32 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #8 Emma Tiglao

  1. Lookswise a BIG YES for me but her comm skillz are questionable. If she had greatly improved then she’s an MUP contender, if not that much then Supra or International pwede na.

  2. Destined for a bb. Crown. Stage presence nya ang kanyang bentahe. Ill give her the supra title.

      • Luh ang layo ha? Itsura pa lang magkaibang magkaiba na beh magsalamin ka nga. I think Emma is prettier than Catriona but communication skillz has always been Emma’s waterloo, which is apparently Catriona’s strong suit. Anyway, hopefully Emma has worked on her weakness now. Sa lahat ng sinalihan nyang pageants, she was always one of the favorites but ended up us a runner-up in all of them (except bbp) due to her poor q&a’s.

  3. Love the last picture….reminds me of Maxine (with her eyes closed)……………..but hideous outfit….not classy.

    Still hoping ELIMA joins soon (NOW SHE’S A FRONT RUNNER)……………..Elima for 2019 (wishful thinking)

  4. “For me Miss Universe is not about speaking a specific language but being able to influence and inspire other people so whatever language you have as long as your heart is deserved and you have a strong mind to show to people then you can be Miss Universe.” Janine Tugonon. Let us not be imposing on ourselves and just be confident with what we have. If our candidate is not well-versed in English, why use that language to jeopardize her chances of winning. She should embrace her shortcomings and accept them with open heart. All the physical attributes could be polished easily but not the intellectual aspect of one’s personality. Emma Tiglao has a beautiful face and body. She could potentially make it to the top 10! If her communication skill in English is lacking, then use the interpreter. If latinas are doing that, then why can’t we!

    • Exactly. Maxine Medina, despite a top 6 finish, may have benefitted with an interpreter…especially for the fact that MU16 was held in the Philippines. She had the home crowd advantage. Oh well..

      • She used an interpreter…….however she still answered her Q&A in English didn’t she??? Maxine is beauty for sure, facially her beauty is exquisite.

  5. @Andrew…anong bang pinagsasabi mo na abundance at mga ek-ek greed, etc. Si Emma Tiglao ang #8…ang tanong ko kay Mama na blogger kung bakit dalawa ang wish list nya na #7. Kung anu-anong mga paliwanag mong mga chinese ek-ek…Baklang tohhhh!

  6. She’s very pretty.
    Ok lang hindi magaling mag English.
    As long as spontaneous magsalita and you get your message across maski broken english.
    Look at Ms. Vietnam 2018. Of course, we cannot deny that Ms. Vietnam also has a great personality and an interesting backstory.

  7. How’s her comm skills now? That’s her facet that needed major upgrade back then. If no colossal improvement then she’s better off joining modeling tilts.

  8. Wow, she now looks like Valerie Weighman and Georgina Wilson combined… I hope her comskills has greatly improved.

  9. Lots of support for her for some time already. I will admit that I do not know a lot about her, so I do not know why I am getting Patalinjug vibes : WILL SNAG A TITLE BUT NOT MUP.

  10. Its her latest looks? Wow as in wow! Hinde na halata na nagpa ayos sya ng ilong or anything. I can see kylie V on her face. Malaman na kylie V.
    I think its okay if gayahin nya styling at looks ni kylie after she won MI. Just have her own style or way of speaking and perosonality. Only looks should copy. If ahtisa made it. I think she can as long as malakas ang stage presence and comm skills nya. Wala namn tayong naipadala na Kylie V sa MU so i think its okay. Pwede din sya sa MI. Sana sumali ulit sya this time much better with her own style and personality. Sana nga norman mag shine na sya next try nya at magkatitle im okay either MU or MI for her.

  11. Pwede rin sa kanya ..with that Angelic face yung Hairdo ni SOUTH AFRICA,TAMARYN GREEN!! LALONG HAHABA TINGNAN ANG KANYANG LEEG!!!

  12. For Intercontinental, Supra, Globe, yes. Not for MU, MI (big 4). Emma needs more training for Q&A.

  13. Yaaaassss!!!.. Go Emma gurrrl!!.. Now is your time!!.. Show a Renewed Emm! Somebody who isn’t a Copycat of antbody!! Give us some more Attitude gurl!! Your foto here is FABULOUZZZ!! ENOUGH WITH THOSE OLD CURLY HAIR!! GO WITH A SUPERHIGH BUN!! YOU HAVE A VERY DELICATE QUEENLY FACE!! THAT IS YOUR WEAPON GURRL!! SLAY!SLAY!SLAAAAAY!³

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