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  1. I have been silently following Cat’s media round ups since Day 1, and I have to say that Cat is indeed a tough Miss to follow. Cat always looks refreshing in every interview and her positive energy is virally contaminating.

    Henceforth, I understood how our fellow kababayans and co-commenters here went gaga in coming up with the list of the girls who can be an heir apparent to Cat’s MUP and, hopefully, MU throne. They want a girl who can be the Stefania Fernandez, or at the very least the penultimate Ariadna Gutierrez or Tamaryn Green, who can pull a back-to-back victory for our country. Unfortunately, none of the names provided seems come closer to Cat’s caliber.

    I know the pressure in our sash to at least duplicate Colombia’s or South Africa’s almost back-to-back glory. After all, we are now deemed the powerhouse country and yet we can hardly do a back-to-back? That’s a challenge now.

    If we want a very ambitious back-to-back, we need a girl who is exposed on television, a superbeauty, an excellent communicator with a wide range of historical, political and economical views, and a sophisticated lady who has a profound story to tell. No Apriel Smith, please. I feel she can’t advance in MU’s Top 20. Wynwyn is a performer and is a beauty in a league of her own, but I think it will hard for her to make it in the Top 5.

    The closest I know is Bea Patricia Magtanong. Oh, please girl, join now before you find it no longer relevant to try beauty pageantry.

    That’s all!

    • Fair enough on Apriel not being your choice, even though her potential is rare on several levels. Hilaw pa rin.

      But, I like the Magtanog angle. We need someone like her or Shamcey. Saan si Licaros types!!! Even Kristelle Guelos. Or dare I say Angelia Ong! From the Earth to the Universe!!! Hahaha. Too old na pero she has the academic and professional accomplishments IMG wants to show off. Tapos she has the whereabouts to sell a social media bullying platform. Isa pa rin sa checklist of “timely and relevant” issues a la Queen P for IMG.

      Unique selling point – this is what we should be looking for in MUP 2019. Not professional pageant contestant cliche.

      The only one like this in recent history is Calingao pero malabo rin yan. Medyo ADD ang goals sa buhay. MWP tapos BBP tapos MWP. Tapos ligwak in both.
      Tapos Georgetown or Harvard or London or PI or SF or who knows.

      Medyo meltdown a la Katja rin sa social media when things don’t go her way.

      Aye naku, mahihirapan ang mga faneys this year with MUP. Bagka gawin clappers tayo ng IMG to keep us humble and hungry at the same time.

      • I like Jamie. Not sure how old she is though, so maybe if age is a limiting factor this is a moot point.

        My only concern with Jamie as a potential MUP is I’m not sure she has a unique selling point. What would be it? Being a previous titleholder alone is not enough. Look at El Salvador this year. Or Ecuador, or Denmark, or Sweden or you get my point… I know she has her own business, so maybe that but then again several contestants this year had their own business and they clapped.

        Unique diversity angle of American father and Filipina mother? Medyo passe na yung particular story na yan – white privilege ang difficulty niya? I don’t think that will sell to IMG.

        Medyo matapang rin si Jamie – which is good as you need a girl with a solid understanding of her potentials and ability.

      • Mars justgrc, I would like to reiterate my real view on Apriel Smith. I believe she can perform well on stage, but she is not that super beauty. She would be a total downgrade of Cat. I remember during the time of Venus Raj competing in Miss Universe, I thought she was close to perfection until some of the beauty experts opined that Venus’ downfall was her face. She lacked beauty of face. Let us compare Venus with Apriel on that department and you know what I mean.

        Calingao is also not a super beauty. She looks awkward from afar. I mean where is here neck hiding? While we need an excellent speaker with jaw-dropping scholastic achievement, we have to check first the look. What is brainy if beauty is empty?

        I have been following Patch Magtanong on social media. This girl is a bedimpled perfect beauty in all angle, has a towering height of 5’9″, is possessing a va-va-voom body, can be an eloquent speaker knowing that she has just finished Law from UP and every law grad is presumed to have cracked at least one recitation during her entire year in law school be it reciting Preamble in Constitutional Law subject, or at least reciting the Immovable Properties in Civil Law’s Property subject, and is a professional model.

        The sad thing is Patch has already taken the Philippine Bar, so she has just months of counting to become a lawyer. I have faith she will make it in the Bar. After becoming a lawyer, will she still be interested to try BbP? If yes, then she will be the first lawyer to join in BbP.

      • I agree, I have always been rooting for Patricia Magtanong…. I hope she won’t be another “one who got away”… She is not only a TOP runway model, she’s also a UP Economics Cum Laude prior to Law School. I hope she won’t let the opportunity to represent our country pass. She could at least be 1st RUp.

    • Hi Ana Winter,

      What do you think Jamie Herrell joining? she’s smart, beautiful as well? What is your thought on her?

    • Ana how about Nicole Guerrero 5’9 Former USA Philippines or Nikita McElroy 5’8?

    • Mydin and CW,

      I haven’t heard a buzz that Jamie is interested in joining BbP. It is quite a risk on her part if she does, considering her Miss Earth win, but let’s see. She is a super beauty, but she has to work on her “wow factor.” There are moments she looks bland or dull.

      Nicole Guerrero is beautiful. I also like that girl. Let’s wait until she comes home.

      That’s all hunnies. Mwah!

      Ana Winter

      • Hi Ana Winter,

        Thank you for the insight, I just only heard about her interest joining Bb Pilipinas before Catriona’s registration last year,…. So i just thought that she might join this year?

  2. I have a personal superstition that unica child or lone gender among the many other especially when bunso are really special. Because they are like gift from God as the family has been requesting for them. Just like Catriona, being an only girl and only child is particularly special. She is heaven sent. She has the power turn things around for the better.

    • Also, Cat did not rely on divine intervention or superstition.

      Laki sa Western world, where people for the most part believe that your success is defined by the effort you put in through a combination of talent, strategy, and hard work.

  3. @ Jeremi, I will just place this here. Sorry to the rest. Am rushing now…

    To your giving double meaning to Nel-Peters whispering to Gray that the crown is loose, I just remembered reading in a small local pageant page on FB last year that the Phoenix crown has a design “flaw” that places its center of mass towards the front, so perhaps making it unstable.

    Probably nothing more. 🙂

    If that is the case, then Mikimoto needs to address this “problem”.

    • @ Mwrvin1978 : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Thanks for sharing. I would expect that tea is hot. Especially at this time of the year in the Northern Latitudes. So sophisticated SoHo district has become apparently that “cold” (not hot) tea is now also an option. 🙂

      And macarons are automatically of French provenance, right? “French macarons” is redundant?

      I think we missed a vital element in Western culture (Australia in her case) : kids in their late teens and upon finishing high school make a bid for independence. And for Gray, it was modelling. And her decision to live in Philippines.

      I recall reading somewhere that her relatives (the Magnayons) advised her to put her earnings in a bank account so she would have assets.

  4. I kinda feel bad for Clint when Cat evades the question about him. I wonder how he feels or how he’s taking it. Cat surely has her reasons (one of my guesses is the MUO has advised her against talking about her relationship status). Anyway, I wish them well, like Demi Leigh and celibate (?) Tim Tebow who’re now engaged.

    • @ carieskindeepaesthetics : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      He seems chill about the whole thing. “Magandang Buhay” asked him how he felt that she and him would be apart for a year and that so many guys like her now.

      Another boyfie dillemna. 🙂

      Bondad, learn from from Topacio (who totally clammed up about 4M) and the almost attention-seeking (Governor) Villafuerte (to Peters)! Extreme cases, they are. STRIKE BALANCE.

    • No shade to Clint, but I hope Cat can get someone who is established and at the same time love her too. Looks, modelling here and there, TV guesting, and fitness aficionado will not sustain you in life especially when the bill payments starts coming and you getting older by the day. Duration of one’s relationship is not a guarantee of a married blissful environment. I hope Clint level up his ante for the sake of Cat. It will be disappointing if a truly talented, successful and charming woman would just accept life and situations as it is now, for sure that would be her downfall.

    • i kind of noticed that…pag tinatanong about clint ang cold ng mga response ni cat at tinatry nyang ichange yung topic…

  5. No matter how folks felt for her before… slowly but surely, Catriona is now capturing everyone’s heart. You go, girl! You just can’t resist. Her personality and overall goodness of heart is just so endearing.

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