21 comments on “Happy Birthday, Catriona Gray!

  1. Happy birthday Miss Universe. Ang ganda at nipis nya dito. Love it.

    Buti na lang talaga at di sya pinanalo ni Mader Julia sa MW. Kung nagkataon di natin makikita sya rumampa sa MU suot ang showstopper gowns. The reveal of those gowns will give Mader Julia a heart attack.

  2. Happy Birthday Queen Cat! 🙂 I hope you marry Clint as soon your reign ends and make a dozen big hearted Bicolano-Scottish-Igorot-German babies ASAP! 😀 It’s your reposibility to keep the winning streak till the year 2060.Wahehehe 😀

  3. Do we know what her media tour schedule will be lick? I know Live with K&R, but what about the other ones.

    • Live with Kelly is 1/7 Mon at 9:40am EST

      Good Morning America 1/7 Mon at 8:40am EST

  4. Bondad is getting some of this love, too. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, like I said previously, tell her handlers to shorten her mane. Less maintenance, easy-breezy.

    25? Dios mio! Get hitched na after the reign. Maraming mag-aalok na sponsor sa wedding. Bondad, start saving, both financially and in terms of (hihihih… 🙂

    Hindi naman halata na obsessed ako kay Clint, noh? (Baklang twoah) 🙂

    • Comment ko Clint. Noong nagpost si Clint about “breakfast” to some extent and about missing her. This was insinuating about his territory which I find ungentlemanly on his part.

  5. Happy Birthday to one awesome Queen! You are truly inspirational and this coming from a non-pangeant aficionado like me. Also, the reason I am here and commenting on this blog. You got all of us hooked! What makes you standout is your humility, grace, heartfelt advocacy, intelligence, aura, patriotism and of course beauty. You did not just walked, you WALKED and performed! Wishing you all the best that life can give.

  6. HAPPY bIRTHDAY Queen Cariona !!! May you have a wonderful reign ! May you always stay true to yourself and continuously make a change in the lives of the less fortunate…

  7. Aside from more success , my wish is for her to stay grounded and loving to her fans .
    I hope that the American / Hollywood culture does not change her negatively.

    Look at how Lea Salonga and Lani Misalucha look down on their adoring traveling Pinoy fans . I will never ever go out of my way to watch these women .

    As for Cat , just like Pia Ruffa Venus Ara and Charlene , I have a feeling that she will remain humble and approachable Through her succeses.

    • I have seen her twice and i can sense a coldness in her. I went out of my way to watch her musicals in New York but she is not as warm in person. But when you see her being interviewed she seems different.

    • Fabian, I agree with your opinion of Lea. I also believe that Catriona’s kind soul and loving heart will help keep her grounded.

    • Ay si Lea Salonga mayabang yan…. I hope Catriona will not be like her. I’ve watched her sa Broadway sa NY, am expecting she will be as genuine and warm after the show, parang utang n loob Mag pa sign.

      • Nag pa sign ako sa ibang cast member ng once on this island, except her. Ang yabang kasi, imagine sinabihan ang Filipino fans ng quiet and don’t pinch me as if nag pipinch sa Lea n Yan. Hoy achi Lea if u are reading Tito Norms page, huwag masyado maarte.

  8. beautiful birthday lady twinkling at the top of the world , the universe rather !


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