio.
        U don’t expect The same for Cat’s song .
        As a common audience , I suggest that she make songs and donate the proceeds to her cause . The song and the cause do not have to be theme-related

      • @Fabian,

        Not sure I am nitpicking. You are likening Cat’s strategy to something from decades ago that was different in scope and reach.

        Cat is just one woman trying to make a difference on a specific issue the world, or Universe rather, doesn’t know about and in the Philippines people choose to ignore. In specific, her work with Young Focus. Not necessarily airplay or revenue ang hinahap niya.

        Iba yung awareness of a specific organization’s plight to your celebrity feel good razzle and dazzle from the era of Michael Jackson.

      • Nakakalito na talaga ang kanegahan ng lola pabyan mu! Sarap ipasok sa ataul ang gaga ng matahimik na!

      • @Chezka,

        Medyo naawa ako kay Ate Fabian. Parang guarded siya talaga sa buhay. Parang nasaktan na ang daming beses mahirap mag accept nang hope and success. Optimism doesn’t spring eternal sa kanya, closed until further notice LOL.

        Pero ang pikon so ang sarap laruwin LOL.

    • @ Fabian Reyes and @justgrc : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Points well-made. Is the single a fund-raiser? If so, only Gray’s fans will care to buy.

      However, Internet as we know it now was not available when “WrtW” was released. It will help…

      • Andrew, I’m not a fan of the song . I think the lyrics and the melody could be better .
        But I keep playing it on my Spotify …to support her . I don’t know if it will help.

  5. I can’t stop thinking why Tyra Banks can’t stop thinking of Cat’s signature Lava Walk. I know that Tyra Banks is still relevant despite the fact that she is no longer into runways, however her tweets would matter most if her Tyra show still airs and she’d invite Cat to guest in there.

    There is also no certainty that Tyra’s ANTM show will be back on air soon. It would be so lovely seeing Cat does her Lava Walk in the show.

    I am so excited on things in store for Cat. I mean she has yet to mark her first month as Miss Universe, but then she already showed us what she has got during her media tour in New York.

    Anyway, do MUO and BPCI have talked about Cat’s grand homecoming parade? That’s much awaiting.

    That’s all!

    • Maybe Cat’s walk reminds Tyra of her modelling/runway career back in the 90s.
      Kung mapanood mo kasi runway walk ni Tyra at mga models back in the 90s, parang tulad kay Cat.
      Very energetic, unlike mga runway models today na walang emotion maglakad,

  6. People in Cainta trying to get electricity, daw?

    Ano ‘yun? Jumper at illegal na metro/kuntador…? 🙂

  7. IMG should get this lady a Recording Deal with a legit Recording label pronto!— perhaps create an ADVOCACY JINGLE for CAT which will be played on whenever she visits a Country or Charity!!!–SHE WILL DEFINE A NEW MODERN,TALENTED MISS UNIVERSE!!!– AM SURE THAT WILL BE A HIT!! — IT CAN PERHAPS BE A COLLABORATIVE RECORDING DEAL WITH NEYO!!— CAT’S PREFERRED SINGING IDOL!!

      • mukha naman kasi talaga beki
        lukso ng dugo

        kawawang demi nagamit lang as front


      • Pinatulan. Mo naman .
        Not that I have anything against any gender
        But if he was gay , he would have come out already at this point … or something would have been said abt his sexual behavior
        U can tell naman ..Kung umiitsa ang puwet o tumataas ang Kilay when throwing a ball or running . Kitang kita naman na lalaking lalaki si Tebow

      • Fabian, ang hilig mong magpanggap na matalino pero ang daming kabobohan sa mga comments mo. Hinay hinay ka kaya muna sa mga pageants at mag-basa ka naman ng mga mas may kwentang topics. Habang tumatagal mas lalo kang napupurol.

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        You do know many men are closeted too right? I know in stylish and classy New York the Hells Kitchen queens may own the world, but you wouldn’t know right because you spend all your time people watching sa Broadway.

        And wasn’t it you who was talking about not assuming sexual orientation based on one’s effeminism or mannerism when I commented on Tita Norm’s bevel pose.

        Contrarian with your own views too, I see.

    • Olivia Culpo broke up with him because Tim doesn’t want to have sex outside of marriage daw????

      • baklang bakla puro Miss Universe ang shinoshota
        kasi gusto din maging Miss U

        pilantik pa more ang mga kamay.


  8. Wow, this interview is so fun and casual… I’m surprised that the guy actually went to the Philippines after Pia endorsed it… I love when Cat said “Ganda ng buhok” cause I’m also sure that’s exactly what the locals were thinking… I myself think having an afro is amazing.

  9. Unbelievably talented! Im sure when God threw the gift of talent to mankind she was on front row. Beauty, brains, talent, sincere heart, grace, vibrant personality and patriotic too..loved it! The interview was so engaging. She has beautiful voice and looking like Alicia Keys to me.

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