26 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #5 Marianne Marquez

  1. Teresita Marquez is good for Supra, her pasarela is superb. I want to see the cousin Michelle Marquez Dee for MUP or MIP.

  2. This is not the Marquez I m waiting for .
    I want to take a risk on Wyn2 . She is very eloquent and works the stage really well .
    She is humble and doesn’t get offended very easily .
    Regarding the height , PR and Costa Rica made top 10, right ?
    What abt her face value ? How is she any inferior to Venus Shamcey Janine MJ and Peters?

    • Teh, regarding the height? Hindi height usapan, pangit si wynwyn. Exclamation period. Compare ba naman sa previous mup queens naten na angat na angat sa ganda sakaniya. Compare mo ba naman kay miss pr and costa rica na diyosa ang face. Are you high? Nagdrodroga ka ba? Or isa ka sa binigyan ng 100 pesos load para ihype si wynwyn? Pangit siya. Wag ka nang umasa. Pweh!

      • Fake 4m,
        No one is paying me to hype her up .
        I just believe in her !

        Isama pa natin yung MUP 1980 1984 and 1987 . … u guys are blind for thinking that Wyn2 is not facially comparable to the former MU runners up .

    • One more thing, kung yung mga minention mo nga na girls na ubod ng ganda and angat sa talino sakaniya, hindi nanalo, siya pa kaya na pangit na bansot pa. Kaloka! 😂

      • Hoy 4M!!! Isipin mo nalang si Ms. Vietnam, pasok sa banga! sino ba ang mas pangit sa kanila ni WynWyn? Di ba si Ms. Vietnam? kalowka kang bakla ka…

      • Invalid yang argument mo Nah Tok Hang… Si Ms Vietnam, matangkad. Si Winwyn di matangkad, at average lang ang beauty. Hindi siya pang MU material. I would not mind kung sa Supra na lang siya, pero kung MU ang pinaguusapan she is not qualified.

      • Bakit patangkaran ba ang MU?
        Ang daming magaganda at matatangkad (5’9 and above) puro TY girls

      • Yup that’s my only worry
        I think and I hope she’ll change her view on trans

  3. Tito Norm please feature Nicole Guerrero ! Tall , very eloquent and very now Ang beauty

  4. Girl, ang chismis mo. Open for misinterpretation talaga ang statement mo.

    Apart from the glitz and the glamour of pageantry, the reality of many girls is to “put their life on hold” just to get a shot for an international crown. It is a huge sacrifice. That means many of them have no proper income, are on vacation leaves without pay (if working) & are probably worried about what is going to happen if they don’t get crowned.

    It is not a silly game, little girl. Like Nicole Cordoves said sa video ni Jojo Bragais, “it takes a lot from the girl and the girls really have to want it kasi kung hindi, hindi worth it yung mga sacrifices nila.”

    • Referring to Rachel Peters, perhaps? 😂 Na clearly needed an overhaul on personality but couldn’t be bothered because it is her journey daw! Eh kung hindi nag online vote mga Pinoy as kanya, would she have made the semis?! 🤣

      • To be fair to Rachel, she already bagged a national title and this one hasn’t yet. Mahaba-haba pa ang road to the crown.


    • True, she’s a real stunner. She’s Shermaine Lulu de Ramos our country’s rep to Top Model of the World 2013. The girl on the rightmost with majestic height is Lou Bundalian Yanong, 20 I guess.

  6. Daaaamn!!.. that Beautiful girl beside Aya Abesamis is sooo freakin’ gorgeous!!!… 3rd from the right!..WHI IS SHE?? SHE SHOULD JOIN TOO!!

  7. “..disrespect to other women..if she breezes through and treats it like a silly game?”
    Stop! lol
    Please, Ms Marquez…

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