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  2. Congratulations! You’ve shown such generosity during this year’s pageant season, culminating with Catriona’s triumph, that you deserve every success. I will definitely visit your store during my next visit to Manila.

  3. I like the back pack which I think rivals the designs of those from Louis Vuitton, Coach, Bally etc but I have to see, touch and feel the material to decide if it’s worth buying.

  4. Chinese Laundry pageant heels are also tacky, but they are still there because they work. Jojo has a variety naman. Nasa babae lang talaga kung bet niya bilhin ang 4″, 5″, 6.5″ or 8″. May variety naman sa Bragais.

  5. The “#42 Scout Borromeo Street” is also the same address as “Kagandahang Flores” camp, right? Hmmm! Ayan magkakaalaman na kung sino ang mga “foreign dignitaries” visiting the country! Char!

    I think Jojo is just supplying the demand of the market, bestseller yata niya ang nude color “clog stilleto”! According to Heart Evangelista, favorite color niya ang “beige color” or for Jojo’s line of shoes, yang mga nude color kasi daw puede i-terno sa kahit na anong kulay ng damit! Oo nga naman!

    Magaganda naman collection niya except for the fact na “over padded” yung mga sapatos! Pangunahan ko na may magko-comment na “Eh di ikaw na gumawa ng sarili mong sapatos”! Ok lang na up to 1 inch yung suelas de zapatos kaso sobrang taas talaga na hindi na realistic para sa mga bonsai!

    Nevertheless, I will visit that store and buy the imitation Coach Blecker Backpack, that is, kung genuine leather siya talaga!

  6. Congratulations Mr. Bragais! May God pour his mighty blessings upon you just like what you did for your friend Catriona!

  7. Bragais helped Cat with no guarantee of return . U have a real friend there
    If she did not win MU , her endorsement would probably have little effect
    Because she won, I’m sure people will pay more attention to his products . Will that bring more profit ? I hope so
    Good luck , Jojo

  8. I wish Bragais success on his store, but a bit of constructive advice — focus on the brand direction. He’s known for pageant and cliffhanger heels so he should deepen the product line and veer off the fashion/bags. I don’t care much for those elevator shoes but there is a market for them that he can truly dominate locally and internationally.

  9. Those chunky platform shoes are very unflattering. They make a woman’s legs and feet look thicker, wider, bigger. They’re also too casual to be paired with a formal evening gown ✌️

      • Classic pumps or stilettos look sexy and elegant on a woman.
        I hope the trend of wearing platform shoes goes away soon especially in pageants.
        They scream “I’m insecure about my height.”
        Nothing against Bragais, mahirap at nakakanerbiyos magsimula ng negosyo. Alam ko, kasi negosyante din ako, so I wish him luck sa business niya.

  10. Congratulations! This is certainly an accomplishment & I will support all fellow Pinoys who go into entrepreneurship because this is what will help our economy prosper & our country to develop.

  11. Does he makes shoes that don’t look like they are for strippers? Honest his taste level is so baduy . Poor cat who is a good grateful friend . She deserves better shoes

  12. Does he makes shoes that don’t look like they are for strippers? Honest his taste level is so baduy . Poor cat who is a good grateful friend . She deserves better shoes

      • Neither did you Fabitch ! None of us did . I think cat would have won without those ugly shoes

      • Kaloka ganon ba kapoorita si Cat para umasa sa datung ni jojo bragish. CHaka shoes niya na pinasuot sa finals evening gown. Hindi man lang gianwan ng red shoes na bagay sa lava gown ni muning. Love ko ma sanasi jojo kaso kadismaya yung pinagmukha niyang stripper and cheap si Cat sa evening gown. Designer si joho dapat alam niya little details na ganon.

      • Baduy however which way you look at it. These shoes only appeal to those whose taste level are questionable

      • Cat wore them on the MU stage
        I think Pia did too.
        If they were baduy, what would not be ?
        It’s not about the shoes .
        Mommy Dionisia can wear all the Loubotin shoes in the world , but she will still be Mommy Dionisia.

        I think Bragais products are good quality .I’ll get some shirts and backpacks when I visit home this summer.

  13. Congrats Jojo!

    I hope it would become the official footwear of Miss Universe! 🙂

  14. Oh ayan na they are reaping their so called “fruits of their labor” a la Aces and Queens… FREE daw oh! Si harley barley ba ang future manager ni Cat? I bet he’ll make up for what he lost when Pia chose Mama J as her manager.

    • Kahit ako ba naman si Cat ay libre na to (bonggang X deal). If through thick and thin ba naman sa pageant journey ay andyan si Jojo na sure gumastos din, kay liit na bagay nalang nito.

    • Sorry joke lang po. Fan na fan po ako ni Jojo and team ni Cat. Gutom lang po ako kaya medyo praning. Hihiho

  15. Here’s to hoping Bragais shoes will be the official footwear of Miss Universe next year.

    • Can’t imagine the candidates wearing those elevator shoes.😁😁😁 I have nothing against him pero I think off tignan ang ginagawa nyang elevator shoes.✌️✌️✌️

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