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  1. @Andrew…anong bang pinagsasabi mo na abundance at mga ek-ek greed, etc. Si Emma Tiglao ang #8…ang tanong ko kay Mama na blogger kung bakit dalawa ang wish list nya na #7. Kung anu-anong mga paliwanag mong mga chinese ek-ek…Baklang tohhhh!

  2. Aminin…..ang lakas ng dating ni Catriona Gray!

    Ang hirap tuloy pumili ng isusunod sa kanya!

    Ang ipinamalas ni Catriona sa MU ang nagiging benchmark.

    But I like Apriel Smith to give a twist!

    Go go go Philippines back to back!

  3. Nobody has a crystal ball to predict the future not even Psychic Gurmeet. Hindi tayo dapat maduwag for a possible back to back. Anything can happen.

    Rewind last year, nobody thought Catriona will join Binibini. In fact, her timeline says that she was in Australia a day before the last day of filing of candidacy. Then the fan waited and boom, Catriona showed up looking like bombshell!

    Further, rewind 2017, she attended Binibining Pilipinas coronation night and was asked if she will join when in fact, Cory Quirino is willing to release her but she finished all her committment first.

    In between 2016 & 2017, Catriona was just an average Jane just like any of this wishlist for Binibini. Unknown to us she was already planning ahead and she was not just announcing it. So, it is possible that any of this wishlist girl is doing the same!

    After the coronation, Catriona soar high! Unstoppable talaga siya! Kaliwat kanan ang engagement both local and abroad! Every week may pictorial! Ako ang natatakot sa kanya kasi hindi ba masisira kutis nito sa exposure sa makeup and lights?

    Catriona is so hungry for the crown that she will not give any reason for the organization not to give it to her thus she win! But how about her runners up?

    After coronation, Tamryn just attended one significant event and that is the Nelson Mandela event with Demi. After that puro modeling assignment na ang labas! Kahit yung video niya about Tuberculosis survival, hindi lumabas sa timeline niya interacting with the patient.

    As for Stefphany, mas busy pa siya sa pagpapaganda ng katawan at pag-attend ng English course niya with her intructors! Isang beses lang siya nagkaroon ng interaction on a school with the indigenous people.

    So, what I’m saying is, kung itong dalawang runner up ni Catriona eh ganun lang ang pre-pageant activity and still manage to penetrate the Top 3, bakit tayo magse-settle for a Top 10 finish in years to come? Eh kung tutuusin when it comes to attitude and training, high caliber naman talaga mga candidates natin.

    As for April, she has the potential! If she wins, She is something unexpected! She’s unique, sort of “limited edition”. Though I don’t know if Chelsea Manalo will also join!

    • Veks you had me until you said “plain Jane’… She never was a plain Jane… If she was, then would not have been a model…

    • I never find Catriona a plain Jane. Some snippets of her as a young girl were shown in a segment of the recent MU and she was already exuding beauty and charm.

  4. those who are dreaming of a back to back are dreaming big time like way out of the milky way galaxy. name someone who can be as articulate genuine and gorgeous as pia and catriona among those touted as potential BBP aspirants? MU wont have it the same with us the next time, at best we would be contented with a semifinal finish for years just like what happened to venezuela and USA. Australia too is going nowhere near the crown not even with the short asian halfie theyve sent last year. Not going to happen guys ….now this black asian barbie if she can pulloff a surprise with an improved version of herself then im rooting for her and the haters can just die 😀

    • same. i don’t see the PH winning a back-to-back for the next.. 5 years? or until we send someone high caliber as Pia and Cat. maging masaya muna tayo sa top 10, top 5 or a runner up finish. same goes to Miss International.

    • Patricia Magtanong 24 5’8 1/2
      Top Model from PMAP
      UP BS Economics (Cum Laude)
      UP Law

      • @Closer – nice alternative! Channeling that Teresa Licaros and Zorayda Andam – back to where A&Q began its “empire” LOL. That height is promising and her facial impact is +.

      • CatF , that’s your opinion . Don’t make it sound like it’s a fact . Again review what other beauty queens are saying about Pia and Cat
        I don’t understand why you have to make this nasty

  5. she should join again cause she has the basics to win a crown….ey why are people here are soooo triggered by apriel LOL. I mean she just wants to try again like others have done before her so whats wrong with that? Personally i find her very pretty since i saw her at a mall one time. Basing on her last BBP performance she can improve on her confidence but her look is good already…tall eyecatching modern fiilpina. i have her on my watchlist together with alaiza malinao who i seriously think has what it takes to get a crown for BBP. Apriel has more than enough assets for a repeat or a third. She just needs to focus on her assets and add up some more especially on her advocacy if any and her sponaiety in aswering questions candid or formal questions on pageantry.

  6. She is wanting in the comm skills department. Read, read, read girl! And talk, talk, talk!

  7. On Cat’s birthday, Apriel would be a fitting birthday gift to Philippine pageantry. As MUP.

    Forget back to back. Ariadna Gutierrez could not pull one off, Tamaryn Green could not pull one off, and there is no one on the local pageant scene that has the same IT factor on their levels to pull one off for the Philippines – we would already talking about her by now otherwise (and not former wish lists like Kylie or Katja or Janicel).

    Philippines needs to send an out of the box girl who is going to stand out. Apriel packaged with a meaningful diversity twist? IMG would eat her up.

    Forget the Sinigang Queen 2015 or Professional Models Alta Pa-Click-Click chu chu cliches for MUP. Hangang Tough 6 or Tough 10 lang yang. The pageant clichés can go to Tokyo or Poland or wherever. IMG wants women of substance with INDEPENDENCE and DRIVE translated into UNIQUE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. This is what 1st world liberals (uh hem, IMG’s owners) want to see and what they have been rewarding since they took over.

    MUO’s caption for a post-crowning IG post on Cat said it all: “she got her own thing, that’s why we love her.”

    To remain in powerhouse status, Philippines needs to evolve what it sends to MUP. Hindi na enough yung duck walk and scripted breadwinner stories. Otherwise we will face the same fate as the Latinas – clap clap clap – because they don’t get that Miss Universe is not a pasarela glamadiva competition alone anymore. Talagang dumbfounded sila why their girls Andrea and Valeria and Virginia didn’t go anywhere but backstage on finals night. They refuse to read the writing on the wall. Also, Latina women are not raised to be independent or accomplished for the most part. Latina friends here in the US confide they are taught to be mothers and wives above all, and if they are Barbara Palacios or Alicia Machado beautiful while doing so then even better – this is in the year 2019.

    South Africa is really nailing the new formula (Dr. Rolene too good for the Universe, #Unbreakable Demi-Leigh, and Dr. Tamaryn this time for the Universe – PAK PAK PAK). Canada is getting it too (#bodydiversity Bearchell, #STEM Howe, and #STEM-lite Magdalena). Venezuela and PR just got lucky this year they had new directors that MUO wanted to appease (plus their girls had personality and presence to boot). Even then, all Sthefany or Kiara had to offer were vague luchadora por mis suenos amor amor amore chubachuchus. No way were they ever going to threaten Cat’s established personal advocacies or Tamaryn’s professional aspirations. Indonesia and Thailand are also going to keep missing the elusive Top 3 as long as they keep sending clichés of their local sort “I want to prove myself to my family or my family didn’t believe in me or against my family religion etc etc.” So 2015 na yan. The reality is, this also where most of the Filipina aspirants will falter as MUP. Filipinas are rarely trendsetting, pa copya-copya ang peg.

    To get a Pia or Catriona type is rare. Apriel’s unique racial story is the closest thing we have for now – hopefully she has already started packaging this unique twist MEANINGFULLY. Girl, get that #blackisbeautiful or #differentisbeautiful campaign going! 2019 would be a great year for her to capitalize on going against the grain. But if she is indeed waiting for 2020, hopefully she is already using her time wisely. For me, no other girl will come close to what Pia and Cat accomplished as MUP.

    • Justgrc , u r missing the idea here . A b2b maybe near impossible but We want to enjoy the show as well . What is the best way to have fun other than seeing your rep make it through the end?
      Sending an exact opposite of Cat ? Why is there need to ?
      We want someone who is pretty , personable , driven, and articulate . Apriel has none of the above .
      I don’t care if she is a mestiza, brown , or black . We would like someone who can deliver ..And it’s not Apriel . She can always join to prove me wrong but I have seen enough to make this conclusion abt her .

      • @Fabian…
        Good point also, Fabian!
        At the end of the day, regardless of aspirations of b2b titles, the MUP 2019 should be “thee” best and a complete package.
        If a b2b occurs or not so-be-it.

      • Fabian, weren’t you the one cautioning fans not too long ago while Cat was in BKK not to get too excited about her pre-pageant pasavogues because it was all going to be meaningless if she went home without the Miss Universe crown?

        Now you are doing a 180 and arguing MUP should be celebrated for her journey and not the destination. I’m confused. Or maybe baka si fake Fabian yun. Or this is fake Fabian. I don’t know.

        All I know is that I do not want to see another prototype from the duck walk halls of Camp KF or with her notebooks of wise Tito Nad sayings from the Empire PH studios. I’ve seen Venus break the drought. I’ve seen Janine come so close. I’ve seen MJ show us that you can’t keep a queen down. I’ve seen Pia bring back the crown back to the Phils in my lifetime. I’ve seen Cat do the same. I don’t want to see them again. I want something, someone different.

        Of all the girls being touted, that is Apriel. With my caveat that hopefully she will be packaged properly IMG.

        A biracial Miss Universe Philippines of the non-European variety using her unique experience to make an impact – wow that would be a great show indeed!

      • Thanks just saying
        Justgrc, that one was specific for Cat having that unique experience of almost winning MW . Everyone was distraught . I did not want to re-live that again with MU.
        You are endorsing Apriel because she is half-black living in the Philippines ? Great Britain did that and more by fielding their first ever black MU rep . Did she go anywhere ? No . … because she is not pretty enough and even though she is a law major , she is not confident and articulate enough .

        I have seen enough of Apriel to conclude she is not MUP material . Beauty of face personality and speaking skills .. all negative . I would like to be proven wrong .

      • @Fabian,

        Dee-Ann went farther than all but 4 other women from Europe. She also went farther than all but 1 of the last Miss Great Britains in recent history. Even while being “not pretty enough and even though she is [already] a law school graduate.” You forgot the former international track athlete part. When was the last time a British woman went to Top 10 prior to last year?

        So if that Top 10 finish and getting to cover Kelly Clarkson is not the “best way to have fun other than seeing your rep make it through the end” for British fans, I don’t know what is.

      • its not apriel? LOL what are u nostradamus? i for one never really seriously thought pia would become ms U look at kylie she looked average on her first try. i say she should give it a shot i have seen this girl upclose and she is a stunner for me.

    • Labnaw ng contention mo.
      Your racial back story is not unique and current at all.
      Hello 2015 Miss Japan!

      • Pete, given the state of racial tensions here in the US it will not be a back story for a while. Racial awareness and tolerance remains among the forefront of the issues the liberal media advances.

        IMG has a record of picking the “black”ish Europeans during the two years of continental picks. Under IMG’s first two years of ownership, back-to-back black wins for historically African-American Miss District of Columbia happened.

        No need to remind me of Ariana Miyamoto. We sat next to her family at Miss Universe – very hospitable and down to earth Southern blacks. They rooted for Pia after Japan failed to advance and were happy for our win. You’ll even see the camera panned to us when she advanced into semis – which was not a shock given she knew how to sell her unique racial perspective.

      • USA 2016 and 2017 were eliminated before they were even allowed to talk . Why ? Because they knew these girls would take it all the way to the crown if they were given a chance to talk .
        And IMG simply did not want them to win .

      • @Fabian

        But they won Miss USA in back to back fashion, from a non-pageant state, the first time for a back-to-back since Texas in 1989. Winning Miss USA is no joke.

        As for Deshauna, yes she can talk. Kara, well…. let’s just say she knew how to stretch her “nuclear scientist” background the same way Canada was able to “stretch” her engineering-feelingera skills this year.

        Anyway, Deshauna and Kara were absolutely out of the box candidates due to their backgrounds. Yung mga iba pa mowdel-mowdel, professional pageant contestants, cliche bullies/tomboys/etc.

        In Apriel is just going to be another cliche, oh well, at least I got to see Pia and Cat win this decade. Just keep the Tough 10 streak for the Philippines until 2029 na lang.

    • Don’t pressure Apreal….. She needs to prepare 5x more, she has slot of things to fix. If I were Apreal, I will 2019 just like Cat, to prepare, collaborate with other resources to improve herself. But most importantly. I hope she has a good story to tell about herself and accomplishment…so there, galingan ang preparation for 2020.

      • Hopefully she should be preparing more than pasarela and smizing and gym time if she wants to be MUP.

        Otherwise, hello Ate Nawat NGECK!

    • If u want someone dark , Charmaine Elima or Jessica Ambal can be your better option . Having international experience , these 2 maybe able to do better at Q&A. They just need to prepare hard … and really want it .. to have that steel -strong mental fortitude . They should learn from Janine’s and Pia’s playbook.

      • Charmaine Elima comms skills? I doubt it…. Q&A must not be memorized or scripted….

    • Maghunus dili ka. One can come close to what Pia has accomplished but not to Cat’s. Hello. Do nga Best in SS or LG yang si Pia. Hehehe.

      • Why do u have to compare the 2 , Catf?
        Pia is Pia and Cat is Cat.
        That’s your opinion . Gionna Cabrera won both EG and SS… and I think Janicel too
        Have u listened to former beauty queens from other countries .. how they compare Cat to Pia ? Why don’t you listen to them ? It’s probably going to bring down to Mother Earth , you pompous b —-h!

    • @bill

      So true-la la about Kylie. I liked her immediately Pia’s year but she was definitely hilaw that first go. People thought I was crazy for thinking she could be a BbP titleholder. I’m definitely unfair to Maxine because I was upset she got MUP over Kylie, but oh well, their destinies proved me right LOL.

      Perhaps because I look at beauty from an American perspective, I’m biased torwards what caters to US standards.

      Kylie and Apriel, in my Fil-Am eyes, possess auras that appeal to its MUO’s US owners. Pa Good Morning America and Live with Kelly & Ryan vibes.

      • @Pete – who is your bet? Focus on her na lang. Tulog na ako. Gigising ako maaga to watch Good Morning America and Live w/ K&L.

  8. Nice body.
    I hope she can un-fake her face and improve on her social and comm skills . She looked uptight during her last BP stint .

  9. Inasmuch as I like the darker skinned Filipina beauties as title reps – Venus, Janine, Parul, Christie Mc.,- Apreil’s MUP potential may come into fruition for 2020.

    As beautiful as Catriona was in 2016 during her MW campaign “waiting” another two years to vie for the MU18 title was a tremendous asset.

    The rest is what the say is “history.”

    All the best nonetheless!

  10. not for MUP and in addition, I would prefer Jamaica Alban over Smith…Alban can have a shot at MUP

  11. First picture….she looks tired and those eyes said it all….and if you look closely her placement with those fingers also looked awkward. Hmmm, suggestion she needs to find her signature look (inner fierce) and be prepared for whatever pageant she wanted to join in……she cna join this year but she will not be on my top five wish list 🤗🤗🤗

  12. Philippine Daily Inquirer released a statement 7 hours ago from Apriel Smith herself that she will be joining Bb. Pilipinas, but not for now.

  13. She has the beauty and talent. I hope she will join Bb. Pilipinas whenever she is ready.
    As of now placement for her if she decided and lucky this year. I believe another crown for the Philippines if Madam Stella decided to send her to any of these, MUP. MI, M Globe, M Intercon, MGI, M Supra

    • Agreed, but if she can go for MUP – why not go all the way. Talagang up to her packaging, and not just aesthetics.

  14. My suggestion:

    Study the look of Nicki Minaj or the Brazil’s representative during Maxine’s time.

    She has the weak look of a black candidate. The stylist need to create an X factor out of her. She has baby fats pa sa face.

    Toning pa more.

    Those are not criticism but ideas to strengthen her looks if she wants to make an impact.

    • Baby fats are probably from the Pinay rounder face heritage side. Maybe Dr. Bello can help her out with more defined features 🙂

      For styling, she can go the Laura Gonzalez Colombia/Sthefany Gutierrez Pocahontas route. Capitalize on their fuller faces with a nice sleek simple hair route. Nicki Minaj ?????????

      What will help her more than anything is a meaningful advocacy and backstory.

  15. Next, wala itey sa kyu en ah ah, limited edition 😂 wasay sa pagka house speaker😂

  16. I have to agree that she should join 2020 or 2021 or even 2022. Coz i have to agree na medyo weak pa sya facially lalo na sa mata she need more spark and more x factor. Much better if she win MUP on a year na african country ang host ng MU.

  17. She is only 23… Give it to Samantha Lo na who is 26 na….marami pa syang pagkakataon…2020 is the best for Apriel.baka sa 2020,by then,..dito na sa Pilipinas gagawin ang MU…at sya ang panlaban natin..laki ng chances!

  18. Apriel Smith already said in her IG stories that she has plans on joining BBP pero not this year pa daw. She has other priorities for this year daw, di ko lang nagets kung anu ano coz most of her responses were written in Bisaya(?). Baka BBP2020 pa sya sumali. Kasabay nya sina Kathleen Paton at Sandra Lemonon sa 2020

  19. Madam blogger, bakit po 2 ang bb. wish-list #7 nyo? Yung unang #7 e si Jessarie Dumaguing tapos ngayon ay si Apriel Smith na #7 din po. Sino po ba talaga ang totoong #7? Ayaw po kasi ni Catriona Gray ang reason na “typographical error”.

    • @ Adrienne : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Because probably in Chinese numerology, “8” though widely understood to mean “abundance”, also means “greed”. Similar to not having a “13th” floor on a skyscraper elevator…

      YouTube channel OfficialNepaliBeauty likes the idea of a black African-American Filipina to represent the country at MU. Perhaps the novelty? Even during Smith’s first attempt at BBP, an India-based pageant blogsite liked her (and it was that same blogger that said Verzosa would make a worthy successor to Edymar Martinez!). My point : regardless of the year she rejoins, Smith can count on some amount of foreign admiration to buoy her campaign. Pero ‘yun nga – she needs to choose a year na pabor sa kanya ang mga bituin sa Universo!

      Sige, let’s give 2019 to Lo. But 2020 has Lemonon and Paton. What does she need to do to outsmart-outplay-outlast these two?

      Handlers, think well! Take time! Haste makes waste!

      And ALWAYS check the pertinent numerologies (mga malas at swerte…).

      • paton looks like a copycat of catriona and lemonon not even sure why shes considered a contender for the MU slot

      • @ bill ramos Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Paton gives me a Flora Cocqruel vibe. It is Lemonon that has a unique look, but yes she could still improve.

      • @Andrew…anong bang pinagsasabi mo na abundance at mga ek-ek greed, etc. Si Emma Tiglao ang #8…ang tanong ko kay Mama na blogger kung bakit dalawa ang wish list nya na #7. Kung anu-anong mga paliwanag mong mga chinese ek-ek…Baklang tohhhh!

  20. Basta hindi MUP kasi baka ang korona natin ay EL TOCUYO.

    • In fairness, Apriel has already placed at BbP. Nung hilaw pa.

      Some of the other girls who are being touted have much much stronger El Tocuyo potentials at BbP if not Miss Intercon, much less MU.

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