29 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #4 Leren Mae Bautista

  1. For now, Intercontinental, Supra and Globe. Leren needs more training for Q&A if she wants to do well in international pageants.

  2. Idk pero I find Her kind of beauty and personality is same Kind of Pia W beauty and personality. But well see if the level will be the same as pia w or more than her come bbp 2019 if ever she join. And Parang magka height din sila. But i dont want them to mold her as pia 2.0. I remember what they (A&Q) did to their flagbearer lady last year forgot her name. Pia na pia sa styling at gown. Bat naman ganoon ginawa sa kanya. They did not gave have her own style and personality.

  3. In all her years in pageantry, I’ve never seen her in a make-up look that doesn’t look messy like the one above but it’s strange because I still find her pretty. Need to see more of her before I can assess whether she’s a contender or not.

  4. I hope all the Miss Philippines aspirants would be inspired by the comments about Catriona about her being nice….

    Always Remember, Miss Philippines would always be the nicest contestant… the last time a Filipina national winner who broke this trend… It’s our own people who bashed her.

    Just like what Megan Young’s mom said…

    “Be nice, you could never go wrong with kindness.”

    I already know Lerren is a nice girl but I wonder how she would exceed the bars raised by our past queens specialy when it comes to that aspect. I can’t wait. 🙂

  5. I’m afraid I must agree! She looks better without them, in my opinion of course..

  6. Leren has the height & beauty…
    But if she want to be a winner… She reminds me of Pia who had to work hard and move heaven and earth to win that top prize which she did.

    For now she is MU top 15..
    MI top 8…
    Supranational Top 5 ..

    She needs to prove herself worthy to be a Miss Philippines successor and be a winner of the top tier pageants.

  7. Yes join this year before you age out, just lose some weight and hone the comm skills. MWP, Supra or MGI for me…

  8. Possible candidate for Miss International. Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista 26 yo 5′ 9″ (?) I hope that is her real height. Some potential candidates are not proud of their heights.

    • 5’4….i EVEN think PIA Wurtzbach lies about her real height. She does not look 5’8 to me. thESE Girls lie about their real height.

      • Pia is definitely not shorter than 5’6″… I met her in person before she competed in MU 15. I think she is 5’7″.

  9. she’s strong competitor… has international experience, has international title… statuesque, voluptuous

    May ‘K’ sya but are those fake or are her eyes really blue ? …

  10. Her beauty is my cup of tea… Classic oriental pinay beauty….She would be a great follow up to Kween Catriona.

      • Comm skills ka veks…. Rachel Peters had great comm skills, guess where it took her!!!!! Comm skills isn’t everything…. It’s more about personality… Look at Vietnam, did she have comm skills vekla??? But she had personality and she looked confident despite her broken English…. Estupido!!!! hihihihihi

      • Did Vietnam win ?_Did she make top 3?
        And personality ? I thought USA and Australia showed a lot of personality .And where did it get them?

      • Comm skills can be learned and practice. Cat went to Carnegie to get trained for public speaking and personality development. She didn’t speak like she does now when she was 18 yo.

      • Go 4M. Punch this bi ache pabyan! ( I can not caps the first letter of this bi ache’s name. Feelingera!

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