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  1. I hope she wins. It would get 2019 off on a right note.

    Judging by Madame Stella’s interview snippet the BPCI still owns the MUP franchise.

    Good for Catriona, BPCI and all who are involved!

  2. Good luck Kendall…..slay them all in our very own island lol. Ganun din Kaya ka Chaka ang production values nila?

  3. I can see another crown for the Philippines. Beautiful and talented. I am sure she will prove the universe, the intercontinental rather that she is worthy to be a winner. Karen Gallman 25 yo 5′ 5” Philippines. #1stcrownin2019 #Philippinesismissintercontinental2018 #Filipinosareproudofyou

  4. Love the styling on Karen. But the styling on 2nd runner up was quite disappointing especially she’s on the wish list of pageant enthusiasts to join BBP again.

    • Wynwyn? Wake up! She does not have a statuesque height and the face department is barangay levels.

      • True na true! Kaloka tong mga wynwynatics jeje fans. Lol! Porket nanalo dun sa cheapanggang contest ang lalakas na ng loob eh di nila alam pinanalo lang siya para gamitin tayo mga pinoy fans for followers. Publicity lang kasi first time sumali ng PH sa history ng reina hispano remember? That’s a fact! Anyways, irrelevant na yon and ang topic dito is chaka si wynwyn. Never pinapanalo sa MU yung mga mukhang ganon. If ever papasukin sa semis reason is to please tayong mga pinoy fans lang. pero never papanalunin yon dahil may brand ang MU and aside sa chaka na face and 5’2” na height niya, walang kasubstance substance si girl. Sobrang, uber, super, mega DOWNGRADE if siya successor ni Cat 😂. Harsh pero kailangan ng wake up slap to reality ng mga fans niya and pati siya. Wala naman siyang unfinished business, and sa Philippines na tough ang competition, dumadaan talaga sa butas ng karayom, napakaselfish, self-serving, greedy na kuhanan niya ng slot ang ibang girls na mas deserving sakaniya. I mean, sakaniya applicable yung matutong makuntento sa blessings. May korona na siya, career, and amazing life, wala siya kailangan patunayan like yung mga previous representative naten na may redemption stories and bonggang background. Greediness and yung walang true purpose but to advance herself sa personal and selfish goals niya ang reason. Kahit hindi pa MU target niya, nakakairita lang ng slight yung pag oover hype. Reminds me of Aya last year. Yun lang naman.

      • True. Baka umaasa p si Wynn wyn ….but who cares the more choices the merrier. Go go Wynn wynn

      • @Laila

        I kinda agree that Wynwyn is not MU TOP3 material BUT w/ hard work and dedication She could at least land MU TOP 5/10. Her personality is hard to ignore.

        If I had the choice.. I would send her to Supranational…. Her exotic Filipina features would be a sure hit in Europe and her maternal ancient Indian ancestry could propel her to the top. Alma Moreno(Vanessa Lacsamana) has Indian ancestry. The Laksamana (Jawi: لقسامان) is a position within the armed forces, similar to the position of admiral in Malay sultanates and in present-day countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Since South East Asia was part of Indosphere of Greater India since earlier, during and after the Hinduised Srivijaya empire (Visayas region), Hindu titles based on Sanskrit were used. The word Laksamana originated from Lakshmana (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण, IAST: lakṣmaṇa, lit. he who has the signs of fortune), also spelled as Laxman or Lakhan, is the younger brother of Rama and his aide in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.

        In case you didn’t notice, the Panamanian-Indian owner highly favors Indian lineage… hence, 1 Mr. Supra from India, 2 miss Supra from India, and 1 Miss Supra from Philippines w/ ancient Indian lineage(Mutya Datul- from Chola dynasty through the Majapahit Empire).

      • Omg, some people are overthinking. I dont think family lineage matters to judges and pageant organisers. If what you infer c2f is true than such a pageant has downright bias and pageants like that are rubbish.

  5. They should crown Karen because if not they will run out of Filipino fans. Minor minor pageant na nga in their 47th edition pero walang may nanalong Philippines!!!! Our county being the powerhouse for beauty pageants, this is totally absurd! Well, who cares anyway!

  6. If Karen was only 5’9, she would’ve been a great follow up to Cat. Her face is to die for.

      • OMG…such a shade but true though. SHe always choke on Q&A….remember on her first try (with that Tugunonon girl)………….she paused and smiled nervously and tried to use Jesus Christ or God, etc etc, to answer her Q&A…………the nerve got the best of her during her first try. But she’s pretty for sure 🙂

    • Karen has the face but she needs a more bubbly personality and a more approachable aura. She needs to have more fun competing like Cat did. As long as she meets the height requirement, height didn’t matter with Demi.

  7. After na manalo si Cat sa Miss universe, obviously lalong nawalan na ata ng interest ang mga bakla sa miss world at ibangnminor pageants. Ramdam na ramdam ng miss world siguro ang pagkawala ng interest ng pinoy pageant fans sa kanila kaya ok lang na kung sino sino na lang ang ipadala na kandidata dun anyway di na interesado ang pinoy dun at tanggap na ng karamihan na walang aasahang korona dun mas excited ang mga bakla kung sino ang next na ilalaban ng pilipinas sa Miss universe.

    • Wala naman silang napala sa pandadaya in favor of PR and Indonesia. 🤣🤣🤣 Back to China na naman ang Lola mo. May pa-feature2x pa ng PHL sa MW 2017. Che!

  8. very unflattering yung pic esp yung last, si eva mukhang mangkukulam, si michelle mukhang maton! anyways manalo matalo si karen okey lang kasi miss universe naman si catriona! 😀

  9. Wow. . nag effort din si ateng na mag transform…keber if pageant fever is over with the holding of MU last month.

  10. Tangkad ni Michelle!

    If Michelle was sent to MGI and Eva to Miss Globe, there would have been a big difference in outcoume! But of course, that is just part of history now!

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