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    Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ANG KAPANGITAN KO SA BLOG NA TO.

    Alam niyo namang walang pumapansin sa UBOD NG PANGET KONG PAGMUMUKHA in real life.


  3. This is from reliable source… I’m currently in London and yun nga Jonas Gaffud will be the newly appointed head of the MUP Franchise.. Appointed by LCS..

    I feel bad… Sana si Norman Tinio na lng ang na appoint kesa kay Jonas… Sure na fixed and forever Aces ang mananalo…

  4. Patawa ang Philippine pageant scene. Akala ko man lang waning na kse ang mga gurangers na followers tumathunders na.

    Nuon ang pasabog eh ang false winner call-out ke Pia…

    Ngayon fabulous representation ng Philippines through Catriona…Lava walk!

    Tapos ngayon pati organizers and camps pasikat na rin…

    This will push the industry into a higher profound level! Each sector magagaling!

    Happy ako mga bading!!!

  5. Actually, si Ateng Norman ang isa sa mga nagkalat ng balitang ito. hihi. Kalowka!

  6. When a country wins Miss Universe, the country’s franchise owner is rewarded of free franchise fee for the succeeding year. One reason franchise cannot be passed on yet to another owner. Go research and go figure!

  7. I hope the reporter asked Mam this way – “Chavit Singson claims that the MU organization offered him the franchaise, and he is thinking of it”, what can you say about it MU offering the franchaise to LCS

  8. If I were to base her body language, there is something that she knows and isn’t telling us yet. She was sorta looking down around :20-:25 when she talked about being with the people of Miss Universe which could be a sign of “unease”.

    For now, MUP remains with BPCI. And I hope it stays that way. I am against the full commercialization of the pageant.

    • Yes, she’s holding back. Hindi pa rin ako 100% Solved. Galema is lurking behind pa rin to become the MU Nationa Directress




  10. It is still with BPCI because we won. Let us wait in 2020. I hope LCS is just a partner of IMG in Asia.

  11. I’m probably one of only three people in Missosology who rallied against those hundreds who subscribed to the chismis of the MU franchise being taken away from BPCI. Business sense, people. Tuloy ang ligaya!

  12. Jeremibaklangpangethunkygaypalengkequeensosyal. Zero credibility. Magaling lang magmop ng flloor at magmassage sa kapotan.

  13. Pero bakit may shared article ang Binibini FB page pertaining to the Singsons? Anong drama yun?

    • i make patol once. Tingin mo ba si Madam may hawak ng FB page ng Binibini? Just admit defeat

      • @Fabby why, yes I am!! Chz. I know my place and I know how to choose my battles. Question is, are you able to do the same? ^_^

      • Unorthodox she should know, it’s an official page. She should be accountable. Parang si Madam Priestly lang yan ng devil wear Hermes movie

  14. I am reminded of those ambush interviews to President Cory Aquino, at the height of Senate deliberations on whether or not to let the USA military bases stay any longer in the country. 1990?

    Said she coldly, “I am keeping my options open”.

    Then the following year (1991), Pinatubo erupted and sprinkled ash on the Clark tarmac, effectively answering the question for all parties concerned. That very evening, my father was rushing home on the-then “North Luzon Expressway” after a client call in Pampanga. No mobile devices yet (He only told us what he saw when he arrived)!

    And that same evening, I was watching the live telecast (on RPN 9) of the Finals of the Supermodel of the World Philippines. Milagros “Lala” Flores won. And in New York, she got the Crest toothpaste sponsor award, “Best Smile”. She went on to appear in a Crest toothpaste ad in the USA. 🙂

    (And her daughter, Anna Danica Flores-Magpantay, would bag the title eventually)

    LCS (or whomever) will be that Pinatubo, imo. It will simply be a matter of time before the “eruption”.

    • I think it was Cara Subijano who won un 1991. Her 1st RU was Erma Maglalang famously answered “Unclean” when asked by Audie Gemora who was her fave model. Audie then drove the spike further down Erma’s spine when he said “you must be referring to Anne Klein but shes not a model. She’s a designer

  15. Entertainment journalist MJ Marfori has just released footage on her insta in which SMA confirms that the Universe franchise is still with Bb Pilipinas Charities. Transcript as follows:

    MJ Marfori: “Any big announcements, Madame?”

    SMA: “Hm?”

    MJ Marfori: “Any more big announcements?”

    SMA: “Big announcements?”

    MJ Marfori: “Yes”

    Unidentified male reporter: “Miss Universe?”

    SMA: “What about Miss Universe?”

    Male reporter: “It will stay with Bb Pilipinas?”

    SMA: “It … what?”

    Male reporter: “The franchise of Miss Universe will stay with Bb Pilipinas?”

    SMA: “Well, it’s still with us. If some people are saying something else, eh, let them talk about it, but, ah, I have not heard, I was with the people of Miss Universe in (inaudible word) …”

    MJ Marfori: “And how was it, how was your bonding with Miss Universe?”

    SMA: “Well, I have bonding with them for many years, so …”

    * * *

    I believe someone owes an apology to Catriona for belittling her hard work & meticulous preparation by attributing her victory to cheating.

    I would also like to suggest that he apologize to the following:

    Porntip Bui Simon
    Monique L’Huillier
    Imani Oubou
    Michelle McLean
    Janaye Ingram
    Lili Gil Valleta

    … for implying that their integrity could be bought (by Singson money).

    In the meantime, I would like to ask Jeremi a final question. And, believe me, I ask this question with all due respect–due respect which he never accorded Catriona & the women of the selection committee.

    My question is: Is humble pie tasty?

    • @ my 2 centavos and janetwrightlover : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      She sounds like she is pre-empting… Evasive. I feel there is a catch.

      Option 1 (which we have mentioned, as well) : What BPCI has is “subcontractor” status to ACTUAL licensee (LCS?). Note that she just says, “It’s till with us”. Without ACTUALLY STATING WHAT “it” is.

      Option 2 : BPCI has the franchise, indeed, BUT only for 2019 (or as janetwrightlover said below, “not before 2021). If this is the case, then LCS (or whomever) may be the future.



        THAT IS ALL, BYE!

    • My 2 cents,
      Read between the lines. It’s too early for you to vindicate yourself.
      Just wait for the next events to unfold.

    • Let me just add that even if the Miss Universe franchise will remain with BBPCI, the role of LCS as investor within Asia is a done deal. Why do you think Chavit allowed the MUO to utilize his private plane for the unofficial home coming of Catriona (with MUO guards)?

      Please provide me a thorough analysis on that and if I’m convinced, I will ask my source who is an insider about it again. Maybe he is wrong but I sincerely doubt.

      • You are so full of Shit and of yourself Jeremi. Just STFO. No one sane believes your conspiracy theories.

      • Private plane? You’re looking bobo na, so you need to stop. It wasn’t HIS private plane. That plane was chartered officially by Platinum Skies, which Richelle Michael happens to run. You can go ahead and do lousy arithmetics on this, but it won’t change the equation of BPCI being an MU franchisee and LCS being an MU pageant sponsor. Capisce. (You’re welcome. Oh yes, I’m that good.)

      • PART I.

        Certainly, we all know that SMA is getting advanced in age. That means there will be changes, sooner or later, as to who holds or handles the local Universe franchise.

        But how would it benefit Chavit to award Catriona with the Universe crown, given that Catriona was competing under BPCI–the rival to Chavit (if ever) for the local franchise?

        Jeremi demands a thorough analysis from us, yet requests us to read “between-the-lines” instead of providing more substantial evidence apart from a plane ride. Why is the burden of proof heavier for us than it is for him?

        May insider source din pala siya. How come the insider source didn’t tell him that the Universe franchise is still with BPCI this year? I mean, Jeremi was so convinced it was a done deal . In fact, that was the main proof of his argument that cheating occurred.

        PART II.

        How about we request that Jeremi provide more solid evidence that the selection committee (Porntip Bui Simon, Monique L’Huillier, Janaye Ingram, Michelle McLean, Imani Oubou, and Lili Gil Valletta) were coerced or manipulated or paid to fix Miss Universe 2018?

        Because if Catriona won due to cheating, then he is basically accusing the selection committee, plus Tal Goldhamer of Ernst & Young, of participating in a scam.

        What could possibly motivate each of these women, all highly respected & accomplished, to possibly tarnish their hard-earned reputations by fixing a pageant to help the Philippines win? Singson money?

        I think the selection panel deserves more solid evidence of cheating if they, indeed, participated in cheating. Because as of now, their integrity has been thrown into doubt based on nothing but hearsay
        –Jeremi hearsay.

        PART III.

        I do agree that Catriona’s top 5 interview could have been stronger. But Tamaryn could not walk in her gown either & she made it to Top 5 & first runner-up. Certainly I get that interview carries more weight, but Nia Sanchez believes that Catriona’s cumulative scores were probably so high (watch her review on youtube), that a slight hiccup at top 5 interview did not hinder her progress. I mean, in my mind, Olivia Jordan’s top 5 interview was in the lower end of interview scores among the top 5 in Universe 2015, but she made it to top 3. The judges had other ideas & put Olivia through to top 3. But I still respect their decision and, by extension, their integrity even if I may not understand or agree with the decision.

        The thing about having the same selection committee in preliminaries and finals is that they get to see each candidate performing at ALL stages of the competition. Catriona did not hold back from preliminaries to finals, she was “on” at all stages. I was even concerned that she peaked during preliminaries–but no, she had more to give during the finals. And, as we can see, she delivered.

        I guess the selection panel was willing to overlook a not-so-strong top 5 interview given how they saw Catriona perform at all other segments of the competition. If it were a different selection panel at finals seeing Catriona performing for the first time, they might have been more inclined to not advance Catriona to top 3, who knows?

        The thing about beauty pageants is that it’s all so subjective, isn’t it? Different judges, different results.

        But not for Jeremi. Jeremi’s point-of-view is objective. Therefore it is the only point-of-view that counts.

        We don’t deserve you Jeremi.

        You are, after all, the Santo Papa, of pageant commentators–infallible.

        Meanwhile, have more portions of the humble pie I’ve just served.

      • Since you agree that Catriona’s answer to the top 5 question is not strong and for me was the weakest and the most unintelligent one, how come she was still called into the top 5. Remember dear, the candidates were all back to square in each segment.

      • I only eat pies that are made and served by well reknowned chefs dahliinn so just consume all your god damn third world pie hahahaha

      • I only eat PIES MADE FROM IPOT NG KABAYO, because that is all that I deserve.

        That is all, bye!

      • Don’t even try coming back at me.

        You haven’t replied to any of the well-argued points I’ve brought up.

        Please eat more humble pie.

        While your mouth is full it will prevent you from saying stupid sh=t.

    • To Mr. Or Ms. Done Deal. We don’t need analytics what we heard from Mrs. Araneta is a fact. Fact that Miss Universe franchise will remain with them, BPCI. With regards to LCS participation or investment in Miss Universe, then will have to wait for their statement. Or let us wait for Miss Universe 2019 if there will be a new candidate with the sash of Miss ASIA.

      By the way another statement from you that is not true.

    • To Mr. Or Ms. Done Deal. We don’t need analytics what we heard from Mrs. Araneta is a fact. Fact that Miss Universe franchise will remain with them, BPCI. With regards to LCS participation or investment in Miss Universe, then will have to wait for their statement. Or let us wait for Miss Universe 2019 if there will be a new candidate with the sash of Miss ASIA.

      So far another false statement.

  16. Tasty ni Madam. She will give Galema, the DOM, and Bessie, and other evil forces a good fight Go Madam!

  17. Hayy naku…. yun naman pala eh…. bakit tayo namomroblemang ibibigay sa iba ang franchise na hindi naman pla ibibigay talaga….suportahan na muna natin si Gallman!!!!

  18. very encouraging … please keep it until no earlier than 2021 ! and prepare everybody for any changes , slow pace … break it to us gently !

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