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  1. shw has a lot a lot of charm and is very engaging…she’s a natural…her aura is like that of a movie star ! and she’s very proud of her country – Philippines…She considers her herself as a Filipina even if she was born in Australia. She streesed that being born in Australia is not her choice but her parents. She is proud to be a Filipina. It’s her choice ! and besides she will not be MU without the help of her filipino side ( her team and fans )

  2. Pia has an estimated 200Mpesos or roughly around more tha 3M USD which is not bad since US based Olivia Culpo has 6M USD but won 2 years ahead of Pia… If Catriona could gather 4M IG followers in just a few weeks… I’m sure she could also have a bigger net worth even when she donates to Charity.

    • In fairness, Pia is hustling. Even her IG – marketing marketing marketing.

      La Culpo, shit just comes to her. She just looks luxe all day every day. How often does Culpo hawk water, watches, throat drops, or the ubiquitous poofy jackets?

      Apples to oranges.

      Just saying.

  3. Oh please. Accept the fact. One is a surprise winner. The other is a sure winner. #AhasAndKweens

  4. What an amazing Miss Universe, you are, Cat !
    Beauty and brains personified, with a heart of gold !
    MU 2018 is such a well deserved victory.
    Love you to the moon and back👑 😻😹😺👄💋👑👠👢💍💄

  5. So well spoken and so very engaging. It was a great joy to watch her on GMA and Kelly and Ryan. Loved the yellow on her – I’m a little bias because it’s my favorite color 🙂 . I look forward to seeing her elsewhere and watching her glow. Proud, proud of her and her promotion of The Philippines and her advocacies. It truly is wonderful to see her expand her outreach to everyone she touches with her inspiring words. She is beauty within.

  6. She’s showing tons of personality in these interviews and even in her street photos. She is killing it and I Hope Miss Universe will give her many overseas travels to spread that sunshine and charm people from other countries. Can’t contain my excitement to follow her journey.

    • Agree! Cat should be given a 2-yr reign. She’s such a high standard that if the next winner is not as good as her, it will be a big letdown in 2020 like with Iris winning after Pia won.

  7. She revolutionized the definition of Pageantry. Truly amazing to watch with such intelligence and vibrant personality. She may be the most successful Miss Universe ever! Very endearing too. Gifted and a natural!

  8. She revolutionized the definition of Pageantry. Truly amazing to watch with such intelligence and vibrant personality. She may be the most successful Miss Universe ever! Very endearing too. Gifted and a natural!

  9. She revolutionized the definition of Pageantry. Truly amazing to watch with such intelligence and vibrant personality. She may be the most successful Miss Universe ever! Very endearing too. Gifted and a natural!

  10. Uber gorgeous and tall, thank God am working from home today. i get to watch her, her styling on point and a real great speaker indeed❤️Love her❤️.

  11. She’s a breath of fresh air. Very charming and sharp at the same time. So happy she’s able to widen her outreach and shine the spotlight on Young Focus. Her reward will be immense.. I can already see tons of products endorsements and acting/singing opportunities popping up. She’s poised for a big US-based career after her reign.

    • DanDan, I agree that Cat would be wise to leverage her year in the US to build her music career. No better place to start.

      Knowing her, it’s already probably something on her to-do list.

      • OMG , Justgrc. Get a hold of yourself .
        Be a little realistic here .
        I think she’s better off trying it out in the Philippines first . She will have a lot more opportunities there . The 2 Olivias have been trying for yrs to no avail. At least in the Philippines , she can make more money doing commercials and tv shows . That’s not gonna happen here in the US.
        She may thrive on Broadway . But how much will she make singing choruses ?

      • A career in hosting might be more a possibility. But she deserves something more authentic, maybe something in the UN?

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        No one ever said Broadway, teh. She can delve into recording/labeling opps, hone her craft with more vocal training, develop a more global reach beyond guesting on ASAP lip-syching and street dancing to the latest Cardi B. song.

        Olivia Culpo is probably the most successful MU this decade. American pop icon. Sure probably B-List but she is making more in American $$$ and entertainment exposure than all the rest. High fashion, luxe connections with an international reach. The rest, pa third-world malls and product endorsements lang, including Pia if we are being honest. La Culpo used her year wisely from the get go. Winner na yan.

        Olivia Jordan, well, she was never Miss Universe. Besides, her acting talent is notoriously atrocious and that’s being nice. Have you ever heard O-Jo speak outside of pageant script – NGECK! She is engaged to a hot British model now, so winner pa rin yan.

        I’m sure Cat will make a lot of fast, easy money in the PI. But if we are speaking of opportunities, I hope she is not short sighted thinking endorsing Ever Billena, JAG, mobile hotspots like all our BbPs, staring in a short-lived teleserye et al. will sustain a quality long-term career. You said it yourself, Pinoys are fickle and easily move on to the next thing. I’d like to think Cat is poised to be our first titleholder that will go beyond being another ABS-CBN/GMA starlet flavor of the week – she is unique in that way.

        She would do more to raise the flag and name of the Philippines that way, if she assesses where she could give, she could bear that torch for 104,000,000 Filipinos and then some outside of the PI.

      • justgrc, the problem with non-American winners is that they don’t have the leverage of having people around you to help you in America after your reign.

        Unlike the Miss USAs who won Miss Universe, they live there and can easily adapt if they decide to work in Hollywood etc. They have it easier since it’s their home country.

      • @4M

        I’m not sure that is necessarily true. Amelia Vega, Zuleyka Rivera, Dayana Mendoza, Leila Lopes, Gabriela Isler, Paulina Vega, and now Demi-Leigh made it work in the US.

        Cat moved to the Philippines alone from Australia as a teenager. Independently. As an independent, she nailed the 4th MU crown without any hesitation or doubt.

        I have full confidence Cat can do whatever she sets her mind to. More importantly, I’m pretty sure Cat has the same confidence in herself.

      • Madam don’t bother sa comment ni pabyan. Negaga yan. She’s one of those who undermined our Miss Universe. DONT ME PABYAN! YOU ARE JUST A FEELINGERA!

      • I hope she gets a good vocal coach to help her with her singing voice. She’ll also need a good manager to help her get a record deal. I can see her hosting a IS TV show.

  12. Siopao!!!

    Even then, she caught herself and realized that Kelly & Ryan may not be familiar with siopao so she recovered with the fluffy follow-up. Galing ni MUning!

    What a joy to watch. She also managed to educate the audience about her family, life in both the Philippines and Australia, the best fans in the Universe, and of course her commitment to Young Focus.

    So proud of her and what she has done for the Philippines.

    • With my EXTREME LEVEL OF KAPANGITAN EXTERNALLY… my parents’ genetics kinda fucked me up already…

      With my EXTREME LEVEL OF KAPANGITAN INTERNALLY… I truly fucked myself up even more.

      I am THE REAL JEREMI BAKLANG PANGET. And no one… I mean NO ONE (even if I offer to pay them)… will ever want to fuck my FUGLY VIRGIN BOTTOM. 😦


      Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

      • Jeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal, you must really be envious of cat by niw coz shes in the spotlight and youre not. Paopera ka na kasi. Malapit na registration ng bbp. I will be your number 1 fan as d first tansgender contestant of bbp. Para mawala na ingit mo ke catriona.

  13. How lovely….did you guys see the expression of the black man behind her…it’s classic. He was thinking……….THAT’S A FINE YOUNG WOMAN….hehehe……Enjoy your adventure Cat.

  14. Now Catriona, that’s how you do interviews!! Your answers are not the same even you were asked the same questions… Yung kay Pia napakadami nya guestings pero iisa ang sagot sa lahat ng tanong pati emosyon nya parehas… Yung tipong nanuod ka ng replay dahil same lahat ng sagot nya sa lahat ng tanong word per word.

    • I don’t understand why you have to put down Pia to bring Cat up .
      Of course , Cat will have it easy . She grew up in Australia !
      U r stupid to even have to compare that way

      • No comparison….Pia did her reign well and you can’t compare two different queens…..Catriona May sounds more fluid and unrehearsed with her communication because she is probably more a natural English speaker and fluent. And I’m not sure about Pia but her communication skill is fairly decent.

      • In fairness to Pia, all of her questions were focused on the Harvey scandal. She truly needed delicadeza for that, especially amidst all the backlash that was placed on her shoulders through no fault of her own.

        Plus, Cat’s Australian happy-go-lucky background influences her openness. They are very gregarious to begin with and just go with the flow. Unlike native Pinoys who are taught that public speaking always has to be “oratorial” and thus thought out.

    • Pia needed to be very careful about what she said because of the Steve Harvey’s scandal. She did great during her media blitz. Cat is doing great on her media tour with less stress on her shoulder. Let’s just be happy for their success and STOP comparing them!

      • Exactly!
        Both Pia and Catriona revolutionized pageantry in their own unique journeys.
        It’s like comparing Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The common demoninator is both were remarkable artists!

    • My gosh, another crabby Filipino… What a SURPRISE… Shame on you on putting someone else’s down to make a point. Crab.

    • If you were asked the same question, would you not give the same truthful answer? Nakakabobo ganitong comment.

      In fact, Pia won unanimously. Even without her opening her mouth, just her standing there, she was the queen.

      Catriona won due to her hard work and passion. Both two different stories and type of beauty.

      Sa communication skills naman if you really want to compare, Pia answers wittily, Catriona is fluent. Yun lang.

  15. OMG, SUPER MISS UNIVERSE!…. She’s actually a better host than the real hosts of the show… What an amazing personality she has… I thought her explanation for her gown being inspired by Mayon Volcano was fantastic BUT when she said “Sio-pao” prior, it was absolutely endearing. I hope Kelly & Ryan knew what she was reffering to. LOL I wish the interviews were longer.. I can’t wait for the upcoming guestings. Catriona Gray is so addictive! 🙂

    • I like everything that you said C2f with the exception of “She’s actually a better host than the real hosts of the show…”

      Come on, pls show some civility naman po.

      You don’t need to bring the hosts down to bring Cat up. They don’t deserve that and Cat doesn’t need that.

    • Agreed, Kelly & Ryan seemed to feed off Cat’s exuberance as did she from theirs. I’ve already watched four times for our four crowns!!!

    • So impressed with her recovery after she said “Siopao”. I understand because she’s used to being interviewed in the Philippines and speaking mixed Tagalog and English. This was her 2nd interview on national US TV and she did great already. I wish I could speak like her and think fast on her feet like her. I’ll try at least.

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