11 comments on “Karen Gallman checks-in for the 47th Miss Intercontinental

  1. It seems like Catriona inspired look ito. Remember Cat’s white suit and hairstyle when she attended a charity event here in the Philippines?

  2. Final round for sure, Gallman seems more relaxed these days.

    Fabian, what about you? Clapper exclusion in your humble opinion?

  3. Love the native embroidery on the sleeves but the suit could have been better tailored. Gorgeous face nonetheless

    • Karen made me a fan with her send off styling, everything was on point then. Catriona’s win was helped by her daily on-point styling with perfectly tailored outfits for her and flattering hairstyles.

      I commend Karen and her team for their attempt to look patriotic with the sleeves and purse. This arrival look for Karen looks awkward. The pose with the huge flag overpowering her, her ill fitted blazer, and her hairstyle didn’t flatter her gorgeous face. This arrival styling surely didn’t have the WOW factor like Catriona had in Thailand. The ill-fitting blazer is quite distracting especially when she posed with the flag.

      Comparison is unavoidable because Karen’s pageant is following Cat’s pageant. I still hope Karen wins and she’ll just get better with styling as the competition starts.

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