27 comments on “Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray walks the streets of Midtown Manhattan in style

  1. She did well on her ist day. Truly a good speaker. She deserved the crown and the long rest. What on my mind is shes the only one from img queens na hinde sinuot ang crown during ist day of interview. I guess nakalimutan ipasuot but she did 2 live interview GMA and Kelly and ryan hmmm. i dont think nakalimutan din. Sana next interview nya ipasuot sa kanya ang crown nya. Saang show pa ba ang susunod?

    • Miss universe 2016 and 2017 did not wear their crowns too when they were interviewed during the first media tour

  2. I hope MOU will return the selection of Top 10 with the highest scorers in its 2019 edition. They should discontinue selecting semi-finalists by continents and most of all allocating spots for wild card must be stopped as well.

  3. sa USA short interview lang

    sa Pinas ito super special ito tapos may suprise guests may messages lahat
    may videos etc. may production number etc

    • Hahaha, I’m glad that you mentioned this. Here in the US, the hosts don’t beat around the bush, they asked questions let the guest speak and then they stayed within the program. Time is money LOL……in the Pi, there are so much more to add in the program…..trivia, dance portion, etc etc…..your childhood friend surprised cameo, etc etc etc……LOL.

  4. Such a fashionista, our Queen Cat is !
    She wows ’em all in NYC !
    Enjoy your MU journey, Cat ! Love love love ya 💫💥💣👑💄💍💋👄❤

  5. Catriona just drops a bomb and the entire Manhattan explodes. What a perfect Miss Universe.

    That’s all.

    • Perhaps not the best analogy Ana especially after 911 but got your point…. :-). She’s truly remarkable and can’t wait to see her journey this hear as miss universe

  6. Love the outfit….i would not wear another busy patterned trench coat with the zebra dress. Maybe with a plain black or white coat??? But anyway, it’s divine 🙂

  7. That must be near Central Park! Hoping I could get to see her in person. Maybe during Philippine Independence Day in June! Crossing my fingers!

  8. She makes even kitschy Times Square look good and is if it were in the Sex and the City perpetual spring.

    It’s like 0 degrees in Manhattan this week LOL.

    Lamig ni MUning but anything and everything for 104,000,000 Filipinos.

      • Fabian the Contrarian, of course not. Are you enjoying Cat’s journey though?

        You should have just enjoyed it from Day 1, you cannot get that time back now.

        But, you can get kitsch on any and every corner of Times Square.

      • She’s very tiring this Fabian the contrarian . She never agrees with anything blah blah blah

      • Venus ,
        I was not the one who said “ Mark my word , Angola will win “.

      • Justgrc , I lived in Manhattan for 6y. Classy beautiful well-dressed people were everywhere .i enjoyed sitting in the corner just watching these people walk by .

        Klitschy? OMG , u r so special , justgrc

      • Lampake sayo pabyan. Kung sino sino pinagsasabi mo jan. May feelariasis ka! Yon lang! Bakulawngng twoooh!

      • Ang pagiging reyna mo looking at others like they’re dregs of society is just a figment of your wild and crazy imagination. You are just a freakin’ crazy lying lil bitch! Hahaha. You’re the least like commenter in this blog for all u know! Akala mo kung sino ka. You are not Maleficent’s reincarnate bcoz you are incorrigible- filthy, chubby kulubot! Hahahaha. Babush!

    • Madame literal ang interpretation sa word na kitschy ni negaga pabyan. HAHAHA. Poor girl. Wala siguro access sa internet ang hitad!

      • @Chezka LOL,

        I think Fabian has a crush on me. He replies to anything I say just to argue.

        Dalagang Pinay ang dating for sure. Anything for attention LOL.

      • chezka, ano na naman ang pangalan mo ? Dati Garzelle At Kung ani-ano pa.
        I’ve been Fabian Reyes from the very beginning

    • My feelariasis si pabyan. Hahaha. The correct spelling though is filariasis (in case di nya alam) : )

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