19 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #6 Alaiza Malinao

  1. i was always rooting for this girl but sometimes she has this taray look to her which she can work on to make her look fierce and competitive. Tall nice body can express herself well not pageant patty. hmm not sure for a b2b but damn why even aim for that now when catriona’s reach is just too way up there to surpass for now. i hope she considers joining. she looks different from pia and catriona but gives me a more modern and edgy ariella arida vibe minus the choppy scripted speaking skills.

  2. She’s pretty.
    Bagay siguro sa kanya very very long straight hair like Ms. Venezuela Universe 2018.
    Medyo na turned off lang when she quit ATNM.
    Parang mahina loob at walang fighting spirit ang impression sa kanya.
    How will she perform in Miss Universe kung sa ANTM na kokonti lang ang competition nag quit siya along the way?

    • Oh please. Everybody knows that the NTM shows aren’t a competition but a scripted reality show. The ‘dramas’ involved there all fake.

  3. Siya ba ex jowa ni John Spainhour? From Alaiza to Aya Abeshamis si John Spainhour. Kaloka!

  4. YES YES YES. A worthy pure pinay. Tall, dusky, beautiful and exotic, smart, and has a personality that isn’t too meek nor papansin.

  5. A Definite Contender ! a sure top 4 or 5 for Asia Pacific/Africa…. can even be in FInal top 3 depending on Q & A skills but very very hard for a back to back …

  6. Nice beautiful Pinoy face
    Toned body
    Some people say she’s really grounded
    Not an MU with winner for me but I think she’s a nice follow up to Cat

  7. She should opt for a H’Hein hairdo!!…medyo awkward yang DORA the EXPLORER Hairdo nya sa pageant stage!!..but,this time,para maiba at di masabing ginaya nya talaga si Ms.Vietnam,..gawin nyang medyo Ashbrown….with that,..She is setting a trend!! Lalabas na di cya gumagaya!!

  8. Enough of Alaiza. You’ve been wishing for her since 2016. She seems not interested. I’m also afraid she will make a last minute back out just like what she did in AsNTM.

    • I think she will join this time. Team din ni catriona ang mag te train sa kanya.

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