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  1. Mga ateng “napakalantod” ko raw sabi ni lola pabyan. Ano po ba yon? Malalim na tagalog. Mukhang words ng mga kaedad nya eh. Tnx po

  2. @ Fabain Reyes.

    That’s interesting! Thank you for bringing up the matter regarding Teresita’s “leaning” toward Supranational.

    Perhaps the RH organization is “malakas” with Gerhardt Von Lipinski, and will put in a good word for her in the event she tries again. And of course, probably Von Lipinski will include SMA in the loop…

    As for Gray, she seems OK. Will be very interested in her forthcoming job at Puteri 2019. Like she said in an early interview (before planing to NY), “… I’ve never been (to Indonesia, and she expressed excitement to finally go there)”.

  3. When a MIss U attends a national pageant , does the MUO charge a franchise holder or it’s all for free ?

    • Of course! as i remember during trump era 50k yata kaya wala masyadong foreign invitation kasi mahal. i remember trinidad and tobago they cant invite their own winner kasi mahal. i dont know now with IMG

    • I like Wynwyn but i think she is no longer interested but I wish a morena beauty who is as articulate as Catriona will represent us in 2019.

      • Jeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal will be the first transgender candidate of bbp. Kelan flight mo sa thailand for the operation? Thats the first step. Im rooting for you all the way.

      • Oh my god Paul
        How could Norman allow people like you to infest his blog
        Disgusting creature

      • She said she might be interested in Supra .
        But what’s the point of that ?
        If she does not win , she will lose the footing she gained after winning RH.
        And if she wins, will it help her further her showbiz career ? Maybe so .. but the risk is too much

      • @Fabian

        Why don’t you let Wyn speak for herself. Why assume MUP is best for her?

        Maybe she knows something we don’t.

      • O my god therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal! If norman can allow the most disgusting creature (you) to post in is blog, surely he can allow a lesser disgusting creature (me) to post also.. When is your trip to thailand?

    • Justgrc, she has . Wynwyn said MUP or Supra but she was leaning towards Supra. Nothing is written in stone .

  4. During the coronation, Demi Leigh whispered to Catriona “It’s a little bit loose so be careful so that it won’t fall off”.

    That’s all. Bye!

      • Hi Fabie dahlinnn
        It’s the real Jeremi here who just like you is a victim of “impostors” here in this blog.

        Well, Demi is the queen of shade but you may interpret it as you like hahahahaha

      • Superstar Jeremi, I really don’t see any other meaning than what that statement really says .
        So what r u trying to get across?

  5. I can’t believe Cat wants to collaborate with Lea.
    Oh no!!!
    I guess she’s gonna beBroadway bound !

    • Teh, enough with the Broadway obsession. She wants to collaborate – not get married.

      Why wouldn’t she want to collaborate with Lea Salonga. She is the most successful Filipino vocal talent in the US, Nicole Schwarzenneger from the KittyCat Dolls is only half.

      So where you are in the US now, are they as stylish and classy like on Broadway. Are you worried Cat might not be able to meet those standards?

      • I know people from school who went to high school and college with Lea .. and everyone said she was really nice and down to earth
        Now she has that Hollywood air which I hate
        She also tends to copy Barbra Streisand… Have u seen her concerts ? And her pace … has gotten so slow it’s boring me to death . Listen to her music on Spotify and u will know what I mean . Her craft is going for the worse .
        She is very articulate and can really sing … but I’m not a fan .. at least not anymore

      • @Fabian

        So Catriona should limit her potential because your friend of a friend’s hairdresser’s cousins neighbor has some chubachuchu or something or other on her from 1967? And you personally are not a fan??? Baklang twoh LOLs.

        You were also not a fan of Catriona’s journey in BKK so alam na – you have little faith in Cat and/or bad taste in general. I go for both LOL.

  6. Just saw Catriona on a Spanish channel. The show was “Un Nuevo Dia” (Jhuan Matheo). She was wonderful and engaging. They called her Beautiful and Charismatic. She sang for them and they loved her voice and they loved her. “Muy Guapa!!!”.

    No matter the language, she is a loving Universal Ambassador for all.

    We’re proud of you Catriona!!!

    • FYI – Just found out that the Un Nuevo Dia interview can also be found on You Tube. Watch it if you have a chance. It put a smile on my face to see how well she did and how well she was received.

      • Indeed! I hope they included an English subtitle for the whole interview. I can understand a little Spanish..

  7. Summary of Cat’s NY Media Week frenzy so far, from Day 1 to 3 (Jan 07 – 09) in US Eastern Time.

    Day 1 (Jan 07)
    – Good Morning America (live studio interview)
    – Live with Kelly & Ryan (live studio interview)
    – Inside Edition (news featurette – video snippet)
    – Celebrity Page TV (news feature – video interview; with Instagram Lava Walk tutorial)
    – ABS CBN (Don Tagala) – in-depth, personal interview

    Day 2 (Jan 08)
    – Fox5 NY (live studio interview – Cat brought and wears the Mikimoto crown)
    – GMA 7 (Jessica Soho) – news feature to be broadcast in full this weekend at KMJS
    – American Online (AOL) Build Series – live studio interview with Twitter and audience Q&A portion
    – INQUIRER.net (Elton Lugay) – online news article

    Day 3 (Jan 09)
    – CNN Philippines Newsroom (Ruth Cabal) – live catch-up interview
    -News5 – One News PH & AksyonTV (MJ Marfori) – news feature; full interview to be released soon
    -Un Nuevo Dia TV (Telemundo) – news feature in Spanish, interview done at the Top of the Rock
    -Suelta La Sopa TV (Telemundo) -Iinstagram snippet (Cat eating empanadas); featuring a charity auction promoted by Cat for SmileTrain towards the end

    Day 4 (Jan 10)
    – SiriusXM – radio interview (pending)

    • Correction, My bad, I overlooked and forgot to include the show’s name in Day 2 first item :

      Day 2 (Jan 08)
      – Fox5 NY: “Good Morning New York”

      I’ll update you guys about Day 4 and Day 5 next time. : )

      • Sorry for the late post, here’s the continuing summary of Cat’s NY media week as Miss Universe 2018 for Day 4 and 5 (January 10 to 11).

        Refer to the subsequent entries here in this blog to watch the videos based from the schedule in this post.

        Day 4 (Jan 10)

        A: Live Radio Interviews (takes about 20 minutes or more)

        -77 WABC AM (Cumulus Media) -Bernie and Sid Show (full version is in audio format), a short video clip was shown for about a minute from other sources

        – SiriusXM Studio Shade45 Music Channel – Sway In The Morning (in video format, including a short special Remix on the song We’re In This Together done live)

        B. Podcasts Interviews

        – Chicks In the Office – to be released soon

        – Hollywood Life – to be released soon

        C: Published Online News Articles

        – The National – online news feature based from the AOL Build Series live interview

        – FoxNews (Stephanie Nolasco) – online news feature with Associated Press (AP) contribution

        Day 5 (Jan 11)

        -NY Post shoot and interview at FlipSigi restaurant, including a photo-op with the owner Chef Jordan Andino (known for the TV shows Chef In Your Ear and Recipe For Deception)

        -PagentryNOW Mediia – (StayC Sharrow Simpson)- online live interview

        Note: There are lots of news media outlets like Tic Toe from Bloomberg and Time magazine covered the Miss Universe 2018 results, but not Cat’s NY media week events.

        I’ll update the list in case I missed something. I’ll hope this helps for those who are keeping track on Cat’s media week activities.

        Enjoy the weekend everybody!

      • Here are some belated releases from Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018) NY post media week:

        Jan 12 & 13 (Day 6 to 7)

        – Philippine Star online news feature, interviewed by NY correspondent Felix Manuel held in January 7, published in January 12

        – Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) exclusive full interview by Jessica Soho held in January 8, aired in January 13

        – Rated K special news feature, interviewed done in January 10 and aired in January 13.

        Note: So far no releases yet for the podcasts from Chicks in The Office and Hollywood Life. Hopefully they will release it sooner.

        Have a great day, everyone : )

    • Thanks for the list.

      Don’t know which day but I’ve read Cat interviews by AP and Fox News on print today in the US. There may more of this type that I haven’t seen yet. She did Hollywood Life (radio and photoshoot) and another radio show with the chick word on it on Thursday. Tic Toc Bloomberg had a video feature of her that was posted by Miss Universe twitter account.

  8. Since wala na c Uncle sa BPCI ay dafat vumalik c Nicole Cordoves as candidate sa BbPilipinas 2019.
    I’m sure ilalampaso nya ang mga belatan at trans-otin na sasali Divahhhh😄
    Pasavogue lang sa swimsuit walk and elegant but fierce walk sa M5 or Almodal evening gown ay pasok na sa vanga ng MUP Divahhhh😉
    Mas lalong gumanda c Nicole Cordoves now Divahhhhh….Divahhh Pilya hihihi😊

    • Hi bong700

      Long time no hear, I mean medyo matagal din akong nawala dito sa forum site,Hope you are doing fine 🙂 been very busy at work…. I totally agree with your comment above, yes si Nicole ang perfect candidate for 2019 for Ms Universe Phil… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Rose ☺
        Ang mahal ng roses sa Dangwa ngayon hihihi cherette😄
        Maraming Cordoves fans dito ha where are they na😃
        Iwasan lang ni Nicole magdala ng sling bag at minus points talaga tingnan hihihi laging nakasling bag during MGI hiiiji😊

  9. much blessings to you MUning

    i know one of your motivations is/are your parents
    you can make your family’s dream come to fruition now.

    hard work pays.

    • WynWyn should take note. Hard work and she is MUP 2019! Even harder work, back-to-back history.

      I’m sure if she assesses where she could give, she will find a silver lining about how she raised the flag for 104,000,000 Filipinos in Bolivia – all in a language she does not even speak. Sabi niya sa profile niya na pasarela diva was fulfilling in a way nothing else was. That even when she was in the womb, her Mama said she was already doing in the pasarela. Tapos pag birth na si Mommy, sabi daw ni Papa – one step at a time Baby Girl – matatapos rin yung pasarela mo when you look up at your RHA crown.

      As for her personal statement, maybe her No. 1 fan Fabian the Contrarian can help her out. He knows what’s stylish and classy a la NYC sophisticates.

      Then when she arrives at Miss Universe Fabian the Contrarian can tell fans not to get their hopes up and not to enjoy the journey. If she cannot Wyn back-to-back MU, what’s the point. Diba Fabian?

      • Is this a change of heart .. or it’s just the sarcastic justgrc Talking ?

      • @Fabian dear,

        No change of heart.

        Let’s be clear – I have nothing against WynWyn. She’s clearly a strong pageant contestant.

        I do have a problem with fans who think she should be MUP. As if.

      • Hahaha. 1 point for justgrc. Pabyan can not see the writing on the wall. Jusko. And take note she is asserting her seniority in this blog like she owns it. Hahahahaha. Duh. BTW tama nga sya asserting her SENIORITY. Mano po lola pabyan. Gawan kita ng script ala Rainbow Sunset.

    • Yes, hopefully during and after her MU reign, she’ll have enough $$ from her endorsements to be able to afford to move her parents to the Philippines so they can all be together. I’ve read that right now, she doesn’t have enough $$ to do this for them. What an amazing daughter Cat is for her desire to help her parents out. Lots adult children in the US don’t care this much for their parents.

  10. makapagyabang naman
    Berkley is different from berklee

    the former is prestigious the latter is not (where she only did an online certificate, kahit sinong may pambayad pede magkacertificate)

    • siyempre mga Pinoy na walang alam sa difference ng certificate sa diploma sa certificate (online) Berkley and Berklee. sambang samba …hangang hanga

    • Vahkettth?????
      Sino vah ang nagmamayavang divahhh ikaw hihihi.
      Ikaw nga tong mahilig sa online …. ukay ukay online at
      Black hole on sale pati na yung brief ng kapitvahay ay naka sale online JawzKuh 😄😃😆
      Meowwww is Super Ganda and what avout u suferfanget hihihi 🤣
      Mga vacklah kauumpisa fa lang ng lavanan sa intercontinental hotel fero humakot na ng award ang hayuf na c killer Rolando Galman na pumatay sa hero ng mga tanga hihihi😃
      I luvit kc parang masarap yung first course at palapit ng palapit para makuha at matikman ang main course crown na inaasam asam ng KF lamang hihihi 😄
      Mukhang masarap gumapang c mama para sa korona hihihi Congratz in advance mamang😊hihihi

    • university of alifornia berkeley and berklee college of music are both prestigious
      just in different categories

      uc bekeley excels in science, math, engineering, liberals arts, journalism…
      i think their tech department had been growing due to it’s proximity to
      san francisco/ silicon valley
      they offer a whole range as any big universities do

      berklee is focused on music, especially contemporary music and jazz

    • Berkeley is Berklee para sa mga Pinoy agreed. My Mom said I did not know she went here to Berkeley! But, she can tell you who will be on Vice Ganda’s next episode.

      Pareho na rin yan.

  11. Jachin Manere has that beauty queen frame, she can talk in English (fluently), she has that fresh indian-spanish look (for me), she is 175cm, 22 y/o and her skin color is a big check for me BUT i don’t know how brainy she is.. she’s a member of PMAP like Hammond, Kylie and Katarina.

    Any thoughts for someone who is fresh and new?

  12. Wag nyo na lang pansinin mga troll na yan. Wala na tayong magagawa sa kanila. Psychological kc ang cause nyan kaya ganyan ang mga behavior nila. Mas pinapansin, mas nare-reinforce ang kanilang pang-babash. I understand, tao lang tau para maapektuhan. But the only solution is just to IGNORE them. Sad to say, mahirap gawin, pero masasanay din tayo.

    • If so then maybe best to delete your comment. You contradicted your very point.

  13. Ok, the troll is back.

    I’m beginning to think Sir Norman is paying this particular troll to bash our candidates in order to generate more reactions & comments.

    This troll sneers at the fans of Philippine pageantry & yet is unable to stay away from this board—a board dedicated to Philippine pageantry.

    If you hate Philippine pageantry so much, why are you even here in the first place?
    Shouldn’t you focus instead on the things that bring you joy?

    & because Sir Norman indulges this troll … I’m starting to suspect the troll is intentionally planted.

    With all due respect, Sir Norman, you don’t need to engage in these types of underhanded strategies to generate more page views. It harms your website more than it helps & your regular readers will eventually stop coming back.

    I mean, I wouldn’t hang out with toxic & negative people in real life, so why should I do so here?

    • Agree on all counts. Pabyan should also be banned
      Ang negaga ng gagagita. U should read back how she undermined Catriona before she won Miss U.

      • Talandi, I have been here from the very beginning
        You have just got here pero gusto mo Reyna ka na kaagad
        Tse hihihi

    • My 2 centavos , how dare u talk to Tito Norman that way ?
      With all due respect ka pa e nilapastangan mo naman sya.

      • Gurl hindi ako nag reyna reynahan dito. Si Tito Norman lang ang reyna dito. Ikaw kung maka asta ka naging miss milky way na. Hahahaha. GO gurl! Sali na kau ni jeremeeh sa Ms Q & A.

      • I was frank & direct to the point, but still maintaining a respectful stance towards Tito Norman.

        I will dare because I’m making a stand against the negativity & hate that is starting to multiply yet again on this board (most likely the work of one garbage dump of a person who assumes multiple identities but recycles the same trash over & over).

        I don’t know about you but in my house we throw garbage away, not keep it around. It’s part of maintaining a healthy & hygienic & sanitary environment.

        So why are these garbage commentators still around when they soil & contaminate the environment on this board?

        I vote for a clean environment & say THROW OUT THE GARBAGE.

      • Stating that Norman is letting some trash to stay is one thing

        But accusing Norman of paying him to stay is another thing . It’s vicious no matter how u try to sugarcoat it .

        Having been on this blog for sometime , I don’t think Tito Norman deserves that from anyone .

      • Some thoughts: how do we battle the trolls? How do we make a stand against hate & evil in the world? Do we always take the high road, turn the other cheek, passively wait for the trolls to receive their karma? Can we not dispense karma ourselves?

        Michelle Obama says, “When they go low, we go high.” I want so much for high to win, but sometimes I feel we have to be willing to fight dirty in order to get rid of the dirty.

        I don’t have the answers right now, but if I have crossed a line of decency, then I am no better than the trolls I’m trying to battle.

        In which case, my sincere apologies to Tito Norman for displacing my disgust against the trolls onto him. & thank you as well to Fabian for making the effort to correct my wrong impulses.

  14. Mga mumshie! Nagtanggal na ng mga MGI title ang mga previous rep natin sa MGI! Hudyat na ba ito?

  15. So waley na pala ang mess grandma sa binibini… may confirm na ilang titles pa ba na natira? dapat waley narin ibang mga minor na yan.

  16. slightly off topic, but relevant as well

    has anybody pointed out that for the 4 year
    IMG had been handling MU, 2 of the winners
    are filipinas? that’s 2 out of 4!

    which makes me think that BBP
    are fielding candidates that MU
    deem perfect to represent “confidently
    beautiful”. a back to back is possible,
    depending on the candidate of course
    but will also be really hard to pull off.

    • Its not slightly off topic but real non sense. You are stating the obvious (2 out of 4) and making the base expectation (BBP) as something genius na ikaw lang nakakaicip. You are even tad too behind. Damn.

  17. 1 week of fame
    short lived

    next projects eh mag judge sa Indonesia and ecuador

    that’s it

    • There’s also Fashion Week New York in February. And as you mentioned correctly attending Miss Puteri Indonesia and that festival in Ecuador. Then Bb Pilipinas in Manila. She’ll also make her appearance in Miss USA. A European trip is also in the works. And in between she’ll be travelling a lot within the U.S. and visits to her home country during her reign to support her advocacies and lending her voice and WORKING with a variety of charitable causes. Then before you know it, an exploratory trip and working with MUO in preparations for Miss Universe 2019 to crown her successor in Korea. I call that a BUSY working year ahead, neither short lived nor just 1 week of fame.

    • That is why she should strike while the cauldron is hot sa US.

      Pag sa PI, tiyak na Judge sa Miss Q&A and Frontrow placebo bills ang dating.


    • She is Miss Universe. Di na importante yan. Nanalo na siya. Nasa history na ke me project o wala.

      • She has projects waiting and only needs approval. Some are magazine covers (in and outside Philippines). There are banks in the Philippines bidding to have her as an Additional/Own muse to their campaigns – I don’t know if you guys just predicted it but that red bank is also asking. She’ll also go to NYFW this Feb and walk for Sherri Hill and another brand.

        Note: She’ll visit at least 8 countries who joined MU, and she’ll be the first Pinay MU who’ll judge in Puteri Indonesia. 🙂

  18. Dapat daw pala talaga Australia ang ire-represent ni Catriona sa Miss Universe at hindi Pilipinas.
    Inayawan ni Cat kasi ang pinapagawa daw sa kanyang walk ay kangaroo walk!!! 😄😃🤣

    • I laugh and laugh and laugh because Laughter is the best medicine hihihi until my dog Clint (Yes, I changed his name weeks ago hihihi…bye marlon) barks at me kc nadisturbo ko daw tulog nya hihihi 😀
      Imagine kangaroo walk + giraffe look divahhh c Lu Sierraulo na yan hihihi😄

  19. it’s media tour day 3.. and so far.. all of her looks are all on point. i just don’t know if it is her beauty or the MU glam team was able to plan all the wardrobes for her during the holidays. or both. she looks great on all of her interviews.

    I can listen to her interviews all day. i mean, iba din kasi talaga pag yung first language mo is english.. though don’t get me wrong ha. okay din yung media tour ni Pia. (bago nio pa ikumpara mga keme niyo!)

    So her first stop is Indonesia? when is puteri ba? parang ang tagal pa non. sana she’ll travel ng marami and get invited to crown the national winners.

  20. Lahat na yata ng mga Filipino ay naging bihasa sa mga patimpalak at may kanya kanyang pili na pambato para sa Miss Universe 2019. Nakalimutan na yata nila na nasa kamay ni Madam Stella ang pipili kung anong patimpalak ang bagay sa mga masuwerteng kandidata. Hiling na lang sana na hindi magkamali si Madam Stella sa pagpili ng tamang at nararapat na kandidata na ipapadala.

    Ano na kaya ang balita sa mga Miss Intercontinental 2018? Sa sobrang katangkaran ni Karen Gallman natabunan na yata ng mga balita tungkol kay Miss Universe 2018.

    • She won two awards out of two.
      Press Favorite (decided by press in and outside PH who’ve been invited) and Standout Beauty Award (decided by the Miss Intercontinental Org alone)

  21. Third day of media tour…amazing and she looks lovely as ever! Keep enjoying and impress the Org. and the US media 🤗

  22. Possible naman ang back to back sa MU 2019. Maxine Medina was a possible crown contender having an overload of sweet face but too bad the answer was really weak that blocked her way to Top 3.

    Let’s send a candidate who will be endeared to the host country (like the one who likes K-Pop in case in will be held in South Korea). And of course, the one who is hungry for the crown and a character that MUO will notice easily.

    Lastly, in case the candidate is having challenges in speaking good english, it won’t hurt if she will use a translator. An opportunity to speak in tagalog to express her ideas well is what Ms Medina missed during her time.

    • but of course sport lang if we achieved top 10 or Top 5 finish. life is just like that. remember pageant powerhouses are placing as runners up, too di ba?

    • Tagalog man o ingles ang pagsagot, i think what counts most is the way how the question is answered…the substance, including the speaking voice, gesture, facial expression etc.

    • Eh kasi boba talaga si Maxine, perfect example of nothing between the ears. Its not iabout her ability to speak, INGLESRA nga sya, Benilde benilde sya diba? Arte Artehan nga si MAXSHINE. It’s her thought process, its her limited view to the world. Sorry for my French.

      Rare talaga si Catrionia. I hope makahap tayo ng same caliber. Kung si SA nakahanap ng worthy succesor kay Demi. Meron dyan nagtatago sa NGO, Research Center or Hospital. Perfect peg si CORDOVES talaga, but sinayang sa Granny International

      • O Kylie…mga ganyang peg! Atbp. meron yan…I just hope lang it is still Binibi lol

      • Sa lahat ng sinabi mo Jeremi” dito ako nag agree syo 101% true!!!! I totally agree with you!!!!!

      • On point, Jeremi. Natawa ako dun sa “boba talaga si Maxine.” Masyadong blatant ang description, pero she is not boba. She isn’t just used to intellectual oral discussions. Siguro ‘yung mga nakapaligid sa kanya, ganun lang rin kase nga wala silang masyadong angst sa buhay, walang reklamo sa gobyerno. In short, she must have lived in a very light environment.

        That’s all.

      • Ano nga kaya, ano? With a twist of fate, biglang si Nicole Cordovez ang i-send sa Miss Universe 2019 at nag-back2back ang Philippines. Dios ko! Mas malakas pa sa bagyo ang sampal na yon! Una ka Angkol at pangalawa kay Ariska!

      • In fairness, may point ka. I don’t know where you will find a suitable follow-up for Catriona, but it’s probably not going to be the same places we have been looking. Or as Maxine would say, spaces.

        But you know how it is in the Philippines – if it ain’t broken, then we don’t want a part of it.

        WynWyn for MUP 2019!!!

    • agree with that of Maxine…she was really a crown contender back then. If she had given a strong answer in the Q&A MUO would have given her the crown

  23. she mentioned
    Beauty Pageants
    Filipinos are most passionate about
    to add Reality drama singing shows
    Teleseryes and romcom movies.. LOL

    what a sad reality — thats why Phils remained 3rd world

    whereas other developed countries
    passion are Literature, the Arts, Envionment, Economy,
    Financial literacy, health care, Technology, research and development, Science etc.

    need I say more, the Philippines should catch up with the rest of the world.

    • @0neandonly.

      Totoo naman, that’s why I salute Catrina. She use her platform to introduce the wonderful world of Philippine Texttile that a form of art. At least somebody is lifting up, regarding masa go gaga over something else. it not happen overight, but I am sure young masa Filipino will be able to see the silver lining. Ang tanong sayo bakla, ikaw ano contribution mo? Paano ka makakawala sa mentality na yan na forever 3rd world pinas. Baklang toh. Nega mo

    • oneandonly anong problema mo,na ta take ka na ng medicines mo or hindi ka pa na ka pag almusal.

    • So television lang ang mode of entertainment na alam mo. In these days when live streaming and other forms of media pervade…so jurassic. So exactly you. Hahahaha. Girl you’re giving yasself away. Duh.

      • Fabian used to sit around NYC watching the Americans around him. Baka sa bus stop bench.

        Or maybe from the window of McDonalds Times Square. Next to the 21 year old backpackers from Australia on their gap year or the tourist family from Scotland. Hehehe. Or perhaps the Filipino tourists who multiply the Egg McMuffin price by 50 and decide masyadong mahal – pero look at all the stylish people around us. Bwahahahaha.

        Can you say the same for yourself????

      • Hello Fabian Reyes este Tito Norman! Haha.. Seriously, san po ba ang tower ni Cat dito sa New York.. I’m here i NY for few days, gusto ko sya makita at makakuha ng kahit konting photos lang… Bigyan kita agad agad pag nakakuha ako.. Special scoop mo pag ngakataon.. Thank you!!!

    • Alam mo hija magpakatotoo ka. Your haughty stance and condescending attitude is turning off a lot of peeps here. Obyus na rin thatbu did not graduate with latin honors from Harvard or UCLA man lang. Sa ka epalan mo marami na naiinis sa u. Kung nag graduate ka man with latin honors sa pinas sigurado naman HINDI YON MAXIMA CUM LAUDE. Kaya gurl be true to urself and u will be set free from other people’s animosity. Good day gurl! : )

      • How many names have u used here hija ? Exactly , Sino dapat magpakatotoo ? Lol

        Magbantay ka muna sa Dollar General hane … nang ma-promote ka naman to asst clerk hihihi

  24. parehas lang naman sila ng ginawa ni Anne Curtis
    walang magiging career sa Australia so move sa Pinas para mapansin kasi Pinas loves tisays and banyagas — get real if magkaka superstar ulit na kamukha ng ordinary Pinay or beauty queen na ordinary looking Malay Pinay pero superb personality — dun ako mas maniniwala.

    i am sure they were both using their Australian passport sa lahat ng travels nila

    • Anong masama dun, naghanap ang teenager cat ng opportunity dito many years ago. Alam mo ba ang untold story nya? She was also a breadwinner ng family nya for a time. What’s wrong with that? Bakla, ang mga pure bloodied pinoy umaalis to work outside the country. Ganun din sya kung tutuusin. Bakit Bitter ka??? Hindi kaya ikaw ang racist dyan oneandonly. Bakit ka ganyan? Inapi ka ba when you are young? ang panget panget b ng kulay ng balat mo. Let’s celebrate our own individuality teh

    • Ano na naman problema ng baklitang twooohhh!?? Magkulot ka na lang day. May kita ka pa!!!

    • And yet you know so much about their personal lives … why so engaged & involved?

      Why do you even care so much?


      Sikat na talaga si Catriona. She has a full-time hater.

      Everyone knows haters are just confused admirers who love what Catriona has done & respects what Catriona has done, but don’t have the guts or the goods to do what Catriona has done.

      In other words, the hate of a hater is mostly directed at their own ugly & shitty & sad & worthless selves.

      So hate away, hater.

      I guess it’s the only way for you to get any recognition for your garbage dump of a life.

  25. I watched the whole video. I would say we have the best Ms Universe in Catriona, bar none!!

  26. Medyo na awkward sya dun sa isyu on her being born and raised in oz, oz claiming a piece of her victory. ..

    • Technically she seems to be focusing on her father as a Scottish immigrant to Australia.

      Alam ni Cat immigration is a hot topic sa US right now. And that IMG supports diversity and inclusion, unlike the former owner who wants to build castles in the sky along the Mexican border.

      Galing talaga ni MUning.

      • Well thats an interesting point of view i havent thot of (immigration angle) but my impression is that Cat is sort of distancing herself from her Australian roots like emphasizing that her father is a (mere) scottish imigrant. I kind of got lost in this emphasis because being a forner british colony, australia’s population, if not aboriginal, is predominantly british in origin, be it irish, scottish or just english. That’s why i appreciate and admired Cat when she profusely thanked the Philippines for sort of allowing her wear the Philippine sash, remember her speech that it was an honor for her to do so? Rightly so for she came here when she was already 18, may be in and out of the country, making it only 6 years of having lived here when she won the crown. My point is she is equally an australian as she is a filipino but i havent heard Cat acknedged this fact. Her accent, her articulateness, and her intelligence, etc., definetely these were products of having lived in australia, having undergone the australian educational system among others….when somebody witn an ounce of filipino blood gets acclaim abroad, we share in the glory..

      • correction
        only Cairns her hometown, where she was born raised educated,
        is claiming her victory
        the entire Australia dont even care.

      • Funny, Cat’s accent to me is more American than Aussie. She has moments when when the Aussie comes out but she really does sound like a SoCal girl.

        I think he is a blend of Aussie English and sosyal Filipino English.

        Compare her to accent tin Michelle Kwan or whatever Miss Australia’s name is or JHawk.

        Maybe she just doesn’t “feel” san Australian because neither of her parents are native Aussies and she has no family lineage to the Land Down Under.

        It might also be due to Cairns being like the Hawaii of Austraia, so far removed physically and socially from Melbourne, Sydney, etc.

      • check her other videos when she was introducing herself in modelling
        she is very Australian

        ofcourse her strategy is to adapt wherever
        accents etc.

        she needs to survive wherever

  27. Who could be the next Filipina who’s worthy enough to succeed Queen Cat and the 2018 BBP winners?

    I’m betting on…

    The big-eyed pan-Asian 24 year old, 5’9 PMAP model, UP BS Economics Cum Laude and now UP Law student- Patricia Magtanong.

    Reina Hispano-Americana 2017- Teresita Lacsamana Marquez

    Multi-regional titled 5’8 – Apriel Smith

    5’8 Top Model & Marketing student- Sirene Sutton

    And the very promising- Nicole Guerrero

    • Please no to Wynwyn. Aside from her height and barangay level face, she is transphobic.

      • Mori,
        Wyn wyn brings to the table;
        1) Successful pageant experience and excellent communication skills,
        2) Stunning “island brown-Asian” features, and
        3) A HispanoAmericana title.

        She is a triple threat and not a Catriona prototype.
        Just my opinion.

      • As in triple threat with Basketball Boxing and Beauty Pageants.

        Triple threat for the Third World. Better pa kung Build Build Build na lang.

        PI won MU this year with an out of the box candidate and the first thing we want is for another girl who already had her time in the box. Oh I am going to make it a point to enjoy Cat’s journey…

      • No to wyn-win…………She’s short, somewhat a plain jane without the make up and being glammed up. She’s pretty and did win that crown in Latin America, but she had her spotlight and reaching that age already. Let her have her peace. 🙂

        I’m hearing this Nicole Guererro (and she looks raw and fresh face………give her a try)…..Still wishing for ELIMA to consider for another Bb stint. 🙂

    • Needs substance and/or advocacy.

      Sorry but being an actress or model is not enough for IMG these days.

      Poor girl child labor sob story is also passe, unless you have the personality to sell empanadas like Sthhepffaniye.

      Why is WynWyn being shoved our throats still? Move on na rin siya with her acting career. Besides if the Venezuelan ReinaBarrioFiestaAmericanaCondesaCancun couldn’t translate her RHA crown into success at Supranational, Miss Universa pa…

      • pls do not compare apple to orange
        let that miss Venezuela walk on MU stage and see what happens

      • @Fabian the Contrarian,

        Alam ko na ang mangyayari, mag ke-kembot. Mag smi-smile. Mag hairplay. Mag 20,000 gown. Mag i-ilaw yung national costume the size of a car niya.

        Teh, hindi lang ikaw ang nagkakita ng Miss Venezuela sa MU stage.

        As for Wyn, maybe you can be the first to see her on a MU stage. In your dreams.

        Kahit MW cooking show stage hindi nagkaratin, bessie friend pa ang GM ng MWP.

      • @justgrc, they don’t let Wyn2 walk on MU stage ? it’s their loss . I’m 100% sure she will deliver at MU if given the opportunity to do so

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        Oh well, they will lose then. They lost Tamaryn, they lost Ariadna, they lost Kaci Fennell, Patricia Yurena, Janine Tugnonon, etc. etc. etc. life goes on.

        MUO will probably not lose Sherri Hill though. Hard to model gowns in classy and stylish NYC fwhen you are 5’2. Even Demi-Leigh sat out a Sherri Hill NYFW.

        Now Narthika Barrymore or whatever her name is from Valenzuela, isn’t she like 6’0????

        No doubt Wyn can deliver, Tough 10 is still an amazing feat. The Thais and Indos are happy with it.

      • @justgrc . usa 2018 is 5’2 but she was on that show
        as for wyn2, she may not win mu .but it’s not because of her. nowadays, they want a universal beauty and pinoy/Asian beauty is not.

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        LOL teh ano ba ang point mo.

        Si WynWyn para MUP para hindi manalo. Think before you click teh. I’m becoming embarrassed for you.

        Para kang si Roses mo. Verbal and mental diarrhea. Roses was a poor choice. Annoying biblethumper pa. Tough 20 lang, parang si Wyn.

        I’ll leave you alone now as this is like picking Oman 12 year old girl.

    • Patch and Nicole – MUP
      Teresita – Supra or MGI
      Apriel – MGI, Supra, Intercon or Globe
      Sirene – MIP, Supra, or MGI

    • Wyn-wyn Marquez is being shoved to everybody’s throat like every Miss Indonesia-Universe every year.

      May umiikot ba talagang campaign fund para i-hype nang i-hype ang MU-Indonesia taon-taon at ngayon naman ay si Wyn-wyn Marquez? Kung meron aba kinakabog na nya si George Soros na nagpa-fund ng mga terorista para guluhin ang mga bansa sa mundo.


  29. Malayo talaga mararating ng MUO and IMG with Catriona. Vice versa. Dami magagamit ni cat to raise funds and etc. she is very talented. They can use her voice (singing) for benefit concert.for a cause. She can be a good IMG model. A good role model. She can speak in front of biggest organization. Oh my! Now pa lang she is proving us right that she can be the best Miss Universe in this decade or even the Best Miss Universe ever! I am not expecting for a b2b. But to have at least a representative na ka level nya is something i am expecting para magtuloy ang top 5 placement or top 3. Kung manalo Mas OK! Colombia managed to be in the top 2 after they won. Same with South Africa nag ist runner up din sila last year. So i am hoping next year magawa din ng Philippines yan.

    • Magagawa sana ng pilipinas yan kung si Maxine nung 2016 ay matalas ang kukote. Puro lang sya ganda.

  30. great interview…Cat was able to talk about the things about her and her platform…Cat is very engaging. She talks a lot of sense. MU did choose the right girl for the job.

  31. She indeed raised the bar with regard to everythibg about Pageantry. Beautiful, engaging, articulate, charismatic, sincere, patriotic, eloquent, humble, courteous..haay! IKAW NA!

  32. Wow, she’s so gorgeous, engaging and bright! Philippines is so proud of you, Catriona!

  33. Outstanding interview, the interviewer did her research well and the Q and A part was great! I’m still waiting for the full interviews done in inside Edition and Celebrity Page TV. On to Day 3.

    • Totally agree with this. A very engaging interview, the best Catriona has done so far. It helps that Catriona was given so much air time express herself & really show her personality, but Kerry Justich was really a masterful interviewer. You can tell she (Kerry) did her homework & familiarized herself with Catriona’s background. And because of that, her line of questioning was quite insightful & allowed her subject, Catriona, to shine & showcase her story & platform in a very fresh & fun way.

      My favorite interview of the media tour so far. Good job, Kerry.

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