25 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #7 Jessarie Dumaguing

  1. Needs to watch on those lips, she seems uncomfortable with her mouth open like that…..hmmmm 🧐🧐🧐

  2. I f someone is average beauty , she has to put more on the table …like good personality and great comm skills.
    But she has a great body.
    She can at least be part of the 2019 roster

  3. For Globe PI or Intercon, pretty👑
    My wishlist for MUP
    Angie Balatbat (still in Toronto tho) 6’0
    Nicole Guerrero (i think she’s inPI for residency) 5’9
    Stephsnie Lincoln 5’7 Fil Irish model
    Mary Espiritu 5’8 Fil Am
    Daisha Jimenez 5’9 (still young tho)
    Alaiza Manilao 5’8 ( hone comm skill)
    Emma Tiglao 5’8 (hone comm skill)
    if Nicole Gurrerro competes this year, she will be my frontrunner. She’s a complete package and pageant ready…

    • I love this list, although I have reservations about Alaiza’s drive to win (i.e. not give up). But hey if a crown is a goal for her, who are we to set limits on her dreams?

      My favorite on this list is easily Angie Balatbat. Not sure about her back story & credentials, but I think it’s time we sent another morena to Miss Universe.

      Physically, Angie gives me Tamaryn vibes. Not in facial features, but in height & leanness & beautiful tan skin color.

  4. Yung mga styling at outfit parang 1980’s. Panahon nila Melanie Marquez… (I am bad!)

    • But about the girl…I agree that her features are a cross between Miriam Quiambao and Venus Raj.

  5. Wyn2 for MUP pls
    Katarina D. For MUP if another entity will stage The MUP contest
    Daisha – she is a performer so she knows how to work the stage
    Sirene- hoping that she gets packaged as a protagonist not as a contrabida like in 2017 … also hoping that she is more comfortable at Q&A
    Sandra L … she was gorgeous during BP 2018
    Samantha Lo .. she needs to lose some weight

  6. I like Steffi Aberasturi to join parang may potential siya for Miss Universe Philippines. I just dont know her credentials yet.

  7. Dios mio! Malapit ng makita ang kaluluwa in that pink swimsuit 😶
    In fairness, makinis at pantay ang kulay sa kanyang feminine area 😉
    I like her skin tone.
    5’7” lang pero mukha namang slim at mahaba ang legs.
    Pang Supranational or Itercontinental.

  8. Mahirap nang hanapin ang katulad ni Miss Universe 2018. Dahil nag-iba sila ng format sa MU kailangan ang matangkad at hindi 5′ 5″, maganda, at higit sa lahat laging handang sumagot sa lahat ng klase ng tanong na walang tulong ng interpreter. Sana hindi na maulit muli ang pangyayari noong MU 2016. Sa tingin ko puwede rin siya sa Miss Supra, MGI and M Intercon.

  9. #1 I love the backstory and credentials.

    #2 She looks like a cross between Miriam Quiambao and Venus Raj… w/ a few hints of Pia Wurtzbach.

    BBP 2019 TOP 5 material!
    She needs to be trained ASAP!!! 🙂

  10. Pinay kayumanggi prototype beauty. She can easily penetrate the MU game if she has the right strategy, advocacy and an interesting backstory to tell to slice her place in the MU pie.

    Nowadays it is not enough that you have the height and the beauty.

  11. Hmmmm….Oozing with a lot of sex appeal!.. parang Tetchie Agbayani slash Dimaranan slash Venus Raj!

  12. Palawan represents! Dumaguing, Bernardo, Lubina… 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, tell her handlers to reference “Polyplectron napoleonis” for her NatCos.

      • @ tinay : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        But this one is REAL (NOT mythological) and is specific to Palawan (therefore appropriate).

        Blame all the ignorant-“playing safe” designers who mindlessly reference Sarimanok or Ibong Adarna. 😦

        This is a chance to introduce one more species to the general public aside from Philippines Eagle, tarsier, “tamaraw”, “butanding”, “pawikan”, etc.

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