32 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #2 Samantha Mae Bernardo

  1. I like her morena features, sya yung pwede mong tawaging pinay na pinay ang ganda. Pero ang tanong lang is handa na ba ang MU na koronahan (or maka-place man lang) ang kagandahang tulad nya?
    Para sa akin maaring syang manalo/maka-place kung meron syang remarkable advocacy at impressive na strategy at mga pasabog para “mambulaga”. Since Catriona has raised the bar too high, kelangan talaga yung mga susunod na MUPh mas magagaling ang strategy at preparation, hindi sapat lang yung physical beauty at impressive academic background..

  2. Medyo may slight na SM saleslady ang aura ni ate Samantha. Kung kayang pasosyalin and gawing alta ang packaging, pwede siya sa Miss Grand or Intercon.

    • She is one of those na May pagka-sosyal ang dating e
      Watch her BP performance
      Di sya bakya

  3. I love that we have the same sentiments Tito Norms! I like Samantha too! 🙂

  4. Wish list…..Alita and Elima (ELIMA has that raw pinay beauty and exotic asian look)

    • While watching Puerto Rico 2018 perform at Miss Universe, I would see flashes of Elima in Kiara’s beauty.

      I just wish Elima’s Q&A skills in English were stronger. But for me she definitely has one of the most beautiful faces in recent Bb. Pilipinas history. And the one-sleeved evening gown she competed in at Bb Pilipinas 2017 was so pretty as well.

      • wOW, GOOD OBSERVATION!!!! I did see that Elima and Kiara has striking similarity facially. Elima needs to try one more time and I really wish she can improve her communication skills……It is a waste if she does not try one more time.

  5. Sana sumali ulit sila:
    Wynonah Buot
    Sandra Lemonon
    Emma Tiglao
    Rufa Nava
    Charmaine Elima
    Alaiza Malinao
    Anjame Magbitang

    Sana pwede pa ulit sumali sina:
    Janicel Lubina
    Yvette Santiago
    Nelda Ibe

  6. Again is it too much to ask for stats? Kahit height and age please! Look I know many of you are familiar with these girls . However for those of use who aren’t it will help to know stats for comparisons sake .

    • @ Venus Rah : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Stats galore on YouTube! Search “rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2019” or “2019 wish for Binibining…”.

  7. They need to scout beauties like Ambra Gutierrez and Olivia Medina for MUP to be more competitive…

    • @ Chadwick : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I am of the impression that there are this year a number of them who like Ambra Gutierrez possess what I think is a generic “dusky Spanish mestiza with an Indo-Aryan touch” look. Like Katarina Rodriguez. Nothing wrong with that. Just my one centavos.

      (But if that is the case, how to stand out?)

    • Her face looks more natural than Angelee’s
      And her speaking skills are way better than Angelee’s

  8. I was rooting for Samantha and Vickie for Supranational and Grand International last year. I thought they deserved a crown.

  9. actually I like Sam Bernardo better than Ilene de Vera for MUP 2019.. (Sigrid Flores may also be good)
    (Rosantonette Mendoza really promising too, and has a good platform from her personal experience)

  10. Wilson-Consunji did not need to apologize. Even now, I adhere to the observation that Bernardo was more deserving of the Physique Citation at BBP 2018 than Gray. But in Mr. Tinio’s description above – looks, talent, engaging personality, and moves – “brains/smarts” are not included. Hhhhmmmmm…

    Where to send that does not require “brains/smarts” (and the mentioned attributes will be considered)? How about…. MGI? Anyway, my dear sweet Angkol likes them leggy and Venusian. Speech is memorized. Wonder, tho, if there is war and violence in Palawan… (syet, brain activity!).

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